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Thursday, September 1, 2016


By Arcassin Burnham

Bad life,
"Define it",
Okay, give you a glimpse of everything like those long rainy days,
When I had nowhere to go when my mom kicked me out the third
Time , shattering moments in my memories causing us to part ways,
Blamed God for that too, Blamed God for everything,
Looking at the past in my head drives me fucking insane,
Wishing everyday my feet would walk into a new chapter where I
Don't have to struggle anymore than what they proclaim,
I use to be able to make people laugh when their down,
I had a lot of people and a lot of friends than my fingers could count,
There was no reason but there was , to make me feel like an outcast,
To be revolted against, and I had kiss some peoples ass,
Suffering from a phobia that you can't control most of the time would
Allow you to go through bad things and remember the past,.
So if you've been through what I've been through and you're at peace
With yourself now And you love yourself, don't be afraid,
Raise your glass,

I was,
I was....

I was just a lonely black kid looking for friends
When I stumbled upon you.....
Staggering like silk or silver in my mind as it
Centered around you...

I won't define you.

😑"I hate writing pieces of my sucks at times to reveal ones origins".

- Arcassin B

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