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Saturday, April 20, 2013

"Silly Girl Pt.1"

oh, silly girl,
why do you look so sad and down,
you should be runin all around,
in your brand new shoes,
oh, silly girl,
all of your friends scattered around,
oh dont you fall and hit the ground,
the sky , not gray, but remains blue,
silly girl,
silly girl,
silly girl,

"Together (Hi)" (Snippet)

                                              "Together (Hi)" (SNIPPET)
                                     BY ARCASSIN BURNHAM

.....if was laughing,
but i took you out,

made you happy,

made you smile,

changed your mind,

i love you back,

like the golden child..................

"Why The Sudden Change"

                                "Why The Sudden Change"
                        b y  A r c a s s i n B u r n h a m

sometimes i can not deal with you,
fighting your pity excuses,
honesty to a loyal virtue,
i chuck the deuces,

i will never let u in again,
write it on a note pad,
full of love notes and pictures that we took,
they still remain,

moving on to another love ,
ive almost enjoy the times,
lookin upto the heavens , were tough,
he gives me the wrong girl everytime,

i found a new you,
but a better strange,
i will always love you,
why the sudden change,