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Friday, September 30, 2016

"In The Night"

"In The Night"
By Arcassin Burnham

All you've ever asked for was a silent night,
With unholy antics to feed the dead,
All I ever wanted was to see a tear but not quite,
And it was all in my head,
You could make a blind man 
You could make a shy man
In the night serving the unholy beast, 
You're making me,
Yeah your making me,

All I really wanted was a night in bed, to rest,
I pack my soul up,
Get up,
And go,
This would be the night that you are at your 
but your spirit is feeling old,
You could bring back senses
Of smell,
You can make 12 men melt,
In the night serving the unholy beast, 
You're melting me,
Yeah your loving me.

"Please ....admire that I admire your beauty in words".

- Arcassin B.

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

"Complete Me" (📷by Emptybitxh)

"Complete Me"
By Arcassin Burnham 

*give me all of your love and tender moments*,

*save me from the peril that is myself*,

*give me the passion more than I ever know*,

*show me what it's like to kiss an angels lips*,

*let the stars fill your eyes*,

*teach me the ways of your affection*,

*complete me with all your love and enlightenment*,


I'd be with you for a thousand years,
I'll carry you under my wing with two tears,
I'll mold you into my favorite subject, 
As long as my wishes don't redirect, 
But I digress,
I come direct, 
I might have messed up a lot of things but
Your heart I will collect,
You complete me.

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"Find that special someone that will pop your heart right out of your chest".

-Arcassin B.

Monday, September 26, 2016


By Arcassin Burnham

I lack empathy in the roses, 
Keep the lilies jealous, 
Would be like this if you would just stop
Being portentous,
looking at me like would you rather take me 
Up on that offer,
I would not feel lucky to have an apprentice,
Or marry your daughter, 
Your begging for your soul but your soul left,
Praying to the lord with your last breath,
I'm glad to say I'll leave this building unannounced 
And full of sin with a capers end and see all of my truths
Start to Begin bringing attention to myself but I'm sorrowly slept on,
Nobody cares about my words where poetry landed On,
When it came to dawn and these perfect places all my enemies shouldn't
Forgive and never forget , you places in my memories, should have
Murdered me,
I'm glad you think it's funny,
Glad that I'm a poet,
Glad I met the people I met,
It showed me to never be thirsty,
Glad I'm more of a human than you,
Glad I seek peace and love and virtue,
Glad that I could see the era of my ways.

"Thanks For making me into this person you didn't break down"

- Arcassin B.

Saturday, September 24, 2016

"Give Me Another Dose #1"

"Give Me Another Dose #1"
By Arcassin Burnham 

The sober thought of feeling something again
In circling around your mind like the sand in an 
Hour glass,
Watching the seasons pass and not maintaining 
The erge to even count the days when you were 
Normal facing the end of a flask
Give me another dose,
A dose of what is real and what vacant,
Looking for a soul thats been lost for decade and still comes from
A broke family with no type of investment plan to better futures,
Be careful what banks you trust,
It was simple enough to me that things I have been taught were always
Inconsistent lingering the real facts and leaving me in a state of confusion,
Not to say I'm dumb, but I question it sometimes,
Mom's not giving a damn and you think that will reflect on my kids?!
You're sadly mistaken, taking everything that my family does to me
And never punish my own with it,
Never choosing favorites while multitasking it,
There won't ever be a dull moment, not for a second....

"Realize that you don't have to take up what people do to you in life. Be better!"

- Arcassin B.

Friday, September 23, 2016

"Silly Girl Pt.2"

"Silly Girl Pt.2"
By Arcassin Burnham

Silly girl,
Silly girl,
Silly girl,

Oh silly girl,
Could you,
Spare me the details,
Been wanting to see you,
See to that we prevail,

Oh silly girl,
There was,
Something about you,
I can admit that and,
We could see all this through to the end of the road of
Existing and living through these situations like we've
Never wanted paradise to fall right out of the sky and
Carry us up  there seeing us as human beings that make
Mistakes and was intended to die like it was written,

Silly girl,
Silly girl,
Silly girl,

Oh silly girl,
I'm use to,
Loving in many ways and,
Giving my heart away for,
People that try again so,

Oh silly girl,
I see you,
All that you are, I support,
You and all the decisions you've made,
Covered in sin for in a blood sport babe.

"It's easy to love someone with the same imperfections as you".

- Arcassin B

Thursday, September 22, 2016

"Say What's On Your Mind" (📷by Emptybitxh)

"Say What's On Your Mind"
By Arcassin Burnham

Never shy from the drama but I'd rather take the new pacifist
Guts and glory , not sorry for all the things that you've lost
When you deal without,
I'm so stuck up with changing people's point of views , it's a waste
Even in itself,
I got no room for people in the past that brought me hatred , you
Get no help,

             So tell me what's on your mind right now,
             Do you wanna run from home,
             You wanna be on your own,
             Escaping through warzones,
             Your dad left you alone,
             Is your pedestal so high for life to move on,
             So your thinking now that you're really fit for the throne,
             If anything....
I've recollected the bad memories and learned from everything I've 
Been through,
There's no freedom , no courtesy and no light , every man wanna be
The best dude,
Saying what's on mind cause the fight will begin like the preparation 
Of life,
I was lost but God found me in a sea of sins , time to make it right.

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"Freedom is a must".

- Arcassin B

Wednesday, September 21, 2016


By Arcassin Burnham

Mercy Me,
Perfect cemetery,
To overthrow what you see in me,
Throw me to the Wolves out on the street,
They'll never change, that's why I'm good to people that I meet,
My energy,
Freezing stress to your toes and knees,
You thought you saw what you didn't see,
Like disguising teeth,
From my mouth I speak from the land of the living like revolutionaries
While legends die and leave they're marks on earth for peace,
You follow me?
Mercy Me,
Perfect cemetery,
To overthrow what you see in me,
Throw me to the Wolves out on the street,
They'll never change, that's why I'm good to people that I meet,
From my head to my feet,
You're so cheap, so is talk,
Also all your flock of bees,
Buzzing round me like care , I can not see,
Brushed my cheek,
I got too much on my mind and I got memories o' plenty,
I'm am not your special entertainment in here to appease,
Mercy Me.

"Being nobody's bitch is priority number one Everytime".

- Arcassin B.

Monday, September 19, 2016

"Cupid's Voice Pt.3"

"Cupid's Voice Pt.3"
By Arcassin Burnham

....So the next morning comes and he's slumped halfway off
The bed with drool spewing out from his mouth,
Must of had a good dream inside a kerosene filled with doubts
Thinking about his future spouse,
Gets up , does everything that he didn't think he would do
To get ready for school,
Saw his friend walking to the bus stop and decided to join him,
He said "Man those shoes are cool, are they new?" He bragged
"Yes my friend it's called shop lifting", looking in astonishment,
He said "are you telling the truth?" He sarcastically admitted, "haha
No I got them from a yard sale", he replied "you asshole" and then they
Got on the bus, knowing that his friend on the bus , is really the only
Guy he could trust,
Which brings us,
To first period , fixing his hair in the bathroom and talking to
Himself in the mirror saying , "the day is only as bad as you make it",
Aligning his collar and pants to at least in the slightest look presentable
But his hands started to shake, oh what a day! You couldn't possibly
Say that if you've made it to the end he thought,
He walks out of the bathroom and into the hall looking into first
Period and then ducks so he wouldn't get caught,
Sitting by the door , he looks down and sees that one of his shoes isn't
Tied and then looks to his right only to see Felicia walking down the hall coming towards him, thinking to himself , what I am I gonna do
If she wonders how stupid I look sitting outside of this door I need help,
He stands up quick and she walks right in front of him as graceful as a 
Million swans and a thousand beautiful smiles put together and says ,"Hey",
Brushing her hair passed her face shylike,
With sweat on his face he replies nervously , "ahh ...he...hey", 
They stare at each other for like 4 minutes almost like syncing into each other's minds using eyes and raging emotions, she looks down and looks back up and says ,"so umm , you gonna let me through or should I be worried?" As 
She giggled, he replies ,"no not at all ... I'm um ... Actually in this class too",
Blushing a little...........To Be Continued.

"Stories compared to some of my actual moments , check!".

- Arcassin B.

Saturday, September 17, 2016

"Rejected Again" (featured On A Surprise mEP?! Coming November)

"Rejected Again"
By Arcassin Burnham

If I give up now I'll never live it down ,
To see me find love shouldn't be the focus now,
*I gotta find my way through those leaves*…..

You stabbed me in heart baby....
You should have know better....
My wanderlust just burned without having you as someone that
Would be my friend,
But you're not.....
I guess I hate you but I don't have to show it...
And now you know....

Building my whole world around you but you found a crawl space
And filled my eyes with tears and massive regret towards you,
Like how could you , I thought that you would choose me but.....
I was wrong baby,
I was wrong,
You have yourself a good time! Without me,
Cause I'll be fine.

"Rejection only prepares you for something better."

- Arcassin B.

"Darkness Falls #2" (📷 by Emptybitxh)

"Darkness Falls #2"
By Arcassin Burnham

Painful to look at and even haunting like the edge the
Of the world like dying over and over again to 
Limit the sick obsession of spending money on
The outrageous supply of coffins,
Caught you coughing,
Is that a sign, no you'll be fine,
Darkness falls and even in the wrong places forgetting
Friendly faces on behalf of betrayal mixed with past events and 
A pinch mere resentment to everyone that treated you as such
Meaning the love you had for some would be done,

I could see,
I could see you in a closet,
Crying to yourself like why did I live to dread,
There's no secret,
There's no secret to your worth, unleashing all
Of your hatred to try to boost up my head,
Why do you do,
Why do you do what you do to get what you want 
And  that's to take your problems out on me,
I wish,
I wish that you would quit the ignorance and beat
The hell of yourself that you afflicted apon me.

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Friday, September 16, 2016

"Down Under"

"Down Under"
By Arcassin Burnham 

Let the rain come down
Cleansing my the pureness of me,
Vines grow from the tips of my toes,
I shall write a fine will,
In respects to the old me, 
Painting the town bright green instead 
Of red,
Wishing someone would fill my brain with lead,
Accustomed to the pain married to the hate,
Attracted to the lust, 
Woken up by the creation, 
In hopes of a better nation,
I put beside my stupid obsessive jealousy
For rice and treats, 
Treat me to a cold piece of steak,
Be easy, 
Only trying to check on my feet,
To see if the vines went away,
They won't fade like every bad situation I've had,
Throwing lots of shade,
I'm in the ground filled with mistakes,
I paid the way for things that I can relate.

"Your past can not overthrow your future"

- Arcassin B.

Thursday, September 15, 2016


Through The Trees Mix Pt.1
By Arcassin Burnham


Birds in the trees watch em fall out,
Without a shadow of a doubt,
I see the end is nearing like my input on everything stating
That the only thing we should be doing is getting out,
Like gtfo's and ufo's flooding the town with every aspect of the
Universe, I'm glad you found out,
Make your parents proud, sit back and donate money to scouts,
Do more good deeds,
Cause when he touches the earth we float out,

I was in the luxury of giving everything up,
And it's too late to save my family,

I would reach out to my friends , they don't even say much,
And even though our friendships are history,
I'm still in the mind of me.

"4 Months / I.K.Y.K"

Still overall I sleep through the grass ,
With my head filled with gold and a candle stash,
Light It Up , Light It Up! The Asthma attack...

*Let the flowers fly away*,
*ain't no room enough to see*,
*Let the memories fade*,
*like you're tryna' clean some sheets*,
*flying solo on the road*,
*Feeling half passed asleep*,
*Just to settle those scores*,
*keeping points for you and me*.....

2 weeks of desperation,
4 months of irritation,
I will never go back to those memories..

Still overall I sleep through the grass ,
With my head filled with gold and a candle stash,
Light It Up , Light It Up! The Asthma attack..
*I can just not wait to get that feeling back*,

To get that feeling back!
I can just not wait to get that feeling back!
To get that feeling back!
Sleeping through the grass!

I know you know ,
I'm trying not stress you, but your feelings are all over,
And you just want it over,
You know,
That I would never in life itself hurt you or put on a show,
But As time moves slow,
You know,
That you could share your feelings anytime with me,
And when it comes close,
I know you know,
I hope you know....
I love you so.

"Worth Nothing"

Like sparkling trash with a grayish tent hanging over,
I am like angel that will guide you to that four leaf clover,
Bringing all the bad days to a close with a simple power,
Call it love if you want , as long as you let it devour,
Hate and selflessness and poverty and evil sides,
While changing faces in the eyes of the Lord , he is your guy,
Your guiding force like no other,
We already won,
I'm routing for you every step of way into the sun,
You got nothing else worry about its just quick and painless,
Taking you off this planet will be as Nobel as stainless,
You are not the only one to up and go through these changes,
If anything I'm glad we're trading places , don't say you're ever worth

"Strumming Goodbyes"

Yawning for the morning light like,
I must have been high touching ceilings in mid flight,
I see the dust float in my eyes ,
There was never a doubt in my mind but my minds eye,
For that I am just a strange loop of a guitar playing over and over,
See this weight that i carry is light while in the beholder,
Life lessons about faith in the Lord when I get older 
And here I am with a trail full of sins falling from shoulders,
Do you mind? Picking up the pieces for me sometime,
I know you don't care , all caught up in your self-absorbed shrine,
OK, goodbye,
Hello........ no bye , see you tomorrow, tolerating you is the like devil
And his rambles,
Oppressive living in shambles like the abuser used those pills,
Causes and effects out of strings that break the seal,
Lies beyond lies, I'm not sure what they're teaching you,
Conflict is a must in America like burning statues,
So say goodbye to all that you knew,
That you owned,
And the person that use to be you.


It was necessary watching you go and leaving my life,
*I ain't never gonna fall again*,
I could have been like a human answering machine
For all of your problems,
*But I'm not your guinea pig*,

Cutie pie, cutie pie,
Why do you keep stressing me?

Cutie pie ,cutie pie,
Why do you not answer me?

I was so determine,
To keep us alive,
Don't ever come back to me,
Back to me,
Don't come back to me.

"The way I see it ... When it's done , it's done".

- Arcassin B.

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

"Silver Rain Pt.2"

"Silver Rain Pt.2"
By Arcassin Burnham

Emerald green is the color of your eyes,
Simultaneously haunted cause the truths won't
Let you lie,
To the good I'm just a peasant and to the bad they
Looking through the souls of people, you could hear some
Of those Cries,
Seen days likes this but I'm glad I never tried,
Had a dozen of feelings but always kept them inside,
So let it rain down for the loved ones who gave their lives,
If you're liable to speak on it then you could be that guy,
That motivational speaks,
That walk on floors that may creak,
You might have saved up for war,
The Lord says "bring him to me",
Got alot on ya' plate,
The sadness will make you break,
You say it's only the beginning ,that's the game that you play?
Will not be a playable content of amusements and masquerades
That has impaled my soul just staring into your eyes and although
You have deceived me , I still forgive you,
You better make your mind up like a restaurant menu.

"...Was always fascinated with the rain".

- Arcassin B.

"Flame #4"

"Flame #4"
By Arcassin Burnham 

I've got someone you've never thought of,
Its just sometimes I'd get real caught up,
*You'll never see it coming*,
theres just A lot of things on My mind,
And I won't sit around and waste my time,
*You'll never see it coming*,
*for a man that has been afraid of death*
*for a while now*
*writing is his dream and he won't stop now*,


My anxieties are getting worse, 
The devil laughs as the people feel electric in
His moon light of war and love and lust with 
Destruction in the mix,
Thats why I'm pissed,
Will never be adapted to this,
If I hadn't left the room I would have took the kill
With her red dress,
Horn beheading looks of a marked pest,
I will never give in to a demon with confess.

"Never let the marked beast bring you down,
God is everything and he has already won".

- Arcassin B.

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

"Blue Ribbon"

"Blue Ribbon"
By Arcassin Burnham 

See the images for what it's worth 
In spite of everything you've face in you life time,
Replace every broken past with a blue ribbon to 
Signify that the rest of your days
Will be fine,
Kiss each of yours angels on the cheek
For the luck you'll receive, for all the 
Fallen brothers and mothers,
Then history will repeat,
Just place and tie a blue ribbon,

Constantly thinking of the right motives,
Writing down the waves 
Of the rivers
While sitting in the garden imaging a
Better life,  a better outcome,
A chance to look back on everything 
And change it,
But things just don't work out like that,

*blue ribbon*.

"Blue is a color of free thinking"

- Arcassin B.

Monday, September 12, 2016

"Dry Bones"

"Dry Bones"
By Arcassin Burnham

*will you dry my bones*,
*will you rip my heart*,
*will you leave me alone*,
*is this when we part*
*will you take my spirit in the middle of night*,
*while I'm begging to cry, while I'm die*,

Dealt with quite a lot of bull in my recent years,
You gotta be a man , you gotta work just to face
Your fears,
Dying of thirst like the guy at liquor stores begging 
For money,
Thinking it's a curse when things go bad in my past

**I'm falling**
**soul searching**
**find nothing**

I've got dirt in my eyes,
And blood on my knees.

*will you dry my bones*,
*will you rip my heart*,
*will you leave me alone*,
*is this when we part*
*will you take my spirit in the middle of night*,
*while I'm begging to cry, while I'm die*.

"For me , belittling myself helps when I feel like nothing".😑

- Arcassin B.

Sunday, September 11, 2016


By Arcassin Burnham

Just a little piece I wrote to remember you by,
Got nothing but love unconditionally in design,
When my notifications go off I know it's you,
Love that's just so smart and so simple it can't disguise,
Soul is dead and not even in a good way,
I'm I have love for you on both sides,
You turned my heart into a boil , my mind is deep fried,
But you not seeing me as that way is no surprise,
Miss Jean,

And I told myself time and time again, this girl has no desire,
I didn't know that we were friends , I must have dropped myself
In fire,
But I'll burn for you if you want me to,
But I'll burn for you if you want me to,
Does it come as a shock that i am not trying to pursue,
Miss Jean.

"I'd do anything for her if she was into someone like me , probably not any time soon ...I tried for nothing".

- Arcassin B.

Never Forget 911 R.i.P

Friday, September 9, 2016

"Never Be In Love Again"

"Never Be In Love Again"
By Arcassin Burnham

I've been on the surface for too long enough to know that
God has never made Somebody with the same interests i like,
Giving me the wrong influenced girls that never met any 
Of my expectations to even cope through the night,
Trust I had trouble sleepin'....
Don't even know the meanin'....
Of all these troubled feelins'....
Tugging and grabbing sheets like I had a way out!

And That's why I don't trust any female to give my heart to
Cause they might end up hurting me in any sort of expense,
In the mean time there's no strings attached to any of our body parts
But some of our body parts would get so intimate,
Lost control of my feathers...
Sick and tired of this weather....
Love don't get any better...
I can't control you , if you want theres your way out!

No girl will ever love me
No girl will ever love me....


"I've had a life time of hardships and the relationships being apart of it in the most sense"

- Arcassin Burnham

Thursday, September 8, 2016

"Than Meets The Eye Freestyle"

"Than Meets The Eye Freestyle"
By Arcassin Burnham

In a trance with a different light in mind,
I provoke,
Like the entertaining women dancing for their menfolk,
That's a joke,
Degradation of women is not the subject mostly when
Need to be told,
I guess it might be getting old,
Solid gold,
Chambers with secrets in it like Harry Potter,
Feeling elevated off the ground like a helicopter,
Cops and robbers,
Tell the coppas that I did not shoot the sheriff,
Guess they'll shoot me down anyway call them
Heart stoppers,
Have no beef with anyone , I'm more like the safe haven,
More like a beacon, if you want heaven then just behave and,
Life is too short to be worried about a grave and,
Your mom just lost her job and your dad is on the deep end,
Do what's for your life despite the things you've seen around
You're a..
Lost cause to them, but you'll make it , they won't be better than You,
You buss your ass everyday to pick up on the homework but you can't
Concentrate on the lessons because of a kid that that picked at you and bothered you your whole life,
But your more than meets the eye, okay.

"I find pleasure in motivating others to reach their goals".😀

- Arcassin Burnham