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Friday, September 27, 2013


By Arcassin Burnham

is it me,
or is life really a movie,
or is it,
like the average girl,
with alot of beauty,
crys to her mommy and daddy,
about the distant future,

what time is it ?

no boys allowed,
being ruined by family,
and accused of being cheater,
my minds already gone,
and will never suffer defeat,
im not a preacher,

go to church.

Speaking of church,
the devil will use a pretty face,
my love will be disreguarded,
wont be able to find,

in another place.

"His Love Is Gone" (Full Version)

"His Love Is Gone" (Full Version)
by Arcassin B

his origins is the most beautiful,
the creation came for hours,
little lucifer was born,
to bring light to even funerals,
light up the world to grow flowers,
amazing grace he gave you life,
but i guess it all ended,
when you needed the power,
not long before you were born,
already going against his wishes,
i guess he makes no mistakes,
but the making of you,
would have turned out so great,
if you didnt lose your mind,
and you didnt waste his gift,
that was you,
but instead you had a different choise in mind,
make a quick rebellion,
you must want it bad,
had several followers,
like you, they were mad,
hope he didnt fail you,
while banishing you from this place,

....then you slowly change,

...along with your followers,
the world is about to change,
hell is born,
dont igknowledge worlds.

Monday, September 23, 2013

"Keep Calm"

"Keep Calm"
by Arcassin Burnham

keep calm,
and be mine forever,
keep calm,
through perfect weather,
keep calm,
and pull the lever,
keep calm,
and brush you teeth,
keep calm,
and be seen,
keep calm,
and be the prettiest girl you can be,
keep calm,
and watch your ice gleam,
keep calm,
and be my cutie pie,
keep calm,
and tell another lie,
keep calm,
and look for the right guy,
keep calm,
and live life.

keep calm.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

"Waves (Eyes)" (Snippet)

"Waves (Eyes)" (Snippet)
By Arcassin B

.... to come between,
but it was you that i wanted,
and i wasnt frontin'
and you had the worse,
so i wanted to scold ya,
now you abandon me,
i lost my mind,
think of my funeral,
aint wasting time,
so i ........................................

"Best Of You / Touch Down"

"Best Of You"
By Arcassin Burnham

i need you next to me,
like thelma and louis,
like Mrs. Smith,
like the ,
covers of the walls,
no spray cans needed,
want to kiss you like,
that scene in twilight,
or maybe we could be,
in an air balloon,
sharing secrets,
its only a matter of time ,
til i love , hug , and squeeze,
i just hope you it soon.
god bless you,
you just sneezed,
love me please.


"Touch Down"
By Arcassin Burnham

you are an angel in my eyes,
and just wanna love you,
you gave me purpose,
to see another virtue,
want to see you everyday,
and hold you in my arms,
and if i die thinking of you,
gods sends my reguards,
take you guard down,
you just touch down,
when you fell from the sky,
my Angel,

All the boys that ruined your life,
wasnt right for you,
in this case baby ,
i just wanna be that guy for you,
forgetting eachothers exes,
and exchanging kisses,
maybe late talk or text,
wanna be your final wishes,
cause i wish you loved me,
like the boyfriend you never had,
angel scold me,
if it was the last wish you had.
i love you.

"Light OF Love" (Full Version)

"Light OF lOVE"
By Arcassin Burnham

wine glasses for adults,
juice boxes for the little ones,
more effect to this rose,
children smile kinda like angels,
glad their not in shackles,
the letters i wrote for the work,
sadly i knew you hurt,
just an extra amount of time , to make your night,
with a kiss,
feeling bloomed worked,
i aint grieving,
maybe thats the reason,
to only let the sensitive out,
for the moon lite,
lit like the curse of the mummy,
trying to get out of the tomb,
you better hurry,
dont you worry,
your smile was here,
but it left because you talked about your mom's passing,
if your sad just ask me.

"Obsessed Memories" (Full Mastered Version)

"Obsessed Memories"(Full Mastered Version)
by Arcassin Burnham

...And when the sun has shined,
back then,
really had alot going for me at the time,
she was the only one that stayed on my mind,
and just to find a sence of chance,i was so blind,
to see that she could never love a boy , with a blank life,
suicide whispered in my ear at the hands of my story,
fled off my tears , and took all my glory,
and at the time,
wasnt cool enough to tell tall-tail stories,
but i had many things, to please them all before me,
misunderstood black kid,
searching for a purpose,
cause his mother utterlly kept secrets, to keep him nervous and hurtin'  got a long road ahead , but you gotta watch the serpant,
man , i  dont want to live ,
closing down the curtains.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

"Fell Real Hard"

"Fell Real Hard"                                 by Arcassin B  

Maybe i was Wrong,
was i wrong,
was she the one i would put on the throne,
sitting with me,
in plain sight,
i drop force for the spark's delight,
no matter what you say to me,
you knew i was right,
with a clean slate,
and a tight rope,
and my last breathe,
hanging on,
i fell for you,
like carnage and the babylon,
and now ur gone ,
and im drepressed,
do i end it all,
or do i stay like this


Sunday, September 8, 2013

"Brain Damage" (FIRST SINGLE) Featured on the new project in 2014

"Brain Damage" will be feature on the new poetry project
titled "B-R-E-A-K UP/L-O-N-L-E-Y EP"
IN MAY 2014

The single will be realeased in OCT Later this year !!!

Saturday, September 7, 2013

"Good Girl (Lyrics For My Friend Destiny)"

"Good Girl"
written by Arcassin burnham
Preformed by Destiny Lynn

i can,
tell you,
that your,
i can ,
show you,
that your,
just another whore,
wants you,
you disgrace,
make guys drool,
i bet,
you will ,
do anything,
to be cool,

pretend to be a good girl,
but i will not ,
be in your shadow,
pretend to be a good girl,
but i will not,
 ride on your cycle,
i dont want your,
common cold , dirty mold, ticket toll,
i dont want your,
common cold ,dirty mold, ticket toll,

you are,
so fake,
give me chills,
for heaven sake,
you judge me,
i mite just,
punch you in ,
the face,
im hardcore,
your so lame,
you grab  hold
of the fame,
so much,
id rather die,
then listen,

pretend to be a good girl,
but i will not ,
be in your shadow,
pretend to be a girl,
but i will not,
ride on your cycllllleeeeel,
and i swear you are so,
dam annoying ,
and i swear you make me wanna punch you,
with all of your lies and pretending,
im not your friend,
you know i will disown you,

pretend to be a good girl,
but i will not,
be in your shadow,
pretend to be a good girl,
but i will not,
ride on your cycle,
dont want your,
common cold,dirty mold, ticket toll,
dont want your,
common cold , dirty mold , ticket toll.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013





"EVOL(LOVE)" (Full Version)

BY Arcassin Burnham

she stole the way for me ,
she made it possible,
and then she tells me,
that loving her is impossible,
she had too many blessings,
she knew just how i felt,
caught up in the moment,
now shes dealing what she dealt,
i can feel the beat of your heart,
leaving me alone,
now we right back to the start,
falling off the top , she moans,
caught her in the act tonight,
cant believe i trusted her,
she just lost a good guy,
and good love all in one night,
but the middle of her fore-head was imprinted with a symbols fly,
she a creeper,
love is evil,
you wont believe it,
the devil achieves it,
Adultry , break-up's, and widows,
cheating flys right out the window,
of love.

"Just Go"


We use to be,
stuck toward the love,
and now we see,
according to the man above
all the hours,
i gave to you,
we give it all that it takes,
just go,
just go,

You use to be ,
in love with me,
i faced defeat,
on the lonley street,
all the hours,
you put in for two,
we give it all that it takes,
just go,
just go,

its over.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

"....Im In The Band" (Photo By Jennabel Quinn)

                                                       ".............iM WITH THE BAND"
                                             BY ARCASSIN BURNHAM 
                                                                   PHOTO BY JANNABEL QUINN

You were the lead singer ,
had my heart beating like drums,
hardcore , making all the right decisions,
you rock the house,
now my body's numb,
Jenni's what they call her,
all the times they shout her in a brave,
but thats was her stage name,
i dont even know your name,
i feel so ashamed,
she looked out into the crowd,
and touched my hand,
and jumped into the pit,
rose by her flew to the ground,
but after the show ,
i ran back ,
and picked up the rose,
remembered she wasnt coming back,
so i kept that rose.

dedicated to Paramore

Sunday, September 1, 2013

"Obsessed Memories" (Snippet)

              "Obsessed Memories" (snippet) by Arcassin Burnham

.... really had alot going for me at the time,
she was the only one that stay on my mind,
and just to find a sense of chance , i was so blind,
to see that she could never love a boy, with blank life,
suicide whispered in my ear at the hands of my story,
fed off my fears, and took all my glories,
and at the time wasnt cool enough to tell tall-tail stories,
but i had a many things , to please them all before.............

"I'M Giving Up"

                                               "IM GIVING UP"
                     BY ARCASSIN BURNHAM

maybe it wasnt meant tobe,

you and me,
searching for that answer,
will only bring me more sorrow,
depression calls me back to its will,
and i abandoned it,
my love will only counter attack your trust,
maybe you never cared , or my heart,
it just combust,
lead me down to the promise land,
i mean heaven,
maybe i needed to die,
love will only make you second guess,
how hate works,
but better learn while your alive.
so im giving up,
did i take my life,
or did you do it for me,
you use tobe. close to me.