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Monday, December 31, 2012

"The U-N-B-O-R-N Kizz" Poetry Listing 2013


                                    "The U-N-B-O-R-N Kiss"
                     poetry listin

01.Tori's Waiting
02.<3 PT1
03.EmO GurL
04.Lov G.O.O.D (A Hugger)
05.Golf St.
06.Fool To Your Soul
07.<3 PT2
08.Racist Parents (Hateful)
09.GREEN Place
10.Dance NiTe
11.Hugs For All (She Thought)
12.A Gurl That LOVED Jesus
13.No One
14.<3 PT3
15.IGNORED For Awhile
16.See Through
17.We Still Talk (Angels)
18.Emotic Love
19.In Four Months
20.Im Here Toria (3 Hearts)


21.I should Have Kissed Her

                                                           coming May 30th

"Ashiaboo (2012's End)"

                                                "Ashiaboo (2012's End)"
                            BY ARCASSIN BURNHAM

she was a hideaway,
she got the swag to pay,
and to be open and willin,
to love me anyday,
Even the universe,
or the stars around jupiter couldnt stop me,
from kissin her lips and sayin i love you,
without a timing,
i wish i was in holly hill,
to tell you happy new year,
but the way that this girl makes me feel,
like so many bright tears,

Happy New Year. <3

Sunday, December 23, 2012

"Somebody's Gurl" (Snippet)


                                                      "SOMEBODY'S Gurl"
                                BY Arcassin Burnham

Butterflies and Lakes,
into the lovegate,


The U-N-B-O-R-N KisS - New Poetry Project coming MAY 2013 - Poetry Listing

                                                 The U-N-B-O-R-N KisS
                         Poetry Listing - new project coming May 2013

01. Tori's Waiting
02. <3 Pt.1
03. EmO GurL
04. Lov G.O.O.D (A Hugger)
05. Golf St.
06. Fool To Your Soul
07. <3 Pt.2
08. Racist Parents (Hateful)
09. GreeN Place
10. Dance Nite
11. Hugs For All (She Thought)
12. A Gurl ThaT LOVED Jesus
13. No One
14. <3 Pt.3
15. IGnored For AWhile
16. See Through
17. We Still Talk (Angels)
19. In Four Months
20. I'm Here Toria (3 Hearts)


21. I Should Have Kissed Her

                                                 The U-N-B-O-R-N KisS MAY 30TH 2013

Saturday, December 15, 2012

"I'm Me !!! Just Be You"

                                                      "I'M ME !!! just be you"
                                   BY ARCASSIN BURNHAM

im a bee,
getting Nectar,
Your a tree,
Producing sap,
im deploited,
So fustrated to the fact,
That you worry me,
And im just doin me,
im trying to find my identity,
and your an officer just searching me,
Why you worry me,
im just a chilled young boy,
from the nola unfortunetly,
and when theres nothing to do,
im me,
why dont you just be you.

Friday, December 14, 2012

"GLOW" (Full Version)

                                                      "GLOW" (Full Version)
                                    BY ARCASSIN BURNHAM

were the only thing to creat a love,
light, to show that jesus was born,
that glow on gods face,
oh what a feeling,
oh what a feeling,
oh what a feeling,

twinkle in your eyes,
word to the wise,
Her looks leave you paralyzed,
Therfore you will be hypnotized,
by the twinkle in her eyes,
I love the way you have that GLOW,
i swore you seemed suprised,

ended as a perfect story,
i would've had the tha glory,
i love the sacrifise that you are making when your worthy,
but i want to protect you,
float up to the sky,
dont have to be afraid,
i just wanna love you.

"Through The Trees" (Snippet)


                                  "Through The Trees"(Snippet)
                      BY ARCASSIN BURNHAM

.... Tell them pages to turn away,
give me the light,
and ill make you stay,
cause everybody just want somebody to love,
and see that every passin moment was a big miastake, 

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

"Static Riddim"


                                                            "Static RIDDIM"
                                       by arcassin burnham

dealin with you,
is the safest thing to do,
i blow it off like a flute,
and keeep it moving
whats it to you,
it makes one of us,
but you know it has to be two,
me and you like the lord said,
but leaving you is something i wont do
Believe it boo,

lightning striking from the place,
i want you to feel the spark,
i save you from the human race,
why dont we just go out,
I like the park
static in my viens,
absolutely no place,
in my heart that it would rain,
im not trying to feel pain -- i wanna love you. 

Friday, December 7, 2012

My Poetry Projects Coming

                           Poetry Projects Lined UP

L-O-V-3-D EP

The U.N.B.O.R.N kiSS Lp



"OXOXO (Happy)"

                                                       "OXOXO (Happy)"
                               BY ARCASSIN BURNHAM

And noone really needs it,
Hugs IS Hugs,
but noone really dose it,

but we could count the stars
and everything,
kiss and make-up,
now im all up close in your face,

Hate is Hate,
but isnt anyone stoping it,
we come , Face to Face,
and still you say you just want it,

LOVE, is what you dont want,
dishing out the fun things,
but when it comes to love,
its like something that she would think but just wont do,

if shes happy,
theres no turning back,
i try to find myself then make a dream
and get back on track.

"GLOW (Snippet)"


                                              "GLOW (Snippet)"
                              BY ARCASSIN BURNHAM

twinkles in your eyes,
word to the wise,
Her looks will leave you paralysed,
therfore you will be hypnotized,
by the twinkles in her eyes,
i love the way you have that,

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

"Rain on Me" (Full Version)

                                             "RAIN on ME"(Full Version)
                                           BY ARCASSIN BURNHAM

full pages in her notebook,
i cant make you love me if you wont,
but making all your poems come to life was all it took,
if you dont,
first i made it happen,
in that part when stars sing to ya,
cupid is aiming from your heart not attacking it,
all i wanna do is bring happiness to ya,

in the mist of everything,
poetry's a givin,
if i used it to your avantage,
would you give me your lovin,
skin as soft
as a velvet cat,
adventurous like laura croft,
but we dont all know what to do with that,

i love you like theres noone else in this world,
hopin that the trust we share,
dont end up in a twirl,
or havin mixed emotions about a boy or a girl
i left you at that note,
please rain on me girl,

Sunday, December 2, 2012

"Luv And Affection"

                                                 "Luv And Affection"
                                         BY ARCASSIN BURNHAM

im chilling at your house,
are bright,
their shinin,
not trying to shut you out,

ur love,
i dont believe in hate,
i score,
heaven above,
i hope you can relate
to luv and affection.