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Monday, May 30, 2016



By Arcassin Burnham

Mind games is what turns on the bright lights for you
At night then up and at em',
I'd rather you fathom just being yourself,
I got no patients for the ones that like to envy
And claiming all of my trust just thinking when 
I reach the stars That their going with me,
Like No!
Who do you think that I am, (like what)
Trying to latch my existence,
I'm aware of who despised me and who didn't,
But this is your fake intuition,
rolling in society's filth as I extinguish being a kid and
A human being,
Not like every human being.

Friday, May 20, 2016

"Wouldn't You Like To Know"

"Wouldn't You Like To Know"

By Arcassin Burnham

Perfect As you are, your the epitome
Of my existence and the flower that grows from my
Dome invading all my space courageously giving me
The upper hand to be your man in all this filth,
In all this rage,
In this wicked world , your my girl,
You might as well get use to it,
Abusing it,
Like prescription drugs,
Slow and vague as a slug,
Enquiry number of hugs,
I'll give you all the love that you need relentlessly
Claiming that you are mine and shouting to the world
That you're the one that has captured my body , my mind
And my soul,
Inside the space of my arms,
Your the one that I'd hold,
When I don't tell you my secrets then you thinks that it's cold,
She said "what are you afraid of" I said "wouldn't you like to know",
If you wanna feel yourself again just wiggle your toe,
Theres no choices in this life for us to make time go slow,
I have everything to live for , don't need a bone to throw,
If you wanna move to this place or this place then we'll go,
Pulling apart puzzle pieces of being a strong minded human being
Erasing things of the past then end up telling all your frienemies lacking
Discipline  and grace as you try to hold it together but it gets
Hard at times to wonder where you'll end up eventually,
I know no one will ever be into me,
And I've been fine with that since a pre-teen,
I got style and grace and creativity,
You're lacking all of the things that you seem to be.

Sunday, May 15, 2016



by Arcassin Burnham

....And you just took it all away,
thinkin you save the human race,
eyes to the skies and reaches of space to
give my feelings a whirlwind,
no one ever really
plays it safe,
I'm doing deeds to make you stay,
I've got eyes to thebsky and back against the pave,
and a hand full of silver dollars and jars filled with the freshest tea,
it'll take a life time for the emotions to cave,
but the motto is live , die ,repeat,
put me through the motions and see how many bad reactions that will be bestowed upon me,
I've already done damage,
they hurt,
but I just say damn it.

Friday, May 6, 2016



By Arcassin Burnham

1. Tuesday Nights

Sometimes my mind wanders
Into vast landscapes of a broken world,
Crushing my brain into tiny pieces,
Or maybe I was in search of a girl,
Wandering in my brain cells, 
I know that when my eyes fell it would see a ground zero,
A dark disturbing place, 
When the lights go out,
And I fall in love,
These are rough tuesdays, 
Sometimes you gotta take off the gloves.

2. Haven't You Got 

Would like
To know 
The passion of you,
The fire in you,
The freedom to burn freely,
Several things that I would do to get close to you,

(The thing you haven't known by now,
Is that I'm ready to go,
The flower blooms so quick somehow,
Under a blanket of snow,
And if I could take back the things I said,
I swear you gotta know,
Haven't you got a clue my love,
That I love you so)

Would like,
To know, 
The things that you lack,
That makes you sad,
The signs are so complicated, 
Ill never make you feel bad, 
I love to make you laugh, 

(The thing you haven't known by now,
Is that I'm ready to go,
The flower blooms so quick somehow,
Under a blanket of snow,
And if I could take back the things I said,
I swear you gotta know,
Haven't you got a clue my love,
That I love you so).

3. Sunny Days (they drift)

The truth hurts when you have to tell a friend, 
Sleeping at the bottom of the barrel, 
The truth hurts when it's too late to pretend,
Like the people walking around singing Christmas carols, 
Sunny days will long for you to arrive, 
Even you can't take the heat from the sun,
What will you do when your love is on the run,
No this is not the same or for fun,
This never will come true,
They drift heavily in the eves of the summer,
Sitting there,
I just stare and think,
Taking place in blooming of the flowers, 
More than I can say for the others,
This never will come true.

4. Roll This Feeling 

Just know that I'll be here for ya,
I'll put my seatbelt on and steer for ya,
I'm rolling in the deep of fears for ya,
I would not dare,
Not to care for ya,
Known to be the one to take the Rep for ya,
Writing song with a guitar for ya,
Look up to the heavens and the stars for ya,
Ill give my life,
Comes with a price for ya,

Why do I feel this way,
In later time we'll be okay,
Why do I feel this way,
And when the skies turn grey, 
I roll this feeling away,
Into the depths of whatever I have become, 
I know that I can not run,
From you,
Cause I would die for ya.

5. Dead

Give me all the joy in the world so I 
Could crush it,
Got a lot of things on my mind but ain't no question, 
This certainly isn't a blessing but welcome to 
Another session of endless suffering inside
A young boys head that wishes he we're dead in 
Spite of everything that has happened in his life
That pertained to worst problems to follow.

6. Fate 


Had to stop myself from cutting, 
I don't know if I'm dreaming,


To take a toll on me but I'm 
Reminiscing the meaning,

I hear the screams at night but I'm too
Far away from destiny,
Come help me please.

7. Someone Beautiful

Come light my signal fire to ignite the brighter
Side of things,
Don't have much money to give balance to all
My broken things,
Sometimes I keep my head down from the
People with agendas,
But im pushing myself and I'm killing for
The chance to have a perfect dilemma,
I leave a note for my past to pick up and read
Only to get upset and pass the torch to my present,
I close chapters in my life to prevent any from going
Further with any discretion,
I have learned my lessons,
I will not be another human peasant,
But for now I need to count all my blessings,
I just want to be someone beautiful.

8. A-WAY

Red , white and blue , it's always up to you to give impressions,
Thinking about how healthy your heart is in all this deep
Pushing your own buttons , if buttons had red spots,
Like the chicken without the noodle,
Where has the soup gone ? There is no question,
I see passion in a different way,
The attention of ignorance that I will not pay,
The cycle keeps spinning around and around
And by then you'll say that your not a slave,
Don't let it get cold , eat the whole tray,
Like a thousand tundras in the Everglades,
No code conduct and for all people that have gave us
Freedom just to make a way.

9. Eased Into It

To gain acceptance we thrive for what we want
In life,
It not that easy to be someone else,
We make our choices in our frame of minds and
Use our eyes for better sight,
So why don't you choose to be yourself,

But if they were like you,
There would be more virtues,
I know hardship and breakups can devastate you,
If you give me the key to your heart I will be,
The best friend you've ever wanted and the love that
You need,
But your teasing me,
Your deceiving me,

Holy rain falls upon me knowing better,
No excuse for better weather,
Not excited for overly endeavors,
Yeah the devils pretty clever,
But however,
Ignore the negativity,
Escape positivity to have a empathy
In handling things.

10. Why The Bad Memories?

While I continue to search for the purpose 
I should have possessed along time ago
While I was still kicking and screaming 
Fading away and took hold of my soul,
Now I have no idea where I'll end up when
I die,
Probably somewhere in hell fire at the end
Of a chain and a whip begging God to give
Me what I deserve,
But as a mistake I deserve nothing,
Why do I have to be any different than he or
Why can't I just be stronger than both parties,
Dark , depressing, and lonely like premature
Born into a world that teaches you it's wicked ways,
I pray,
For all that have to live in the so-called "ghetto",
I pray,
These bad memories will disappear in time,
I pray that every single bad thing I've experienced
And wasn't good at will advance and make me into
The human being I need to be,
But the Lord doesn't hear me,
At least the Lord I'm praying to will agree,
Most of us sit with our mouths shut,
And bathe in this indecency,
But no one is listening.

11. Beliefs In Distress

I believe that you are inadequate with yourself
Just paying homage to the wrong type of crowds
And holding out your hand for people that envy
You and don't respect you like they should in fact
They all have their opinions just spreading lies
Throught the airwaves making it hard for you to
Roam the halls of the school of forgotten devil's,
I mean angels,
You chose your exit,
Now stick with it,
You Forgot your soul is independent,
Lost spoken reasons with no limits,
You might be going to hell,
But just for you,
I believe in good times.

12. #Idon'tbelonghereinthisplace

Constant conscious loving all the little things 
In life,
Can't let these little things like clouded emotions 
Spark a light,
Out to be gifted but Santa's shop is closed this night,
Remembered your name in desperate times but 
You forgot about mine,
Thats why I don't belong,
I can just say screw it and end up giving my
Life to a man I've never seen , 
messing up my Vision with the bright light,
I maybe be would be judged with a small smite,
But everything gets cold when frost bites,
And you don't feel so holy when the heart dies.

13. Don't waste my time

Don't waste my time,
I'm tired of these critics hoping they get out of
Don't waste my time,
I'm trying to avoid the racists and the activists resign,
Don't waste my time,
I'm sick of being ignored and just looking for a time,
Don't waste it,
....... Don't waste it,

Sick of being a human,
This just paranoids me to the extend of giving
God my life without the doubt of self-pity,
Do you....
Have enough care in your heart to be affected
By people's comments and thoughts but killing
Yourself would be silly,
Let em burn like the London bridge,
If anything I'm stupid to keep going back to the 
same Thing that made me less of a person,
Love is what I shouldn't feel seeing as how I 
Don't get enough of it and learning all about
My past as it worsens,

Don't waste my time,
I'm tired of these critics hoping they get out of
Don't waste my time,
I'm trying to avoid the racists and the activists resign,
Don't waste my time,
I'm sick of being ignored and just looking for a time,
Don't waste it,
....... Don't waste it.


Thursday, May 5, 2016

SESSIONS CH3 (Poetry Listing) - coming Tomorrow!!!!!!!

(Poetry Listing)

01. Tuesday Nights

02. Haven't You Got

03. Sunny Days (they drift)

04. Roll This Feeling

05. Dead

06. Fate

07. Someone Beautiful

08. A-WAY

09. Eased Into It

10. Why The Bad Memories?

11. Beliefs In Distress

12. #Idon'tbelonghereinthisplace

13. Don't Waste My Time

Coming Tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

"The Luxury (R.I.P Amy Joyner)"

"The Luxury"
R.I.P Amy Joyner ❤

By Arcassin Burnham

Praying for the sick and the weak to be discreet and find
Passionate feelings then release into an abyss so deep
You can not find your feet,

I know your being hug and kissed by fellow angels
And loved ones,
Scratching your head for you are on the other side
Of what life intended for us to go if we're saved,
But baby girl you're blessed for even a soul thats not astray,
I feel that the Lord has you in his arms just getting
You use to the luxury that is as beautiful as you,
I don't know why they did this to you,
Vendetta's will be dealt with but For now I'm sorry
For what happened to you,
Should have happened a different way , yeah thats true,
We find peace knowing your with him when the
Days are through,
I but pray for everything  that you are,
Your family , your friends,
You were considered a star,
From Florida to Baltimore , we know your not too far.
 We'll miss you Amy ❤