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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

"When Quentin Kissed Margo"

"When Quentin Kissed Margo"
By Arcassin Burnham

*How did it feel when you took her and made her*
*Understand that you were the one who cared and*
*Showed her more compassion*?
*How did it feel when you've noticed all her*
*Imperfections letting her go off into the sunset in*
*A paper town*?
*How did it feel*?
*Oh*! *How did it feel*?
*Watching over her like the hawk*, *making sure she'd text back*,

*How did it feel when you told her all of those things*
*Before she ran off and never came back*?
*How did it feel when you looked for clues and letter boxes*
*Going on a journey just to see if she'd turn up*,
*How did it feel*?
*Oh! How did it feel*?
*Watching over her like the hawk, making sure she'd text back*....
*One day*, *one day*.

😋"This was heavily Inspired By The Kiss scene in the movie "Paper Towns" or just basically at the end of the movie, but I loved it".

-Arcassin Burnham 

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