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Monday, September 5, 2016

"Cupid's Voice Pt.2"

"Cupid's Voice Pt.2"
By Arcassin Burnham

....And from that fateful day, he went home with
A smile for once,
Because he knew that for the first time he was in love,
He'll have something to tell his friends tomorrow,
Yeah he'll flaunt ,
It's only a matter of time before he drowns in her love,
Goes through the door with a smile , heads to his room
With a smile, lays on his bed with a smile,
He quickly took out his phone and dialed the number that he dials,
Telling his befriend that they have to go to that party,
His best friend says "cool , but we're not popular , remember dude,
Remember on the way to school on the day that guy ran into you and pushed
To the ground and asked for money? You said no , and he said I'll see you
Monday", and he's like "yeah , I remember", and his friend confesses and says "okay remember the girl you ask me for ? Weeelllll that's her boyfriend" and hes like "dude seriously! Why didn't you tell me first hand!? I could have said just fuck it , now I think I'm in love man",
Friend said "I'm sorry man I thought you knew",
His happy day just turned into blue,
He says "sorry I blew up but I'm not mad you, and no I didn't know that
She was dating that arrogant douche",

The day calms down and slowly eases into nighttime, he sits on the roof
Of his house with earphones in thinking about Felicia,
That sweet Felicia,
All the ugliness in the world just couldn't defeat ya,
You brighten up his days where he use to feel low,
He's gonna change himself for you while time moves slow.

📖"I Got The Inspiration From When me And My Friend Kyle use to talk about girls on the phone haha".

- Arcassin Burnham

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