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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

"Whats Happening To Us (ft. SoulSurvivor)

"What's Happening To Us"
By Arcassin Burnham & SoulSurvivor

SS :
We're headed for a deep DEEP valley
Orange sky in tornado alley
Trouble just around the bend
Are you ready for it friend?
Kids don't have enough to eat
Mom n dad work but
Can't make ends meet
The price of gas is 
On the double
Life in this world
Just plain trouble
Christian people in despair
Unbelievers everywhere
Don't want to know
The eternal score
Don't want to listen

AB :
Six kids,
Two jobs,
What's a hard working mother got to do,
To get some hard earned money,
I know that you need it too,
People can't afford vehicles,
So they take the bus,
Why don't the presidents,
Just say yes , to us,
Instead you make us live,
In this demented world,
Heaven and hell still battling,
And what's with teenage girls,
More teen pregnancies in u.s alone,
Why don't they just leave that intimacy alone,
You should be greatful for our lord and savior,
Because without him,
Hearts will be turned to stone,

There IS a stone...
He's called The Rock....
His existence? 
More than talk.
If you don't listen
Tell you true...
Then that Rock's

"Cloud9 Riddim"

"Cloud 9 Riddim"
By Arcassin Burnham

Imagine feeling the greatest high,
And wondering if you ever come down,
But smiling as if you never left god green earth,
Reminiscing all the times you should have stayed,
Under the tree like in the shade,
Any advantage that could have given me,
Feeling the greatest high,
But imagine the weather and view up there,
The act of zero tolerance for falling,
Stay up there long enough,
Seeing the psychicaldelic contacts.

Monday, September 29, 2014

"Love's Affair With Ignorance"

"Love's Affair With Ignorance"
By Arcassin Burnham

Committing suicide for someone you can't have,
I noticed the things you had,
Remembering the friendships and the kisses and the laughs,
Remember when you ran away from your dad,
Just to be with her she was 10 blocks from your house,
Backpack and a green bike,
Shortsighted from the words coming out of your mouth,
Getting there,
You always knew what she liked,
Throwing rocks at her window just to wake her,
Making all your worries go away,
Make her come down you wouldn't dare tell her,
Getting the ladder To climb up unless you got a better way,
So she did,
Climbing and falling through her window,
Gave her a long hug I bet you like the glances,
Staring in her face touching each others noses,
Kissed her lips and made her fall into a trance,
Making out on the bed,
Just have thought of how her parents will react,
Falling in love,
Telling her she has to go,
Test driving the illusion of realizing the fact,
That her parents don't know,
That their daughter is a born girl lover,
Telling dereck he's going to have to stop calling,
Love had an affair with ignorance,
So before you put that gun to your head,
Go back and be with her,
Otherwise stop stalling.

"90s Continued Scene"

"90s Continued Scene"
By Arcassin Burnham

So inviting just to have you,
I was star struck,
Put me in a setting of bliss,
But don't you cut me up,
In to little desirable sections,
Where you could blow me a kiss,
And take a rose from the garden from outside,
And tell me how much you miss,
Me and you could have a beautiful wedding,
Filled with the roses you got from the garden,
Push you again and again on strawberry swings,
Glad you became my nocturnal girlfriend,
One night light at a time,
Sometimes I like to watch you sleep,
Some comes in the feelings I keep,
And some with you I like to enjoy life,
Marry me.


By Arcassin Burnham

Sometimes I think I need a song,
To get the evil chanting out my ears,
Sometimes I think I need sex,
Just to cure my intimacy,
Sometimes I think I need a new heart,
To replace the one I have with pain,

But I'm still the same,

Sometimes I think I need a pet,
That one bestfriend that gets me,
Sometimes I think I need an instrument,
So I could play my heart out on the piano,
Sometimes I think I need hatred,
To overflow the hatred I have so it could all come out,
Sometimes I wish I was born into a life,
With so much of the pain,

But I'm always the same.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

"Melanie's Love"

"Melanie's Love"
By Arcassin Burnham

.....Shouldn't be taking for granted,
Even though her wishes aren't ,
I wish he could have been there,
But left you broken hearted,
Don't got time for all the gossip,
Say my name if you get lost,
In the mist of what's to come,
I won't let you fall and I won't pay the cost,
Cause the cost will have a budget,
I know I can reach it,
And when the price is right,
I will gladly teach it,
The kind of love you find at a bar,
And say what got you so down,
Rubs your shoulder,
Tell you its alright,
No need to frown,
The kind of love you need,
When your locked in prison,
She will be your loyal seed,
Every time your name she mentions,
Goes by the name of melz,
But I call her melly,
She's the inspiration of everything,
When I write,
Its steady,
Teaching it gladly,
Seeing smiles on her face,
When I met you ,
Knew you needed some space,
From the things that bothered you,
Assholes took advantage,
But I will stick by you,
Like a man and his loyal companion.
Love u melz

"Someone As Good"

"Someone As Good"
By Arcassin Burnham

Looking for someone as good as you,
In a long time,
I'm know I'm a shy average dude,
But we can spend time,
Been a long time since I seen your face,
Haven't seen at all really,
Im out of my place,
Let's go inside its kind of chilly,
So get closer,
I know your pretty impressed,
From the words that I told you,
As we talk longer,
Someone as good as you,
Would need someone to love,
I could,
Spread joy for you,
And sprout doves,
Knowing you need love,
Your characteristics are heaven sent,
Polygons change their shape,
Just elevating the lint,
I'm so in a trance,
But we were not talking about inception,
You turned my world upside down,
Experiencing the life lessons,
And your teachings,
Make me feel like I have to watch you from a far,
Like a beam of light,
That just struck my heart

Saturday, September 27, 2014

"How Clear It Would Be"

"How Clear It Would Be"
By Arcassin B

I wish I was there with you,
In the stars,
Where did you go,
I'm where you are,
Never let go,
Pick a time to start,
My heart,
I'll thrown,
I'll take the rope,
I'll give you my heart,
Take my life,
Split me apart,
Then close that door,
You left us,
No you left me,
I wanna be,
Where you are,
oh How clear it would be.

"The Red Bed"

"The Red Bed"
By Arcassin B

Back to the book,
With the blue hand print,
When you look with the dark tint,
You were the best,
Loved you every chance I took,
And every chance I took,
In writing this book for you,
Wishing I took a nuke for you,
I blew up with my body parts hanging off,
Its pass my curfew,
Kissing you in virtue,
Called a dream,
The red book will bleed,
But the red bed will be bloody.

Friday, September 26, 2014


By Arcassin Burnham

I don't want to have to say this to you cause I love you and your a nice person,
And I'm also a nice person,
And I understand that telling you no would upset you,
And set your emotions to a different temperature,
To get your ears steaming,
But you had to realize that I'm keep in my from saying this to you,
Because I know how mad you can get,
When you are being told no,
So let me calm you down and buy you a smoothie,
- dude
- what
- you just bought me the thing I wanted.

"Blue Eyes"

"Blue Eyes"
By Arcassin Burnham

Blue as the ocean,
Beyond purple meadows,
I sipped the magic potion,
And now I'm in her window,
Sparkling eyes like a puppy,
You said no more lies and I'll let you love me,
So I threw out all the old pictures of my ex,
Just for that reason,
I adore you,
Like the other side of my pillow,
I'm just searching for your subdue,
There's no room for being mental,
I love you,
You keep the subtle.