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Thursday, September 8, 2016

"Than Meets The Eye Freestyle"

"Than Meets The Eye Freestyle"
By Arcassin Burnham

In a trance with a different light in mind,
I provoke,
Like the entertaining women dancing for their menfolk,
That's a joke,
Degradation of women is not the subject mostly when
Need to be told,
I guess it might be getting old,
Solid gold,
Chambers with secrets in it like Harry Potter,
Feeling elevated off the ground like a helicopter,
Cops and robbers,
Tell the coppas that I did not shoot the sheriff,
Guess they'll shoot me down anyway call them
Heart stoppers,
Have no beef with anyone , I'm more like the safe haven,
More like a beacon, if you want heaven then just behave and,
Life is too short to be worried about a grave and,
Your mom just lost her job and your dad is on the deep end,
Do what's for your life despite the things you've seen around
You're a..
Lost cause to them, but you'll make it , they won't be better than You,
You buss your ass everyday to pick up on the homework but you can't
Concentrate on the lessons because of a kid that that picked at you and bothered you your whole life,
But your more than meets the eye, okay.

"I find pleasure in motivating others to reach their goals".😀

- Arcassin Burnham

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