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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

AB Poetry Listing Due

                                          The L-O-V-E-D Ep <------------ OUT NOW
                                          The U-N-B-O-R-N Kiss Lp <-----------OUT NOW
                                          B-R-E-A-K UP/L-O-N-L-E-Y Ep
                                          L-I-F-E SAVER Lp
                                          The Fall , The A-N-G-E-L Took Ep
                                          Hade;s Love Ep
                                          F-A-L-L-E-N Angel LP

"IF Only" (Ft. Elizabeth Rushing) (Snippet)

                                           "If Only" (Snippet)
                                                             By Arcassin Burnham & Elizabeth Rushing

.... that i really wanted,
if only , i was in a state of all this confusion,
if only , i was stuck thinking everything was an illusion,
if only , i had you by myside smiling,
if only, i was the one to be in your style...............

Saturday, July 27, 2013

"Art Of Jealousy" (Drawing By David Walker)


                                              "Art Of Jealousy"
                    BY ARCASSIN BURNHAM
              (Drawing By David Walker)

i hope you dont get mad at me,
but i hoped that you been working on the jelousy,

im ok babe do what u want emotionally and mentally,
but its not like i sit in my room everyday constantly,
thinking about the boys you talk on facebook , ignoring me,

boy what are you talkin about,
this is the type of problem that for just once i cant deal without,
see! thats the jealous talk , i thought trust my actions , that came out of your mouth,
but i see you still have doubt,

we had an agreement didnt we work something out,
i miss day when we would talk about going to the south,
my blood is boiling up on every hour,
anyways i gtg i need to take a shower,
call you later,
i love you.

i love you more.


"Lessons & Learnings" (Snippet)

                                       "Lessons & Learnings" (Snippet)
                                  by Arcassin Burnham

the world has reached its peak,
the ruins maybe old,
but existing life with no meaning,
and an heaven made of gold,
he has a hand full of hope,
and some rooms made of your desires,
of everything that you can possibly crave,
guess the rain drops become dryer,
but blood is thicker than water.....................

Friday, July 26, 2013

"Every Night" (ft. Elizabeth Rushing)

                                      "Every Night" (Ft. Elizabeth Rushing)
                        by arcassin burnham & elizabeth rushing

- Elizabeth -

the ice i feel has no match,
this burning sense lead to mismatch,
will i ever be happy with the way things are,
it seems that every night,
im at a midnight bar,
i goto bed eveynight,
and every girl doesnt seem right,
so here i am with no grin,
just hope i feel happy once again.

- Arcassin -

So until then i will reside,
as being a night spawn,
drowning in my own sorrow,
yeah the night is really young,
i goto bed with blank expression,
every night ,
you had me at where were you,
did i have to fight,
not anymore,
because i live a drama free life,
in my home,
where the demons wouldnt dare,

"Keep Calling" (Full Version)

                                                                "Keep Calling"
                                           (Full Version)
                                    By Arcassin Burnham

i thouht you were the one,
but instead you were a freight,
i was buried from the sun,
hiding everyday and everynight,
but you and your voicemails,
are really annoying,
you use to paint your nails,
with vanity and suffering,
like jellybeans and m & m's,
they really just dont mix,
its like every direct hit,
is an every direct miss,
you keep calling,
i hate it,
you keep calling,
i hate it.

"H.O.N.O.R (I Get Lonley Too)" (Full Version)

                    "H.O.N.O.R (I Get Lonley Too)"                          
                    (Full Version)
                         BY ARCASSIN BURNHAM

lincoln freed the slaves,
and the americans lived for alot of work,
feeling that god gave,
wasnt enough to the servants,
i was never a bad kid,
just alittle misguided,
never being there,
my dad,
and my mom pushing me away,
and the source of me not living,
i almost died,
some people just in it for the money,
the government is laughing,
like prostitutes and honey,
is the end of time coming,
see the world for what it really is,
and through your school learnings,
you'll be dumber than a preacher's kid,
that crys about the boys and girls they cant have,
and explodes when you tell them no,
thats just how he made us,
in this world im gonna have to grow.

"Her Lovin Her Pt.2"

                   "Her Lovin Her pt.2"
              By ARcassin BUrnham

the yelling and the screaming,
maybe gotten out of hand,
she was determining herself,
when she said she wasnt gonna lose you to no man,
but she had a plan,
haven't seen her in days,
dont know what she does,
but you sit in your room,
while she crys to memories that was,
be strong,
because now you dont care about what happens to her,
scared in the blood of tears,
i thought that the love you had for her,
you said in a couple years,
dont go,
lesbian break-ups,
are just the same as any,
love is love,
so we keep personal by any.

"Forgetting Riddim" (Full Version)


                                      "Forgetting Riddim"
                (Full Version)
                              By Arcassin Burnham

stuck to forgetting,
if i could make it up to you i would
so stuck to remembering,
i didnt wanna loose ya,
may be i have gone crazy,
like god created lucifer,

feel your touch while your here,
or like the actress lisa bonet,
your beautiful that way,
how could i forget,
it will maybe take a while,
to get you out my head,
memories cramping my style,
i see dead-ends up ahead,
have you every wondered why,
you loved that person so much,
like how death and lives,
maybe dont mix too much,
its not an option to be dead,
and be reincarnated,
but to get you out of my head,
is not an option lady.
get it.

"Hands Around Me" (Full Version)

                                    "Hands Around ME" (Full Version)
                                   by Arcassin Burnham

life would not be golden,
instead my world is clean,
my love would not be frozen,
if only it was she,
with your hands around me,
with your hands around me,

our love be luxurious,
like the color of pee,
its just one more step for us,
if only you were loving me,
with your hands around me,
with your hands around me,

too golden for your judgement,
im pure for the empathy,
it would end in arguments,
baby please dont fight with me,

all i need is your hands.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

"Keep Callin " (Snippet)

                                            "Keep Calling" (Snippet)
                                  By Arcassin Burnham and every night,
but you and your voicemails,
are really annoying,
you use to paint your nails,
with vanity and suffering,
like jelly beans and m and m's,
they really just dont mix,
its like every direct hit,
is every direct miss,
you keep calling,
i hate it,
you keep calling,
i hate it

"She Was (Belonged)"

                                                    "She Was (Belonged)"
                                   by Arcassin burnham

did i break your lonley cycle,
did i make your everyday,
did i clean my dinner plate,
then fix my face,
these words i say,
to make you smile,
you seem to care alot,
havent met nobody like this in awhile,
so i gave it a shot,
She Was,
just like you in a way,
never was she frantic,
im hoping in my life you'll stay,
not tryna be romantic,
i just really really need ya,
im taken to the core,
but everytime i talk to ya,
i want you to love me some more.
Lil Homie <3

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

"Now Or Later Pt.1"

                                                 "Now Or Later Pt.1" by arcassin burnham

i was on the other side of the fast lane,
while she was in the center,
seasons passed i flood with pain.
i had conselors , i call them mentors,

soon maybe now youll see how hurt i was,
when you took your love away i perished,
hugs and kisses thats all it was,
but all those precious moments i will cherish.

now or later....

Monday, July 22, 2013

"Her Happiness"

                              "Her Happiness" by Arcassin Burnham

your happiness,
is my happiness,
wont take it for granted,
morning beautiful,
as i drive for miles,
to the open shore,
been together for quite awhile,
as i enter your mind,
i fall asleep knowing that our love was so in time,
im so glad to call you mine,
we could have fun like the,
nickelodean buckets of slime,
real teenagers,
with a common plan,
like spring breakers,
be glad i took ur hand,
id love you forever if you wanted me too,
thats why i love you
so happy.

"LONG Way Down" (Snippet)

                                                 "LONG WAY DOWN"     (Snippet)
                                                 by arcassin burnham

.......its been that way,
since the beginning ,
no outcome of the way you handled things.......

"Southern Girl (U.S.a)" - 5of 5 - Cowgirl Origins EP

                                              "Southern girl (U.S.a)"
                                            by Arcassin Burnham

some summery days,
some wintery nights,
you always call my name,
you always call my name,
and those moring shades,
and those afternoon rest,
im a southern girl first,
and i will always stay the same,

some wintery dawns,
some starry-eyed suns,
couldnt keep me from you,
couldnt keep me from you,
and those afternoon nap,
and those vacation trips,
to city's where i'd go,
give up my roots is what i wont do.

Cow Girl

"Miley Cyrus" - 4of 5 - CowGirl Origins EP

                                                              "Miley Cyrus"
                                                     by arcassin burnham

just a small town girl,
but sudeued to the fame,
long brown hair,
with butterflies in the frame,
what happen to you since you moved on from hannah,
then after that people was like i dont understand her,
some people lost that respect from miley,
she went through a dramatic change , blow up the earth,
but no its not that serious ,
we couldnt complain,
and while she sings in a bad way,
they threw dirt at her name,
i remember when she use to be hannah,
instead of the miley that you see before you,
or when she sung the star spangled banner,
did you remember that too,
miley what happen to you?

"Guitar" - 3of 5 - CowGirl Origins EP

                                    by arcassin burnham

i wish you were here,
to strum these strings with me,
i wouldnt like to call you dear,
its the way my boots fit,
or the way god stares down at us,
like the ants that we are,
but he loves us,
the kind of love you didnt have from afar,
as i strum my guitar,

i wish you didnt have to leave your roots behind,
you became a city boy,
but with your other wishes you shined,
like gold tooth on uncle elroy,
i remember out country memories,
it reminds us who we are,
camo jackets,
or are really that smart,
as i strum my guitar,

i will play this guitar for you.

"That ole Tree" - 2of 5 - CowGirl Origins EP

                                                   "That Ole Tree"
               by arcassin burnham

that ole Stumped tree,
with sapp and the smell of autumn,
flying at you and me,
you the only boy that i would give my love to,
but you were southern cocky,
like the jocks at school do,
i didnt have no shoulder to lean on in awhile,
but when i found you again, my hair was on your chest,
emotions clouding the wave,
but the thought of loosing you would only put this old southern ,
country girl to rest,
although i wanna have your child,
for now your just not the one,
and for my texas style,
my life has just begon,


i remember the that ole tree,
like it was yesterday,
trying to forget,
but still the thoughts they never fade away,
and the smell of the autumn,
brushing passed us,
i didnt want another,
i just thought i'd keep us,
i know at times i was pretty cocky,
and left home for awhile,
but my reputation wasnt sloppy,
i just wondered if you'd stay down,
but the thought of loosing you would make this old country boy,
torn in disaster,
what happen to us,
i thought it was ever after.

"Boots She Wore" - 1 of 5 - CowGirl Origins Ep

                                                 "Boots She Wore"
             by arcassin burnham

red dress and your chill ambitions,
horse riding when you feel like getting fresh air,
more love and ammunition,
detertermined to get out and wear the boots you wear,
cowgirl is what we call ya,
with your southern accent and laid down shades,
maybe for awhile i wouldve held ya,
if those old dirt roads wasnt layered like cards of spades,

red bandana and that noisey suspense,
take it to the farm to see all the animals,
wouldnt ever make it a furter residense,
or hoping you dont live by any cannibals,
brave heart is what we know you by,
even though sometimes the darkness will take you,
you were beautiful , you know i wouldnt lie,
i wont let it break you.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

"Tilia (Inspiration)"

                                   " T A L I A (iNSPIRATION <3)"  BY ARcassin BUrnham

with cancer,
she lived her life long,
but with death,
longing for eternity , shes be reborn,
to alot of young girls,
beyound the finest worlds,
she knew alot,

with love,
came from her mother,
with happiness,
was also from others,
as the shaded grass,
like the orchestras brass,
couldnt let hate in , with the key , it was locked,

with life,
it was the beginning and then the end,
with god,
the love is here for you , and washed our future sins,
keep her safe,
protected under their wings,
even though your gone today,
for you , we will all sing,
me and the whole world was shocked :'(

we love you Talia R.I.p <3

"Trippy Love" (Full Version)

                                   "TriPPy LoVe" by arcassin burnham
                                      (full Version)

suddenly her love made a mockery,
fake smiles and overalls,
in a since , she had alittle stalkery,
going crazy , stubbleing through the halls,
seeing unicorns,
i think this is about to be the end,
or about the you warned,
then the friends im with, wont have to pretend,
she was my heart and soul,
and my style and grace,
coughing up a storm,
and the sweat running down my face,
trying to maintain,
but for the others they still remain,
or maybe statuses,
cause all i see is china flame,
excuse me if my life is about to end in shame,
smoke out my mouth,\
was the devil in side,
out of the water like a trout,
this whole nite was a rollercoaster ride,

Monday, July 15, 2013

"Worth Your Eyez Pt.1"

                                   "Worth Your Eyez PT.1"
                   BY ARCASSIN BURNHAM

baby can you handle my satanic views,
her body and her eyes enough to light a fuse,
she was creepy beauty, no part to choose,
and when i fell into that trans, all i wanted was you,

like voodoo dolls , she could put you on the front,
lines , and usually you think you would've given up,
but like always , in a hypno , u were stuck,

SO cosmic when she talks in that voice,
she had the inside open like a distorted turquoise,
and my heart began to yell , shut up that noise!!
i just she doesnt talk to other boys.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

"Only You" (ft.Makayla Maynard)

                                                          "Only You"
                  By Arcassin Burnham And Makayla Maynard

 only you could make it right,
fights for days,
of a star they say is bright,
but for your love i grow weak,
or we could fly above,
maybe two feet,
scared of heights , she grabs on to me,
i feel the cold sweat,
like the mornings eve,
only you,
could make me cry,
only you,
could be my angel,
only you,
could be as high,
like the birds of a different angle,
only you,

---- MAKAYLA <3-----

the way your eyes sparkle,
in the light,
the feelings i get when your in my sight,
i just love the way you say my name,
im no longer bursting out the seems,
the way you stare into my eyes,
it makes it where everything's alright,
your smile when you stare
into the night,
only you can make everything alright.

"When You Were Younger"

                                                                     "When You Were Younger"
                                                                                   by Arcassin Burnham

When you were Younger,
we use to run throught the graveyards , telling eachother what would we do without,
when you were Younger,
we use to talk for hours , thinking about, making you into a wife, without a single doubt,
When you were Younger,
you use to punch me on my shoulder,real hard , stoping me from looking at other girls,
when you were Younger,
i use tell you all the things , that would possibly happen , if i gave you the world,
When You Were Younger,
You use to write songs , in the note pad everyday, that i gave you for your birthday,
When you were Younger,
I remember i use to hold you , telling you was gonna be o.k , i didnt hesitate,
When You Were Younger,
When You Were Younger,
You Use To Love Me.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

"Trippy Love" (Snippet)


                               "TrIppY LoVE" (Snippet)
                    By Arcassin Burnham

...have to pretend,
she was my heart and soul,
and my style and grace,
coughing up a storm,
and the sweat running down my face,
trying to maintain ,
but for the others they still remain,
or maybe statues,
cause i could see is china flame,
excuse me if.................

"Burning Rose In Shame"

                                       "Burning Rose In Shame"
                           BY ARCASSIN BURNHAM

i guess we forgot to separate,
looking to stars like im da vinci,
all though the devil laughs to see me irratated,
plotting out every scene as an ending,

so i put up my guard,
looked to the heavens,
although it would seem hard,
that night i went home by 11,

tears in diguise full of meadows,
i saw the rose burn in shame,
i lost my temper , punch the window,
and he dont even know my middle name,

so when all was said and done,
i had all my love for her,
blood on the jacket , its a run
i just hope he doesnt take her,

Burning Roses.

"Down Before"

                                                     "Down Before" by Arcassin Burnham

emotions she endures,
almost the erge of empathy,
when bad things occur,
she searches for something lovely,
you've been hurt before,
you've been down before,
opened up the doors
the air blows out a different shore,
we dont have to go without,
man!!! i hate to see you lonley,
he was a jerk to you,
and at times kinda corny,
but at least you know your friend is here,
to keep u safe from any harm,
but if i said i cared,
would you be alarmed?

like i said we dont have to go without,
being alone is not a good way to go,
with you there is no doubt,
sometimes we wish time could go slow,
or reverse or fast foward, or stop,
at any cost,
if i could change time,
i wouldnt be the one u lost,
your o.k , its alrite, i got ur back,
fighting through your scars,
i wanna write u back ,
to tell you how special you are.

"Romantic UnderWater"

                                       "ROMANTIC UNDERWATER"
                    BY ARCASSIN BURNHAM

Baby as deep as this water is,
i dont wanna drown,
up in the clouds reflect off the water's rim,
you pulled me down,
i have no choise but love you tonite,
my life flash before my eyes,
i fell in love just to see your sight,
please dont act suprised,
she said hold your breath,
and come in slowly,
didnt want to face the cold embrace of death,
i had to be worthy,
so now were both under,
water as soft as the old broken stem,
by thw way i was scared,
because i couldn't swim,
she grab my hand and pulled me close,
and put arms around her stomach,
afraid for the most,
but i didnt know a kiss was coming,
hair, flowing the water like clouds in the sky,
i didnt wanna be foward with her body,
in my mind still the illusion that im gonna die,
ill die with you , dont tell nobody,
french kissing to heal your soul,
i incourage you,
even though were teens were getting old,
as long as i grow old with you,
Under Water <3

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

"Dont Want Her To Go" (Snippet)

                                         "Dont Want Her To Go"(Snippet)
                              BY ARCASSIN BURNHAM

...over you,

you've been my friend for two years,
its time for you to know the truth,
i was torn between my tears,
now im losing it over you,
dont want you to go
dont want you to...................


                                       "Priscilla" by Arcassin Burnham

The beauty in you is divine,
when you talk the birds sang,
i hope i didnt get out of line,
by asking for your name,
a angel you are,
all so natural,
like beautiful stars from afar,
or a bowl of cherries from the ararelle,
ur amazing,
in every place u go,
wise and gracious,
from everyone you know,
i couldnt get over ur smile,
more than anyone could see,
haven't seen anything like that for awhile,
but leave that between you and me lol.


                                                "Dezzy" by Arcassin burnham

words cant explain,
the way i feel for her,
she a friend and a conffidant,
give anything off this earth,
she was there when i needed her,
a damsile in disstress,
and when i was feeling sad and blue,
she cheered me up, she was the best,
i called her dezzy,
remember she used to make me laugh,
and she was never messy,
in my eyes,
like a hot bath,
her spirit would light up the room
with all the people screaming desiree,
but i knew ,
when she walked in,
everything was gon be o.k.

Monday, July 8, 2013

"Kirsten Michelle's Love"

                                              "Kirsten Michelle's LOve"
                            by Arcassin burnham

she reminds me of seirra lone,
she hates bugs,
but still at home,
but when she goes out,
its party time,
shes not the type,
to flip a dime,
theres more to her than just a pretty girl,
felt love for her,
its not the end of the world,

so as i sit here,
and think to myself,
of her long hair,
and growing wealth,
shes the coolest girl ive ever met,
her name is Kirsten Michelle <3



                                              "Dimples" by Arcassin Burnham

In the thunder and rain,
cant get over that smile,
it all just seems so strange,
when the love u have is fragile,

blush for me love,
no harm in that at all,
lips so soft like flower doves,
come here,
dont stand on the wall,

when you smile,
the school of dogs will close down,
the world will have its color back,
stays, golden when your not around,

but when you smile,
the wake of dawn will open beautifully,
maybe it will make you realize how much you mean to me,
with those dimples.


                                                        "A l l i s O n"
                     by Arcassin burnham

like a frozen pizza,
or a bag of resedue,
words can not explain,
how much i fell for you,
her smile is divine,
her looks are so flawless,
i thought breathing was easy,
but instead i flatlined,
oh Allison,
in a wonderland,
full of country men,
we have so much in common,
i dont think this love will ever end.

Saturday, July 6, 2013

"Next To You" (Snippet)

                               "NExt TO You"(Snippet)
        by arcassin burnham

....lay by yourside?
she said o.k , im good with that,
then god stared into our eyes,
or i remember cuddleing perhaps,

the love that i give,
is not for the fate to part,
i wish me and you can live,
under the moon , afterdark,


Thursday, July 4, 2013

"Black Cat Magic"

                                             "Black Cat Magic"
                   BY ARCASSIN BURNHAM

she put a spell on me,
as i stared into her eyes,
ingredients of curse to degree,
i felt so alive,
she never once said hi to me,
twisting her tail,
creating all her voodoory,
the beautiful twisted evil that nobody could tell,
not knowing her real intentions,
i fell in love deep,
have i forgot to mention,
she dosent talk , she lets the evil speak,
like the road of devils kettle,
or abyss beyond the end,
i hope i wont have to settle,
for a girl thats secretly a witch.

Monday, July 1, 2013

"Bri Garcia"

                                                                "Bri Garcia"
                             BY ARCASSIN BURNHAM

Ms. Garcia,
Youve been down before,
fighting lethal anger,
like the roses towards a carnavore,

i searched to find a like you,
that will never hurt me,
if i had to take care you,
im hoping that you'll love me,

He looks just like you everyday,
want to make you both smile,
give my love to you in everyway,
i promise i wont let you down,
i love you.