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Friday, September 2, 2016

"In The Dirt" (Ft. Patty M)

"In The Dirt"
By ( Arcassin B) & Patty m

overslept, unkept 
been living in a tent

(I'm obsessed with having
to be relentless)

didn't see the gun
till he pulled the trigger, 
how do you figure 
enough of your brainless schemes
when all I want is
the American dream 
smash it
take a mansion and trash it
antiques, what the hell
old shit starts to smell 

(Mmmm so potent while
I'm open,
Are you chosen for thrones
And all these other subjects are
Waiting for the arrival to be
Live by the gun and die by it too,
Danced around the house for 
some clarity
It had me feeling blue,)

mf nothin's left or right
keep on bangin' night after night
bashed in heads
keep bleeding till you're dead
the brain game done drove u berserk
but u keep climbing out
when they throw in the dirt.

😂"I seriously wrote this with her like months ago and forgot it was in my notes haha, sorrry Pat".

- Arcassin Burnham

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