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Thursday, September 15, 2016


Through The Trees Mix Pt.1
By Arcassin Burnham


Birds in the trees watch em fall out,
Without a shadow of a doubt,
I see the end is nearing like my input on everything stating
That the only thing we should be doing is getting out,
Like gtfo's and ufo's flooding the town with every aspect of the
Universe, I'm glad you found out,
Make your parents proud, sit back and donate money to scouts,
Do more good deeds,
Cause when he touches the earth we float out,

I was in the luxury of giving everything up,
And it's too late to save my family,

I would reach out to my friends , they don't even say much,
And even though our friendships are history,
I'm still in the mind of me.

"4 Months / I.K.Y.K"

Still overall I sleep through the grass ,
With my head filled with gold and a candle stash,
Light It Up , Light It Up! The Asthma attack...

*Let the flowers fly away*,
*ain't no room enough to see*,
*Let the memories fade*,
*like you're tryna' clean some sheets*,
*flying solo on the road*,
*Feeling half passed asleep*,
*Just to settle those scores*,
*keeping points for you and me*.....

2 weeks of desperation,
4 months of irritation,
I will never go back to those memories..

Still overall I sleep through the grass ,
With my head filled with gold and a candle stash,
Light It Up , Light It Up! The Asthma attack..
*I can just not wait to get that feeling back*,

To get that feeling back!
I can just not wait to get that feeling back!
To get that feeling back!
Sleeping through the grass!

I know you know ,
I'm trying not stress you, but your feelings are all over,
And you just want it over,
You know,
That I would never in life itself hurt you or put on a show,
But As time moves slow,
You know,
That you could share your feelings anytime with me,
And when it comes close,
I know you know,
I hope you know....
I love you so.

"Worth Nothing"

Like sparkling trash with a grayish tent hanging over,
I am like angel that will guide you to that four leaf clover,
Bringing all the bad days to a close with a simple power,
Call it love if you want , as long as you let it devour,
Hate and selflessness and poverty and evil sides,
While changing faces in the eyes of the Lord , he is your guy,
Your guiding force like no other,
We already won,
I'm routing for you every step of way into the sun,
You got nothing else worry about its just quick and painless,
Taking you off this planet will be as Nobel as stainless,
You are not the only one to up and go through these changes,
If anything I'm glad we're trading places , don't say you're ever worth

"Strumming Goodbyes"

Yawning for the morning light like,
I must have been high touching ceilings in mid flight,
I see the dust float in my eyes ,
There was never a doubt in my mind but my minds eye,
For that I am just a strange loop of a guitar playing over and over,
See this weight that i carry is light while in the beholder,
Life lessons about faith in the Lord when I get older 
And here I am with a trail full of sins falling from shoulders,
Do you mind? Picking up the pieces for me sometime,
I know you don't care , all caught up in your self-absorbed shrine,
OK, goodbye,
Hello........ no bye , see you tomorrow, tolerating you is the like devil
And his rambles,
Oppressive living in shambles like the abuser used those pills,
Causes and effects out of strings that break the seal,
Lies beyond lies, I'm not sure what they're teaching you,
Conflict is a must in America like burning statues,
So say goodbye to all that you knew,
That you owned,
And the person that use to be you.


It was necessary watching you go and leaving my life,
*I ain't never gonna fall again*,
I could have been like a human answering machine
For all of your problems,
*But I'm not your guinea pig*,

Cutie pie, cutie pie,
Why do you keep stressing me?

Cutie pie ,cutie pie,
Why do you not answer me?

I was so determine,
To keep us alive,
Don't ever come back to me,
Back to me,
Don't come back to me.

"The way I see it ... When it's done , it's done".

- Arcassin B.

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