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Sunday, September 4, 2016

"💜 Lives Here"

"💜 Lives Here"
By Arcassin Burnham

Cutlery chopping your emotions into sections baring the
Characteristics of a maniac in an insane asylum for your
Pleasure just to see the splatter of blood on the wall,
It'll be a shock if you regret it all,
Off the wall , like your personality,
I am appalled,
Don't you stall,
Your feelings are gone,
Til you sang this song,

(Choir : *for the children*,
*Love lives here*)

Pink roof , 
All gone,
To be of one,
The feelings break,
Open your eyes...
Theres no peace to be obtainable...
I gotta be, what I set out to do,
When I am done , I'll come back for you,

Won't leave you behind I swear this to you,
Forgot to check the time , no time in virtue,
It's too late for me , but I'm buying time for you,

If you swear all to me , to remember what I said,
Your not a mystery , but you're in my head,
I'll do this for you until I am dead,
And the choir sings,
(Choir : *for the children*, for the children,
*Love lives here*) love lives here,

For the children....
Love lives here...
For the children....
Love lives here.

"The Grace of God was the inspiration". 🙏

- Arcassin Burnham

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