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Monday, May 20, 2013

"Your CHild"

                                          "Your CHild"
                                                 by arcassin burnham-----

happiness and joy,
on a childs face,
word to my baby brother,
that this home will be a better place,
im pretty sure if all the others like it,
maybe it will be an easy state,
moving in will as easy as a simple copy and paste,

"All Lies (Blowing Winds)" (Snippet)

                      BY ARCASSIN BURNHAM

.... curtains that i jump off,
gives me a really good feeling,
all i need,
all i need,
all i need,

making me believe,
all the lies,
that you told,
anything you want from me,
i guess maybe precistance,
or maybe dem jokes that were old,
that i told,
all i need,
all i need,
all i need,
i just cant..........................