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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

"Feels" (Snippet)

                                                   "FeeLs" (Snippet)
                            BY ARCASSIN BURNHAM

.....set me free and everything,
i fix my face then walk away,
it cant be a simple thing,
stay in your place,
in my tree shade,
i like the way you feel,
i like the way you feel baby,
take off the make-up,
cause you beauty is underneath it,
i love your dreams dont wanna wake up,
i wouldnt need it,

Sunday, January 27, 2013

"Through The Trees" (Full Version)

                       "Through The Trees" (Full Version)
                                         BY ARCASSIN BURNHAM

Through The Trees i will follow,
just lead the way,
and we can see tomorrow,
Tell them pages to turn away,
give me the light,
and ill make you stay,
cause everybody just want somebody to love,
and see that every passing moment was a big mistake,
so everything i said was all to you,
let me show me show you that i love you,
with a song or two,
melody made by me and you,
she said i dont need another,
i'll be your woman,
and i said,were 15 , but lets love like were older,
love me like we're sober,
you were my love drug,
hooked on you like allday,
better than sugar or syrup,
right here ill stay,
kissin your face,
and tell you goodnite,
we can meet any place,
im sure god will say,
you two are alrite,
Through The Trees.

"Too Desperate"


                                                       "Too Desperate"
                                BY Arcassin Burnham

Do you wonder why,
i be around you all the time,
from the butterflies,
to the bird and the bees,
cant find a finner line,
between you and me,
but i fly through the trees,
dark clouds,
and rain falls,
and evaporate,
over and over,
to see the cycle,
do the love i have for you is real,
or do i stalk you enough,
all i wanna do is just chill,
not lock you down,
are you feeling us,
or am i too desparate,
i love the feeling that your feeling,
when your feeling restless,
but am i still too desparate,
when i know everything about ya,
but you dont know,
so i just be nervous and hide from ya,
i am Too Desparate.

"The U-N-B-O-R-N Kiss" MAY 30TH - Poetry Listing


                                                    The U-N-B-O-R-N Kiss
                                          COMING MAY 30

                                                01.Tori's Waiting
                                                02.<3 Pt.1
                                                03.EmO Gurl
                                                04.Lov G.O.O.D (A Hugger)
                                                05.Golf st.
                                                06.Fool To Your Soul
                                                07.<3 Pt.2
                                                08.Racist Parents (Hateful)
                                                09.GREEN Place
                                                10.Dance Nite
                                                11.Hugs For All (She Thought)
                                                12.A GurL That LoveD Jesus
                                                13.No One
                                                14.<3 Pt.3
                                                15.IGNORED For Awhile
                                                16.See Through
                                                17.We Still Talk (Angels)
                                                18.EmotiC Love
                                                19.IN Four Months
                                                20.IM Here Toria (3 Hearts)
                                                21.I Should Have Kissed Her
                                                22. The One

                                                COMING SOON MAY 30TH

Monday, January 21, 2013

"Riverside TO Holly" (Snippet)


                                   "Riverside TO Holly" (Snippet)
                                         BY ARCASSIN BURNHAM            

....... I Bet you know i would,
i neva wanna change my mind,
but im just hopin that you understood,
that lovin you , is only just a waste of time,
so im starin at the ocean,
or the lake at sunrise park,
green bike and mind full of skully parts,

Saturday, January 19, 2013

"Poetic Lovers (You And I)"

                                      "Poetic Lovers (You And I)"
                 By Arcassin Burnham

Days with you,
Are So Joyous,
you and me,
Our Love Newly
or poison,
Together forever,
thats what we live by,
through any climate of the weather,
For you,
ill never say goodbye,

Your downloaded,
not a free-trial,
i feel so happy,
everytime i put your number on my phone,
that i dial,
girl i wanna be around you,
like flower and some soil,
kiss your neck,
makin your blood boil,

The One For me,
our love is scarless,
be all in your fantasy,
with you to the fears,
im fearless,
Two teens with the same mind,
actin loosly,
xoxo dont you mind,
So glad that you chose me.

Friday, January 18, 2013

"Lock On (Ur Love)"

                                                   "Lock On (Ur Love)"
                            BY ARCASSIN BURNHAM

Throw Away the key for me,
Throw Away the key for me,
Deer moving across the woods
of their feet hitting the ground,
and taking all contol and moving freely,
I touch your skin
across your face,
and make everything worth while,

"The Affair (Love U)"


                                                  "THE AFFAIR (LovE u)"
               BY ARCASSIN BURNHAM

you like to make an intrance,
til further notice,
Everything is suspence,
Love like flyin lotus,

It just days ago,
when it was me you noticed,
beautiful friut in a red bowl,
but you were the one that was chosen,

The weather was growin cold,
still remember your christmas lights,
that u hung on your wall,
with a bunch of pictures (Old)

Im glad its my heart that you stole <3.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

"Broken Virgin Pt.1"

                                                            "BrokeN VirgiN"
                                        BY ARCASSIN BURNHAM

She was a freshmen,
a shy little teen,
just waitin for since of direction,
life-long lesson,
but that was all in between,
she just had no room to question,

Grew up alittle and,
got her a boy,
that time ran out with the capsule full of sand,
i guess he was the choise,

Her mother never liked him,
but she saids that she dont know,
they love that they share quite grim,
mother and daughter relations never showed,

she was smartest and cutest,
i guess thats why all the girls hated her,
her attitude was ruthless,
but they could never deal with her,

kissin in the hall when nobody's around to see,
taking it a step further,
only to find a place to do what was easy,
to him,
but not to her..........................

"Through The Trees" (Snippet 2)

                                               "Through The Trees" (Full Version)
                                                         BY ARCASSIN BURNHAM

She said , i dont need another,
i'll be your woman,
and said , were 15 , but lets love like were older,
love me like we're sober,
you were my love drug,
hooked on u like allday,
better than sugar or syrup,
right here ill stay,

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

"Somebody's Gurl" (Full Version)


                                                     "Somebody's Gurl"
                             (Full Version)
                                                          BY ARCASSIN BURNHAM

Butterflies and lakes,
into the love gate,
i could probably relate,
But it cannot be replace,
but she just think that me and him are in a race,
im glad im in first place,

She is my dream to see,
shes the gurl for me,
shes my history,
take my hand and we'll run to the stream,
like bella and edward,
fantasy teens,
kissin in the water,
is it still a dream?,
Your someone elses gurl,
this is something i cant redeem.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

"New Year's Kiss (Of The One I Didnt Get)"

                                                    "NEW YEARS KISS (of the one didnt get)"
                                                              BY ARCASSIN BURNHAM

I hate the fact that every love got the chance,
to kiss on the swing,
or in the park holding hands,
All i know is didnt get the chance,

I know my love was waiting,
but i let her down,
looking out the car window,
only to see a couple,
all i know is i hate it now,

i guess i missed my new years kiss again,
heres the devil smiling hopin that it neva ends,
only to miss locking lips,
with the one i didnt get,
all i know is i missed my kiss.

Friday, January 11, 2013

"Dance Nite" - The U-N-B-O-R-N Kiss coming soon mAY 30th

                                                            "Dance Nite" - First Single

Shadows Fade,
because of those strobe lights,
Everybodys dancing,
in THe meadows,
i Guess their Feeling rite,
Beautiful dress of the girl i was with,
But not as beautiful as you,
Grey dress , with the black vans,
Wanted to slow dance with you,
Jirations that you did,
didnt even make since,
it was hot,
i can admit it,
My intensions,
WE all danced
You stood alone alittle,
Me and you took glances,
you laughed alittle,
you could call it tickle,
But all and all we had a g.o.o.d nite,
or maybe part when you said youd think about it,
First Dance Nite,
So Thankful that i went through it.


                                              THE u-N-B-O-R-N KIss Coming may 30th

Monday, January 7, 2013

"Jazz Fingers"

                                                             "JAZZ FINGERS"
                                   BY ARCASSIN B

i notice the way she speaks,
when her words come out,
tellin me how her man cheats,
head up high,
no doubt,

Down to the base,
nothing on ur phone,
so you dont get to see it,
when nobodys home,
Hail mary,
or beautiful as the shine on the chrome,

quit showing me your nervous intentions,
do me a favor,
and just be you,
so i can love you as you sang to the guitar,
ill see you later,
even know im missing you.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

"Too MUCH of conFlict"

                                                   "Too MUCH of conFlict"
                                     BY ARCASSIN BURNHAM

Too much of trouble = horrible places
your not as troubled as they are,
but you still know where ur place is,

Too much of crazy = can drive a man insane,
especially if hes been through alot,
gotta ease his pain,

Too much of love = Wedding dish
you and her fell in love,
but not getting her pregnaut is something that you should have wished,

Too much of depression = rope
besides standing up to all the bullies,
death is what he chose

It just too much....................................................

"Mizz Lady"

                                                           "MIZZ Lady"
                              BY ARCASSIN BURNHAM

aint got nuthing to do with style
i only known you for awhile,
over the years i made you proud,
oh how friends turn to lovers

we could do it till we're married,
theres no room for this weight to carry,
your body looks just so saucy,
teenage love under the covers,

wanna give you all of my time,
i see that look in ur eyes,
we laugh and suprise,
we love eachother,

My Lady
ur my girl and thats all that matters,
see a different type of pattern,
dont want our love to shatter,
MIZZ Lady.

PREVIEW: "Dance Nite" new poem from da new project

                                                           F I R S T  S I N G L E

           This POem Titled "Dance NITE" will be feature on my newest project and is the first single.
                                                  "The U-N-B-O-R-N Kiss"coming IN mAY

"The U-N-B-O-R-N KIss" coming MAY (POSTER 1)