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Thursday, September 22, 2016

"Say What's On Your Mind" (📷by Emptybitxh)

"Say What's On Your Mind"
By Arcassin Burnham

Never shy from the drama but I'd rather take the new pacifist
Guts and glory , not sorry for all the things that you've lost
When you deal without,
I'm so stuck up with changing people's point of views , it's a waste
Even in itself,
I got no room for people in the past that brought me hatred , you
Get no help,

             So tell me what's on your mind right now,
             Do you wanna run from home,
             You wanna be on your own,
             Escaping through warzones,
             Your dad left you alone,
             Is your pedestal so high for life to move on,
             So your thinking now that you're really fit for the throne,
             If anything....
I've recollected the bad memories and learned from everything I've 
Been through,
There's no freedom , no courtesy and no light , every man wanna be
The best dude,
Saying what's on mind cause the fight will begin like the preparation 
Of life,
I was lost but God found me in a sea of sins , time to make it right.

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"Freedom is a must".

- Arcassin B

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