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Thursday, April 30, 2015

"....And Baby I'll Give Ya (Flame)" (ft. Dawn King)

By Arcassin B & dawn king

AB: Flame,
Annihilate Hate by my fire place with a glass of wine,
I can show you things,
Make the roses grow unique and divine,
Even when your out of line,
I'll just ask for you to be you,
In return a simple kiss of a distant lust,
Spilling and spewing purple,
No time now baby I'll give ya,
Rest your head next to mine cause I need ya,
Stay by myself cause baby I'll give ya all of me.
Appeal to the senses, gaze into the blaze
You didn't know before
That's when the fire is kept alive
It will stand right up in front
And read the molten core of you
If eyes can pry deep within its center
Waiting, watching, burning
The vision will begin materialization 
The dancing salamanders you saw in dreams
Of youth forge a bond between you and the truth.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

ARCASSIN B's Harmful Mix

by Arcassin Burnham


Hide n Seek,
Hiding feelings for me so effortless,
I'm engaging on asking to one day get engaged,
if that makes any bit of sense,
I wanna stay inside you heart,
because I'm looking for a place like you,
43rd on elm,
In need to cure my weakness,
although its her,
She can't be tamed,
It needs no name,
peaches reside from the nearest orchid,
Don't know if the large amount of people can be fed the same,
cause I'm looking for a place like you,
yes indeed,
The closer the virtue , the easier the happiness,
here comes the sun,
lay it out on the decks and have some fun,
Fall for the love of the bee and stung,
I'm Seeing stars cause I'm hitting the bong,
I think i found a place like you.


"Joyful Noise"

Rubber Bands i picked out of my hair after knowing it grew a little longer and decide to pull the curtains from the windows,
I'm certain I'll feel a breeze when I Start stepping outside this door but I'll never know which direction the wind blows,
Can You show me?
It must be that time of the month because my sister asked me did i see any of her pads and i just didn't give a reply,
Those are girly things and i distance myself from them , instead of trying to find pads I'd rather die,
Now i mean , its clearly a sunday and church is starting early , if we wanted to go or not then thats our choice,
But i won't sit in there for hours listening to the holy scriptures and watching people chanting their joyful noise.


"Rob­otic Frequencies (Emotion)"

NOT MAny kids have their fathers around,
I'm more human enough to have a heart,
When someone else is down,
And any reason they might say the world will end,
But a hoax will be a hoax if you don't give 100 percent,

So if you ever need something,
I got so much sympathy,
I was always the one to show emotion,


"Most­ Of Em"

Please don't come this way,
I'm wrapped up in embrace,
From distance leaves,
Guess its the fall,
I watched them as they fall,
And also took retreat,
Or maybe I'll just treat....
Myself to a box of decorative cookies,
My mom brought over,
To show her thanks,
And show love when I wasn't looking,
The sign says stop,
But I keep on,
There's no room for people like you,
Rather than to be eradicated,
Lies in my soul,
I'll take it,
Most of em wouldn't but,
Don't  know how the world turns,
Each day.


"Notebook Full Of Wonders Pt.1"

By Arcassin Burnham

Whendaydreams turn to nightmares,
Your mind bleeds a little bit less,
Painful memories,
At least it use to be,
Broken spinal cords,
And plastic ropes have made your enemies,
Make Alice say you have more madness than I do,
And the Hatter Couldn't Believe,
I Could Paint the canvas just the way you want it,
have It Any Which Way,
won't Judge Or choose for you,
Now you depend on desperation to save the day,
But Only god Can judge on A Sunday,
So I Assume Its A Now or Never,
True Soldiers pick roses for their fallen,
Not knowing what they fell into,
what their objective was,
what they were entitled to,
Doubts are not as bad suspicions,
But theres bad blood,
always see to it that you put in a mention,
If Its final of the finessed you want,
you'll get it.

Monday, April 27, 2015


By Arcassin Burnham

Take A Walk with me on the Seaside,
with an Ouce of Delicateness and Such Divine Beauty,
The Place to truly Fall in love,
To Take hearts into the Heart Of brazil,
And Marry without thinking twice about your Brilliant Decision,
Cities where jesus is the most prized possession to Happy Lives,
True to their Lord and savior,
Pretty Women at Every turn,
The city i love dearly,
And wish to Explore and gaze Apon the Glorious..

"Beanies Pt.3 (Green)"

By Arcassin Burnham

{When i wake up will our story be told,
Himalayan rivers couldn't see a better shine,
I would give everything just smell the scent of pine,
And who could stand the test of time,
Now we're all old,}

You might hate me now but you forgot the essence of peace,
wait .. wait! you have a Complicated complex????
I swear the things you say are bat shit insane!!!
so little monsta go away,
Right Back into the closet where you came,
I hope your happy with your seven seconds of fame,
As i put on this beanie , look at the enemy and say......

{When i wake up will our story be told,
Himalayan rivers couldn't see a better shine,
I would give everything just smell the scent of pine,
And who could stand the test of time,
Now we're all old,}

"Discussion (The Same)"

by Arcassin Burnham

When the wine glass breaks, 
I'll Be here,
if the origins in your excistance is denied,
I'll be there,
If rejection is a problem in your life,
I'll be anywhere you want me to be,
becasue eventually you'll have to talk to me,
put your comfort as ease,
places to kick your feet,
relaxation isn't easy,
But i digress,
And i will confess,
For my fessions will end with something shocking,
Nun The less
I could be a sick twisted stranger segragated with mommy and daddy issues,
I could make smoke with my hands , desires and fears will reside in your side view,
Or i could smoke all day and create a regretted decision to throwing my phone in the river,
unknown to a lot people i could never be as popular , but the heat of the moments getting a little thinner,

.....Or Maybe i was born a Sinner,
Theres no use for Repenting if theres no Discussion,
his priorities are elsewhere,
And therefore i remain the silent type to your betrayal,
And this time you'll have no friends in the corners of hell,
I'm Just in the clouds,
cloud 10,
Cause 9 didn't have enough Independence in it,
or bravery,
or freedom of speech,
And when you even text to speech,
I Never get your message,
Thats because i'm busy having Relations with my depression.

05. Too Much Sorrow - (Freebies #1 mEP)

By Arcassin Burnham

Long flowing hair full of deep memories , remedies and ferral galleries,
She has beautiful pictures,
Black and purple hair,
Black lipstick,
Black skirt and collared shirt,
Describing an emotional human being is not easy,
An "emo" as they might say,
Darker than the light in hades eyes ,
The stars just don't seem align for me,
Crying in the bathroom just to let your conscience free,
Freedom wasn't in the question,
Neither was her therapy sessions,
And guidance counselors attention,
No I ain't your blessin',
What do you feel when no ones around,
Who in your life has been lecturing and putting you down,
She Wouldn't Tell Me,
To much sorrow brings death,
Let's just hope your not too crazy,

People find you interesting like Kevin Spacey,

The devils taunting with you,
Telling you , "face me",

Vampire skin,
Very cold and pastey,

I just wish you could trust me enough to tell me.

04. Do You Just Not Recall - (Freebies #1 mEP)

By Arcassin Burnham

Want ,
Nothing to do with you,
I prosper only for happiness,
While you're possessed with greed,
Don't want to listen to you,
Its more than enough to digest,
While thinking I was all you need,
You just not recall,
Someone told me secrets,
Didn't hear them all until now,
In the guilt I hope you slip and fall,
I just couldn't believe it,
I have nothing else to do with you now.

03. Somethin Bout The Way You Lick Your Cherries - (Freebies #1 mEP)

By Arcassin Burnham

Saliva couldn't get any sweeter,
The kisses that she gives are drenched in French tendencies,
Pardon it,
If I say sexual things,
I won't say nothing at all,
As long as there are yellow lines of the road to diamond valley,
I'd be in love with her character,
Infatuation with the smile,
And obsessed with her features,
And although those two words match in one meaning,
Shes Insightful towards my smarts,
Sitting on the patio simply gleaming,
Rubs her hand across her chest for a new Arousal,
I care for you,
About Affection so emotions wouldn't carry,
There's something,
The way,
You lick your,
..... Cherries.

02. Have It - (Freebies #1 mEP)

By Arcassin Burnham

I need an extra dose to cure my sanity,
But the doc was a jerk,
What was real? Losing myself and reality,
So I nearly went bizzerk,
Never bite the hand that feeds,
Memories got put to work,
Who am I to disagree,
On who I know and who knows my worth,
But it was so worth it on esponola street,
Tired of the hurt over writing words,
You can have it.

01. Ballad Of Self-Religious Lake - (Freebies #1 mEP)

By Arcassin Burnham

One mistake,
I won't ,
You had your changes,
And then you left high and dry,
Except the wind wasn't blowing your way,
But I know it played a part in mine,
I could feel your garden being infiltrated,
Nobody couldn't love you like I do,
On the radio a couple of recognizable tunes,
And when you sang,
I guess the wind had a change of heart,
Hair blowing every which way,
Like your soul fell apart,
And I would love you all to pieces,
I told you one day we'd live the golden years,
But not together,
And with children,
Yeah we know our phase,
That song in my head and the lake down the bridge,
Would not change the way I feel about this most exquisite evening,
I know,
You'll be okay,
For tonight,
While your dreaming,
So I put you back whole again,
Now you're back in my arms again

Sunday, April 26, 2015

"Better Fate"

By Arcassin Burnham

Writer's Block because the cigarettes weren't enough,
Hormones Raging Like the holy Canibus,
(Maybe what i wish i had)
its a terror to be uncertain about where your fate lies,
Like the continuous Loop that everybody talks about,
Staring at a pair of Cleavage could get you starry eyed,
But For the moment you snap out of it you realize,
How are we Suppose to bring a baby in this world with no money,
We look Back at The Pregnancy scare and think we didn't end up like them,
It just makes the Situation More funny,
Just know i love you And I Care about your life babe,
And Yeah! you told me countless times you'll do the same babe,
I just think as bitter sweet teens we should be able to have a better fate.

Saturday, April 25, 2015


Arcassin Burnham

You might have the friends,
Nice clothes,
A car,
Athletic status to where no one can reach your scale,
While my world ends,
Doors close,
Nowhere to start,
Spending money countless times to get out of this hell,
Made it through highschool all 3 years,
While I never made it to even 10th grade,
No one makes fun of your fears,
I have to just go through the pain,
Calling me a faget and scary,
While the cute girls find you attractive and pretty,
You should appreciate all that you have,
Instead of taking it for granted and getting people to do your dirty work and picking on people while you're in your posse,
I'd rather be,
Just me,
That's why I prepared for every contingency,
So when you throw shade at me,
Throw it,
And sincerely from me to you,
Childish and petty,
I feel sorry for your future,
No money for spaghetti,
Picking on the less fortunate,
Will get you unfortunately revoked,
And the person you picked on before is cutting checks and going at your throat,
You gotta love it,
How the tables turn so broad,
Let's see you rise above it,
Please! I'm waiting.


by Arcassin Burnham

#i'd be there for you,
#love you,
#marry you,
#embrace every aspect of your personality,
#but i won't stand for,
#your inconsiderate attitude,
#about the way i do things,
#we're done.


By Arcassin Burnham

All of your,
School years,
All poured into a glass of a life once lived ,
And now.........
Maybe there were some things you wish you could give,
But too late for anyone to receive,
Before that day,
Your memories we will forever speak.

Friday, April 24, 2015

"C-A-R-R-I-E White"

By Arcassin Burnham

A girl with a forgotten purpose,
Dealing with demons,
Creatures that can't be tamed,
I guess she was the one to blame,
Every day was a "let's get Carrie white day",
And everybody was apart of it,
The harassment and the bullying,
Can only drive a young beautiful daffodil like her to rotten plant,
Where the sun don't shine,
Bleeding and crying,
" plug it up""plug it up",
Can't even imagine a worst reality,
Or how she must of felt,
Or when she came from home,
Knowing she would be alone,
In the situation with her crazy psychotic mother,
Even when she wasn't at work,
She would pase back and forth,
Walk around,
And plunder,
Not knowing her daughter has a lot of power,
Controlled erges to not move things with her mind,
Mothers rambles about Satan,
Made it all seem worthless,
"People will trick you,
Make you think they love you,
And for what!".,
But instead of listening to her mother,
And putting on different covers,
No one she wanted to love,
Mom kept carving cuts,
I can't even imagine how you use to feel Carrie,
I was In your 3rd period , you don't remember Carrie,
The quite one with the hoodie on Carrie,
The one that hated when people would disgrace your name Carrie,
Thought you were beautiful in every way Carrie,
I hated how they treated and neglected you Carrie,
The kind hearted person that you were Carrie,
Is more room and all the time I need for us Carrie,
155th day of school , couldn't believe that you died Carrie,
I heard what happen that night Carrie,
I wasn't there because I didn't have a date if I would of had the courage swear it would have been our night Carrie,
Our night Carrie,
I know I didn't know you for very long,
I miss you Carrie white.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Freebies #1 mEP poetry listing

"Unknown #4"

By Arcassin Burnham

Third-eye horses,
Noble steeds,
told god,
I'll give the seed,

Third-eye horses,
Noble steeds,
Told god,
I'll give the seed,

I cried for days,
To hear you breathe,
There's nothing left,
But ash and leaves,
I'll come back,
Don't go back on your words,
Never came,
So words severely hurt,
Never had a chance,
Knew danger from a glance,
Everything tooken from me,
But you just took a stand,

Third-eye horses,
Noble steeds,
Told god,
I'll give the seed,

I had you at hello,
Then it was yes indeed,
But when you saw my past,
You said you wouldn't leave,
(..................But You Did..................)

Friday, April 17, 2015

"Admired By Thousands"

"Admired By Thousands"
by Arcassin Burnham
Basket full of open doors,
Spitting image of asexual roses,
Washing away the sins kept in prayer,
Enjoying paradise,
Returning to the beauty that you’ve always been,
Suppertime in the midnight hour,
Not a right time to say I’ve seen ignorance at its coldest,
Like the saying that all humans have layers,
Unless bruised knees are kept in ice,
Don’t worry about the less passionate just look within,
Last minute discussions more like hang-ups,
All I want is cooperation from people that believe,
Forgetting where my soul went,
Then creates having lost ones self-respect,
But the emotions set to overcrowd and ……
……Perfect lack of stamina,
You want signs, but its messages that you receive,
Sitting in a room with four walls and the hours that you spent,
The only time you really have to accept and recollect,
To be admired by thousands.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

13.Every Summer - (Welcome Home mEP)

"Every Summer"
by Arcassin Burnham
(Every summer)You can expect bits pieces of my heart to connect together,
(Every summer)
I wanna see you with a sparkling yellow dress, in the time of this perfect weather,
(Every summer)
Kisses will all be unexpected , shadows on glowing rivers,
(Every summer)
Cosmos in a nacho full of cheese , it couldn't get more clearer,

I would love your arms around me,
And round they go,
I can feel every piece of matter,
Crooked teeth,
I'll never let mine or your features go,
You love me for me,
And every summer I will save a spot for you and me.

12.Hang Heavy - (Welcome Home mEP)

"Hang Heavy"
by Arcassin Burnham

What is it that you see in my eyes,
Can you reach me?
Soulless soulmates perish at the sight of failure,
Are we enemies in disguise,
Are you kidding me?
I'm sorry but I fell in love tonight,
1+1 is 2,
But I just can't put my lovin on you,
All my Lovin on you,
Showering all over you,
Let your sorrow hang heavy,
When the rent is due,
For that you gotta pay,
No second chances,
There were rules,
But since you broke em,
I praise you,
So let it hang,
Just let it hang,
Talking in 3rd person,
I went insane.

11.Want More - (Welcome Home mEP)

"Want More"
by Arcassin Burnham
Has it been a year already,
Have I clean out the office in my mind already,
Have I seen the ruthlessness of my ways,
Or maybe I just didn't see better days,
I wish I had the moments that I craved,
In time,
So frequent , I lay awake,
Has it been a year already,
Am I turning 18 in couple of months,
Seems like only yesterday I grew facial hair,
Maybe i'm obsessed about my memories,
Even the good people in it plus my enemies,
Remenise about the moments that I craved,
In time,
I'm potent , make no mistakes,
I just want more in life.

10.Her Return - (Welcome Home mEP)

"Her Return"
by Arcassin Burnham
That smile,
Those eyes,
You could make a blind man realize
His purpose in this world,
The beauty in you resurrects me,
Plastic genocide purple roses with the red thorns,
Demon gardens couldn't keep me away,
From tasting your warm embrace,
Kissing your gorgeous face,
Embracing your life,
And extra love just in case,
We stare deeply into each others ya know....
We kiss for hours with no sign of the world and the people in it,
I needed you to be my everything,
I have you back,
And now Moms don't know why I kept smiling,
With joy,
Needed you in my life to fill the void,

09.Heard That Lately - (Welcome Home mEP)

"Heard That Lately"
by Arcassin Burnham
Wine cooler out the fridge I just poored it in a cup,
I know you've been having second thoughts asking me questions like I'm giving up,
But not on you,
Can't get enough of you,
Would travel south for you,
On a bus right now for you,
Too many people are not fond of you,
Depression kicked in hard like a flying locomotive,
Physical deaths make my stomach turn,
No, I do not know what is your motive,
Turn around and smiled,
Lesson learned,
Have you by any chance heard of that lately,
Too many blankets will do you greatly,
Bet you'll feel comfy tonight.

08.the Atmosphere Of it All - (Welcome Home mEP)

"the Atmosphere Of it All"
by Arcassin Burnham
Good intent,Flowers growing from the ground when you lift a finger,
Are you magic or just heaven sent,
with a sick twist in the back of your mind is redder than hell's grip,
Your love is not be paid for,
No open wounds or burdens,
but you'll be the only I'd die for,
If you're angry enough to knock down those endings,
but the moon is full,
and my hands are covering faces,
shadows collide with affection with a drizzle of lips,
the atmosphere,
is nice out here,
When I'm kissing you,
Need to shed your tears,
I'm here.

07.Lust Riddim - (Welcome Home mEP)

"Lust Riddim"
by Arcassin Burnham
I can show you,
Even sex,
Young and restless female,
Maybe I could touch your skin a little,
Back scratching brings painful beauty in so many measures,
Let's Explore.

06.When I Fall - (Welcome Home mEP)

"When I Fall"
by Arcassin Burnham
Breaking rules in suspicion,
Didn't know you,
|  recognized |
I payed attention,
Asking questions,
I adore you,
|       Loved.       |
Calling your name,
When I fall for you,
|   Affection.   |
In order for this evening to maintain,
Is if you let me love you.

05.Blue & Pink Butterflies - (Welcome Home mEP)

"Blue & Pink Butterflies"
by Arcassin Burnham
By Arcassin Burnham

Flustering hair in the wind,
Better than sitting around getting high all day,
Red lipstick on the lips,
You look so divine,
The females like it when I know everything about them,
That sparkle when you smile,
The rise of a brow when your excited,
Hide your face in your palms when your shy,
Things in this world couldn't be any more artist,
Even your features inspire me to draw 250 different blue and pink butterflies,
Monday through Friday I see your stress,
You say ,
I pull you from that reality,
Guess you needed someone smart to tell you the truth and all this mess,
I can just see them flying now......

04.The Witch Fan Club - (Welcome Home mEP)

"The Witch Fan Club"
by Arcassin Burnham
Earth , wind , fire , water,
Give you the shirt off my back in the winter,
Perform our Christmas rituals,
Putting elements in order,
Sweaty skin forms the devils heat,
Running down your cheek,
Its good that we never speak,
Black lipstick,
Our faith in the demons is the promise that I will keep,
Should I say more,
Born sinners and for what !!!!
This world is a sediment,
Its easily breaking,
This world is our egg shell,
Now let's get it cracking,
Now that I need you,
Skin boils when I'm in church,
I mean its a curse,
Tasting you silence like you slept in a hearse.

03.Young X - (Welcome Home mEP)

"Young X"
by Arcassin Burnham
Sit you in a blank space,
With a soulless look,
So you'll look back on your past,
And tell me what you've been through,
Showing incredible desires even I can't fathem,
Ruthless as the pit in the backyard,
That my friends would tell me the devil would come out of every now and then,
Oh ! How peers come keep a young kid dreaming,
If you believe in what you see,
Then I guess seeing is believing,
What is even real anymore,
PCP or meth which one did you take,
We're closing the doors,
The days are dead,
Your silence is clear,
I'm thinking ahead of a metaphor,
What could it be,
Issued statements to the 20th degree,
Humm I see what you mean,
If the meaning Is correct,
Your young and as ruthless as me.

02.~Shade~ - (Welcome Home mEP)

by Arcassin Burnham

As long as your alive,
There are no limits to your determination,
I'm so sorry,
Is it my bad?
Excuse my incorrections,
Without no hesitation,
I don't mind a little bit of envy,
For my mistakes,
Then later realize that I can't relate,
To the same mistakes,
You unfortunately made,
Its safe to say,
You have your ways,
Of throwing shade,
With no clean slates,
But a clean plate,
Of broken days,
Children's arcades,
You gave out shade,
You gotta Pay.

01.Four Walls - (Welcome Home mEP)

"Four Walls"
by Arcassin Burnham
By Arcassin Burnham

It would make sense,
Not seeing faces,
Not being good with other faces,
But possess open spaces,
Grew up enough to know how to tie my shoe laces,
Four walls are around me,
But I just keep pacing,
Make myself look presentable,
Cause when I get released its mutual,
And even though its not missable,
To me being apprehensible,
Four walls are surrounding,
Sitting against one of em,
Just sitting,
Alter the past and take back what I did,
Expecting me to give up and fall again,
Accepting the bad times I get,
More than I can give,
If you're expecting unretaliation,
Your sadly mistaken.