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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

"Well" (Snippet)

By Arcassin Burnham the bible that i keep,
never tending to care,
like the shirt say,
loading all my progress there,
i feel so lazy today,
i dont care,
why you gotta stare,
make you wanna jump down a flight of stairs,
crazy as i come ,
crazy as i go,

"Before You Get Here"

"Before You Get Here"
By Arcassin Burnham

Before you get here,
i just want to know what your thinking,
if you were sunt here,
from heaven,
for you to be my dear,
half past eleven ,
just to see you tonight,
try different things to get a kiss tonight,
giving you some memory you wouldnt miss tonight,
its teen love,
i'll just pretend to hug you until you get here,
Before you get here,
New beginnings will take place,
no time for basic fear,
when you get here.


BY Arcassin Burnham

Hoping to get a new start
just to find my purpose,
dont know what it is,
but it seems so worth it,
am i worth it,
Hanging our memories,
on your wall,
or you can choose to forget,
just know our friendship will fall,
thats something i cant live with,
are you proud of it?
2014 will be the curtain call,
putting aside my old self,
eventhough ive been through it all,
its time to end it my self,
no help,
so take this as a lesson,
towards your resolution,
this is not me bragging,
time for my evolution,
ill prove it.

"Shooting Stars (Your Good Deeds)" (Snippet)

"Shooting Stars (Your Good Deeds)"
by Arcassin B

..... lead to good moments,
some moments i cant look back on,
but the shooting star wont let me anyway,
so i mite as well just stay home,
and fall astray,
waking up in the middle of the day,
then comes night,
i was the center of her left thigh,
telling i love when she use to cry,
being locked away for good,
cray house.....

"Old Friends"

"Old Friends"
by Arcassin Burnham

How you doing?,
how you been?
is your mom alright?
haven't seen you in awhile,
we use to be like really tight,
until that day we got in a fight,
over a boy that didn't want neither of us,
that lied, cheated and faked us,
we have alot to discuss.
old friend.

Monday, December 30, 2013

"The Moon"

"The MooN"
By Arcassin Burnham

begging you not to leave,
if i say you make me sad,
more than i can concieve,
from the loving that had,
for the missing of my dad,
made me stronger than i was,
but my mind was going mad,
all the letters that i sunt,
left for our future sons,
she said you wont break me,
but girl i need you , your the one,
want you to have my baby,
in the future maybe,
no coffins too soon,
i wont do fine without you baby,
hold me close ill hold you too,
we could stare at the moon

we could stare at the moon,

we could stare at the moon.

Sunday, December 29, 2013

"Hailey Was Here" (Photo By Hailey Smiley)

"Hailey Was Here"
by Arcassin B
(Photo By Hailey S)

shes divine as radient skin,
lovely as the Dandline
beautiful as a rose,
no , she would waste your time,

pretty as a bee,
knowing she wouldnt hurt a fly,
but if you tick her off,
youll see that is a lie,

Anonomous as a single breath,
cute as cutest kitten,
too good for your wealth,
i woudnt say it, if think im kidding.

"2013 (2014 Starting)" (snippet)

"2014 (2014 Starting)" (Snippet)
bY Arcassin Burnham

.....r.i.p to paul walker,
r.i.p to mandela,
memories in our heads are forever,
it was the worst for me,
it was the best for me,
aint nothings worth of me,
for the people that envy me,

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

"In This Place With You 2" (Snippet)

"In This Place With You 2"
by Arcassin B

when you were my girlfriend,
we avoided all the rebels,
said we'd live til the end,
and perished all your troubles,
making you sure you never slip,
and fall in Anothers arms......

"Ready To Watch" (Full Version)

"Ready To Watch"
(Full Version)
by Arcassin Burnham

Videotapes and casetes
i had a heart attack
i stepped in right at the end
it was out of whack
 im ready to watch
now im ready to watch
hoping your alright
how is your mom
ya'll ok
im worried like the other side of the rivers way,
but im ready to watch
now im ready to watch
too many flaws,
to count,
how are you doing ,
have no doubt,
who are you presuing,
on the mission of your doing the horizon,
now im ready to watch.


by Arcassin Burnahm

Different forms to make,
feels like im walking on clouds,
but more to anticipate.

2014 is coming,
and it keeps getting thinner
so no ice skating,

baby powder complex,
with no stains,
was i almost correct.

"Attending To Care" (Snippet)

"Attending To Care"
by Arcassin Burnham

...and screaming,
like do i care,
slurring your words , and all of your meanings,
like do i care,
im a teen ,
so i dont care,
you ruin everything ,
so i dont care,
wasted too much of my time , impressing you,
so i dont care....

Sunday, December 22, 2013


By ArcassiN BurnhaM

you left,
without one,
carried the pit of guilt,
with the devil on your shoulder,
heavy load,
thinking bout the person you left behind,
was it worth it?
you will get yours in time,
for leaving,
for a stupid reason,
battling others and myself,
6 times,
self harm,
like a bomb thats never been disarmed,
you put me to shame,
and then downgraded,
what could he give you,
that i couldnt,
you left without one
ignored it,
life is already bad enough,
and i hate you for it.

" CorriE"



the apple of my eye,
the style in my grace,
a surprise from god,
that beautiful face ,

goodbye to lonliness,
say hello to love,
embrace her happiness,
from the heavens above.

Saturday, December 14, 2013

"Astro Love" (Full Version)

"Astro Love"
(Full Version)
By Arcassin Burnham

baby i wondering,
what you were doing in space,
like the 5th element,
you futuristic face,
the stars couldnt keep me away from embrace,
i love your face,
i love your face,
so when they tried to throw shade,
i hit escape,
i hit escape,
and i don't even know where you came,
but i just wanna know your name,
what were you doing in space,
astro babe,
im starting to adore you,
you put me in a very weird place,
i could never ignore you,
as long as remember your face,
the stars couldnt keep me away from embrace,
i love your face,
i love your face,
so when they tried to throw shade,
i hit escape,
i hit escape,
and i don't even know where you came,
but i just wanna know your name,
what were you doing in space,
astro babe,

"Ready To Watch" (Snippet)

"Ready To Watch"

By Arcassin Burnham

videotapes and casetes
i had a heart attack,
i stepped in right at the end,
it was out of whack,
im now ready to watch,
now im ready to watch,
hoping your alright,
how is your mom,
y'all ok.
im worried like ..................

"Mariya (Possession)"


by Arcassin Bunrham

theres no one higher,
two roses from a coffin in your hair,
smiling at the sun,
hot as a cup of coffee,
my your heart should be on the run,
love unconditional,

reciprocate your love,
dont let anyone take your joy,
but as all of the above,
searched for that perfect boy,
leaving out the reality that like him care,
glances while you stop,
watches while you stare.

Friday, December 13, 2013

"L-O-N-L-E-Y" pOETRY Listing 2014

" L-O-N-L-E-Y "
P O E T R Y  L I S T I N G

01. Land Of Being Alone
02. Soon To be 21
03. Unoticed
04. Turn and Cough
05. Glances She Made
06. When It Came To You
07. October's Ending
08. Tonight Alone
09. Howling At The Moon
10. Life SaveR

Thursday, December 12, 2013


"B-R-E-A-K-UP EP "

P O E T R Y  L I S T I N G

02. Stupid Decision
03. Everything (My Virginity)
04. Brain Damage (Ft. Destiny Lynn Motionless)
05. Full Of Notes
06. Mother Of Mary
07. Another You
08. Now
10. The Art Of Needing Love 

May 2014



i CAN not stand your face,
your number ill erase,
cause i cant take it nomore,
cause i cant take it nomore,

you cheated on me twice,
and now you wanna be nice,
can not be with you nomore,
can not be with you nomore,

cant believed i loved you,
more than what i wanted too,
can not deal with it nomore,
can not deal with it nomore,

i have a habit to love,
and you have a habit of being a scrub,
you hurt me babe
you hurt me babe,

she says i cant believe i loved you
and having habit to love,
but she wasnt there for me,
like you were,
your the only thing ive ever known,
since we were kids,
and i love you,
for as long as i live.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

"Your Shape" (Starring Kira Alexander)

"Your Shape"
by arcassin burnham

give a reason to look at you.

give me A Reason to stare.

give me a reason to love.

And give me a reason to care.

say it aint so , for the money,

say it aint so , for your body,

say aint it so , for you honey,

giving you a reason to lie to me,

your body.

Saturday, December 7, 2013

"Christmas Lights On The Wall"

"Christmas Lights On The Wall"
by Arcassin Burnham

italian lover did i give a good love life,
something you could fight for,
but didnt try,
thought you was someone i adore
today you left me for another,
crashing in my own regret,
reminise  about days and others,
at the time keeping my life in check,
walking to her house all the way from school,
careless faults would doubt her,
i would miss her kisses,
if the sex didn't sprout into a flower,
regret everything,
i was young and foolish,
remember everything as clear as day,
still regret i lost it,
christmas light on her wall,
and a bundle full of pictures,
memories stuck to the wall,
and til this day i still hate her.

Friday, December 6, 2013

"Close Enough"

"Close Enough"
by Arcassin Burnham

wrap your arms around her so she could leave her soul,
hold her tight enough and you could keep her whole,
even though you only knew a couple years ago,
making an honest woman out her, as she grows,
feelings in her head , start to get teary eyed,
all started when cupid was a mastermind ,
as soon as he put his worries away,
love wasnt hard to find,
but it was close enough,
it was what he wanted,
it was what he needed,
it was close enough.

"Chinese LoveR" (Snippet)

"Chinese LoveR"

but looking at it she could have been,
a figment of my destiny,
speaking her language to me ,
in the city of palm coast,
and touching me mentally,
beautiful voice and stylish dresses,

"Pale Face"

"Pale Face"
by Arcassin Burnham

very immature,
your couture,
or a lord,
maybe but before,
you were nothing,
just a simple kid,
didnt know what he was looking for,
use to run down by the shore,
magic playing with the door,
expensive carpets on the floor,
old nanny rots him to his core,
you swore,
you swore,
you swore,'
but before ,
the betrayal ,
you were gay and so lovely,
what a feeling,
not a whore,
you were loyal 
you were true,
you were everything, 
but not until you walked out his door,
he was a prince,
and your the peasant,
dont think that he will sugar coat it,
make it pleasant,
you broke his heart and and took his love,
you will be tested,
when you got apprehended,
their love been ended.