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Monday, July 25, 2016

"Beautiful Eyes 3" (ft. Wendy StarryEyes) (Photo By: Corrie Brown)

"Beautiful Eyes 3" (ft. Wendy StarryEyes)
By Arcassin B & Wendy

**AB**:  Spirits Are kind when you walk their way with virtue,
**WS**: Mysterious twinkles that ignite the soul within you,
**AB**: I tell myself time and time again to not stare directly
Right at you,
**WS**: Burning anothers heart with joy through and through,

**WS**:A depth transparency that trys so hard to hide your mysterious soul.
**AB**: I was afraid you'd show your face today , forever beautiful even
When your old.


As beautiful as the footsteps that Jesus takes turning Grass
Into gold,
I place my thoughts where they were,
Making memories as I crash through the barriers of 
a corrupted Mind, 
I use to fantasise about the color of her eyes,
Struggling to get attention from her God-fearing
Stature and appearance lacking of disfiguration 
Turning all the heads of the football teams that 
Practiced just to get a chance to impress her likeness
In a kind enough "I don't care as long as your a good
Person" type of attitude,
While still inside of my shell I just hope I find the
Exact words the stumble into her heart and her
Mind and her soul letting it behold in shiny colors
Bouncing off aluminum through my bold,
Probably not worthy of her time,
Causing sins under the blue skies,
I got alot on my mind,
Don't want her alone like Caroline,
Just sending shivers down my spine,
Wanna pursue her with all ties,
You're thinking your cool , she will never go for that,
With those beautiful eyes.

Friday, July 22, 2016



By Arcassin Burnham

I slip and fall upon the rabbit hole of diamond valley,
Falling for my love,
Breathing for that one treasurous touch,
Looking for my departed equal,
Sands of time
As quick as the Dickens,
I'm drowning in inner and outer existence, 
Wishing I was alive but im just a talking corpse,
Pinching myself,
Wake Up!!!
Wake Up!!!
My soul is yelling at me,
Telling me what things are important and
What is not,
Sometimes i wish i didnt know.

Sunday, July 17, 2016

"Flame #3"

"Flame #3"
By Arcassin Burnham

**We'll cross a pile of dead rainbows to**
**Make it through the storm**,
**I say a couple of things to you when my** 
**Words are born**
**do I have enough anger to face a woman's**
I'm off today, 
But I can't find my way,
I feel so out of place,
Its just another phase,
Souly not entertained, 
Be more consistent with your mind and your

Don't go messin' with those kids, 
Their Quite snotty,

Happy for the sake of jubilee,

looking for another beam to get to Scotty,
They'll take away your home's and bury your pride and courage 
And make everything your fault,
To keep you worried.

Saturday, July 16, 2016


By Arcassin Burnham

The world's bad enough,
My life is bad enough,
Yours is bad enough,
P.s , life isn't tough,
Cause once you put your trust in the man up stairs,
You'll know just what you get out of it , a palace with
Your peers,
They lack love in the states ,
And everything and everyone has a back story,
So try to ignore the hate,
And they'll over situate the wars,
And starting a new conflict like 9/11 and Paris and Orlando,
I'm making sure I seal all my doors closed, and,
I was skeptical about certain people and wouldn't talk to them,
The life I made for myself was unexpected,
And when shit hit the fan I blamed it all on him,
I souly and utterly regreted it,
Banging in the nails a little bit,
Blaming him for being born,
For going through life blind,
For making coincidental mistakes,
For having mental issues and phobias,
For being black,
For being misunderstood,
For being bullied,
For being betrayed,
For my father leaving me behind like every other 
Bastard child,
For making me wear my heart on my sleeve
And fall in love easily with girl that don't love me,
So I could say things to them like.......


.....I'm so glad,
To be caught
In your love,

The love we have,
I would fight,
For all the above,
All in your love.

Thursday, July 14, 2016

"Young Wonder #1"

"Young Wonder #1"
By Arcassin Burnham

"*Let me be the Muse and the confusion**,
**Riding on a stallion through the pretty green grass**,
**Staying young if we please**,
**Don't want to define the Lord's wishes due to the**
**Beautiful flower crown on the top of the head of**
**A goddess being modest in every aspect of her**
**Life and showing everlasting kindness but me**,
**I've been like this**.....
**Fishing creeks and sundresses fill the ambience**,
**Smelling fresh scents of lavender and smoked wood**,
"*No forest fires in the place that we call home and pour**
**Our hearts out in to jars and burry them underneath the ground**
**With all the other broken dreams that hasn't broke the**
**Jars from within side for all of these problems that we**
**Posses will be in flying Columbines**,
**You pick and choose the destiny** , **God's testing your fate**,
**We lack some empathy but what's not allowed is hate**,
**Follow me**.

Sunday, July 10, 2016

"A War That Will Maybe Come... / Do That"

"A War That Will Maybe Come"
By Arcassin Burnham

Fed up and in a bad place,
These aren't just emotions of anger and regret for 
The situation at hand and the problems
That they are trying to reflect on america to start
Something we could not come back from,
Race wars,
Afraid to ride my bike down the street 
Because of racism,
Afraid to date Caucasian girls because of racism,
Afraid to be black but proud,
Because of racism and these crooked white cops
That hide behind badges like cowards and pick away piece by piece at
The people that hasn't started any war since the assassination of
Martin Luther,
Any rule you abide by in law,
They'll still shoot ya,
And make it seem like you struggled or make it seem like
You tried to grab the gun from the holster and fight your way out,
"I'm not resisting ,.,... Stop shoving me , stop punching me , you
Fucking prick!!!!!",
Naughty by nature , but my mannerism's heaven sent,
When will these cops (pigs),
Stop killing our people and making families moarn,
We're all created by God , so why do y'all just leave people
RAmericaPeace with love and prayers to my brown skin angels,
It's bad enough with black on black crime at every angle,
Y'all fucking up!!!
Protest , peace treaties , Misunderstood riots,
Using this against us ------> " You Have The Right To Remain Silent",
FUCk That!!!!! 
Yelling to the world that the Justice system is biased,
What's drakest must come to light , well the future's at its brightest,
I love all races , I have white friends,
I wonder would Jesus come When the world ends,
But can't end it with a race war,
I'm ready to spread the word if you are,
Doing it for the kids and the poor.