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Friday, March 27, 2015


By Arcassin Burnham

Bless the world,
And everything in it,
Although we live in the land of evil,
Which I don't get til this day.
Because if god wants us to pray,
And wants us to be okay,
They put us into a work of destruction and false artistry,
Not rebelling,
Wishing there was something to prove,
Where was your god when the devil possessed you,
Don't know where my fate lies,
Or where it even laid at,
For things that we can't control on his earth is what we have to get judged for in heaven,
But you allowed it!!,
Not rebelling,
But clearly clarifying,
That life is truly not fair indeed,
That all the clarity,
And hope and dreams,
Will be discreet,
And the evil wins again,
Who do you believe?

"Unknown #3"

By Arcassin Burnham

Heal my scars,
Don't let me down,
True colors in a textbook is what I found,
I also found,
That you can not be trusted,
Lie too much,
When you say trust is what you thrive on,
Not the first time,
We've all Been let down before,
Now you need somebody's grave that you could smile on,
Well it won't be mine,
I figured I'd take the time,
To tell you,
That you'll need me when the pay is due,
You decide weather or not you want it to work with us,
I'll be waiting,
Concentrating on the one thing you care about,
My guesses are,

Thursday, March 26, 2015

"Troubled Teen #1"

by Arcassin Burnham

Toilet paper stuffed in her bra,
too much insecurity,
not enough of the real her,
and always wants to be the center attention,
hope you wrapped your head around those books here girl,
all your little incidents we care not for it girl, 

trying to be the kids that are popular,
be in the spotlight,
15 minutes of fame,
will not get you an awarding Oscar,
nobody is perfect , that's the way it goes girl,
being on your own is always best girl,.

"Do Tell"

By Arcassin Burnham

Tell me,
That your palms lay cold on my forehead,
Is there somewhere you belong,
Is there a place in my heart,
I longed for the day that you'd tell me...
...that this is right where it begins,
Knowing damn well it all starts within,
Take turns,
Or turn tables,
Noones talking about furniture,
Can we at least pretend like we're in love,
Heart bleeding,
Can't you see it's murder,

Tell me all your secrets,
Tell me all your secrets, I'll just notify the reason,
But this is just too decent,
Not different from what you done is recent,
I wanna be your guide,
I mean your guy,
Do tell she said. gental okay.

"Never Heard From Her"

By Arcassin Burnham

I miss you,
And when I miss you,
Its not,
Just a miss , or worry , or care,
Or a concern,
You're the best,
I'm the worst,
But by chance,
you just made my night,
Never heard from you,
Or your mom,
Or your brother,
In awhile,
Made me laugh,
Made me smile,
It was accurate,
It was reality,
When we were together,
Good morning,
I guess mistakes were made,
Then we dry our eyes,
Put on the vans,
I kiss your face,
Made you blush,
Hide your face,
I hid under your bed,
The cutest face I ever seen,
First person I ever loved,
And gave my virginity to,
Wanted us to never end,
Its like you had all the answers to my questions,
You sat on cloud nine with me,
I can't get over you,
And if I do,
Then I want someone just like you,
To kiss and touch like you,
You knew me well enough to do those things,
And get me excited,
If you know what I mean,
I miss you.

Monday, March 23, 2015

"D-a-r-l-a Pt.3"

By Arcassin Burnham

Physically, metaphorically, and emotionally,
You capture me,
Miss Darla,
My friends use to call you starla,
Cause you did shine,
Didn't waste any time,
I pity the next fool that hurts you,
Desperate for your love,
Black roses in the rivers is what your thinking of,
Oh I see,
I flow potent,
To keep the Demons from sneaking into the gate,
As beautiful as you are,
Never cared about the warm embrace of death,
Running your mouth,
When your drunk,
When your friends take you out,
Subsequently induced to your alcoholic lips on my skin,
Light side when your sober but dark side when you sin,
I still love you Darla,
You know that,
I hope you do,
Let the angels carry you,
And see that things are not totally true.