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Monday, April 27, 2015

05. Too Much Sorrow - (Freebies #1 mEP)

By Arcassin Burnham

Long flowing hair full of deep memories , remedies and ferral galleries,
She has beautiful pictures,
Black and purple hair,
Black lipstick,
Black skirt and collared shirt,
Describing an emotional human being is not easy,
An "emo" as they might say,
Darker than the light in hades eyes ,
The stars just don't seem align for me,
Crying in the bathroom just to let your conscience free,
Freedom wasn't in the question,
Neither was her therapy sessions,
And guidance counselors attention,
No I ain't your blessin',
What do you feel when no ones around,
Who in your life has been lecturing and putting you down,
She Wouldn't Tell Me,
To much sorrow brings death,
Let's just hope your not too crazy,

People find you interesting like Kevin Spacey,

The devils taunting with you,
Telling you , "face me",

Vampire skin,
Very cold and pastey,

I just wish you could trust me enough to tell me.

04. Do You Just Not Recall - (Freebies #1 mEP)

By Arcassin Burnham

Want ,
Nothing to do with you,
I prosper only for happiness,
While you're possessed with greed,
Don't want to listen to you,
Its more than enough to digest,
While thinking I was all you need,
You just not recall,
Someone told me secrets,
Didn't hear them all until now,
In the guilt I hope you slip and fall,
I just couldn't believe it,
I have nothing else to do with you now.

03. Somethin Bout The Way You Lick Your Cherries - (Freebies #1 mEP)

By Arcassin Burnham

Saliva couldn't get any sweeter,
The kisses that she gives are drenched in French tendencies,
Pardon it,
If I say sexual things,
I won't say nothing at all,
As long as there are yellow lines of the road to diamond valley,
I'd be in love with her character,
Infatuation with the smile,
And obsessed with her features,
And although those two words match in one meaning,
Shes Insightful towards my smarts,
Sitting on the patio simply gleaming,
Rubs her hand across her chest for a new Arousal,
I care for you,
About Affection so emotions wouldn't carry,
There's something,
The way,
You lick your,
..... Cherries.

02. Have It - (Freebies #1 mEP)

By Arcassin Burnham

I need an extra dose to cure my sanity,
But the doc was a jerk,
What was real? Losing myself and reality,
So I nearly went bizzerk,
Never bite the hand that feeds,
Memories got put to work,
Who am I to disagree,
On who I know and who knows my worth,
But it was so worth it on esponola street,
Tired of the hurt over writing words,
You can have it.

01. Ballad Of Self-Religious Lake - (Freebies #1 mEP)

By Arcassin Burnham

One mistake,
I won't ,
You had your changes,
And then you left high and dry,
Except the wind wasn't blowing your way,
But I know it played a part in mine,
I could feel your garden being infiltrated,
Nobody couldn't love you like I do,
On the radio a couple of recognizable tunes,
And when you sang,
I guess the wind had a change of heart,
Hair blowing every which way,
Like your soul fell apart,
And I would love you all to pieces,
I told you one day we'd live the golden years,
But not together,
And with children,
Yeah we know our phase,
That song in my head and the lake down the bridge,
Would not change the way I feel about this most exquisite evening,
I know,
You'll be okay,
For tonight,
While your dreaming,
So I put you back whole again,
Now you're back in my arms again

Sunday, April 26, 2015

"Better Fate"

By Arcassin Burnham

Writer's Block because the cigarettes weren't enough,
Hormones Raging Like the holy Canibus,
(Maybe what i wish i had)
its a terror to be uncertain about where your fate lies,
Like the continuous Loop that everybody talks about,
Staring at a pair of Cleavage could get you starry eyed,
But For the moment you snap out of it you realize,
How are we Suppose to bring a baby in this world with no money,
We look Back at The Pregnancy scare and think we didn't end up like them,
It just makes the Situation More funny,
Just know i love you And I Care about your life babe,
And Yeah! you told me countless times you'll do the same babe,
I just think as bitter sweet teens we should be able to have a better fate.

Saturday, April 25, 2015


Arcassin Burnham

You might have the friends,
Nice clothes,
A car,
Athletic status to where no one can reach your scale,
While my world ends,
Doors close,
Nowhere to start,
Spending money countless times to get out of this hell,
Made it through highschool all 3 years,
While I never made it to even 10th grade,
No one makes fun of your fears,
I have to just go through the pain,
Calling me a faget and scary,
While the cute girls find you attractive and pretty,
You should appreciate all that you have,
Instead of taking it for granted and getting people to do your dirty work and picking on people while you're in your posse,
I'd rather be,
Just me,
That's why I prepared for every contingency,
So when you throw shade at me,
Throw it,
And sincerely from me to you,
Childish and petty,
I feel sorry for your future,
No money for spaghetti,
Picking on the less fortunate,
Will get you unfortunately revoked,
And the person you picked on before is cutting checks and going at your throat,
You gotta love it,
How the tables turn so broad,
Let's see you rise above it,
Please! I'm waiting.