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Sunday, August 30, 2015

"Unknown #11"

"Unknown #11"

By Arcassin Burnham

Filling stadiums with crooks and rapist,
Draw the sky red,
Turn to crispy fred,
Say your not real I am instead,
Of the loses and the pain,
If you lose you'll win again,
Ripping flesh,
Can't deal with the strain,
And while I'm drained , hope that you'll maintain,
To be the main leader,
Of this sick and twisted mind game,
That we play constantly everyday,
Thanking for good food we receive,
Praying everyday to gain consciousness,
And while we think that will be answered,
We just sit and wait,
Only to know our lord will never hope to save,
I'm not a rebel against my lord and savior,
I'm just inspiring young kids with the talents that he gave.

Monday, August 24, 2015

"Love Is Old , Love Is New"

"Love is old , Love is new"

By Arcassin Burnham

The electricity of your smile covered
In Golden seeds,
I'll be sure that everything will be alright,
Wind blowing in grass fields,
5 dollar pizza deals,
We sure had a great night,
But if i sacrifice my heart in your ritual
Of being true to me,
It will be groovy , it'd be out of sight,
Drive me crazy , my skin I'll peel,
Its your heart I wanna steal,
This drawing of you looks pretty right?!!
For all of my soul prospers,
Trying to avoid the coppers,
Wars, dying , people screaming,
In the smoke with all the choppers,
You were right there waiting for me to save you,
The discontinuation will not ever prosper,

All of our memories are out today,
Blasting in the face creativity,
Pretty shallow but I'd say it's actually quite,
The sunset shining in the grass fields,
In my bed , I always liked the way you feel,
Will I go to bed again? I might,
Beautiful blessings in the ways we move
And creep,
For the cause , wouldn't put up a fight,
Kissing your lips , we love to seal,
The padlocks that are made of fine steel,
As long as I see you in sight,
**love is old**
**love is new**
**love is old**
**me and you**
We're gonna live a happy life,
And If I have to be a heart-strucked immigrant,
I swear I'll put it right.

Monday, August 17, 2015

13. What's Next? - (What's Next mEP)

13. What's Next?

By Arcassin Burnham

Praying that my grandfather gets back
On his feet,
I'm 18 now so fuck a light buzzing near
A street,
Paying more attention to my studies
More than my worries,
I'm feeling very godly,
Someone should write a fabled story,
About me,
What's next for me?
We'll see,
But for now I'll just be me
Killing with kindness,
Neglecting the shine,
Swear it's not easy to be me,
People wanna disgrace me,
Family just wanna hold me back,
Fuck everybody
What's important is what's next for me.

12. Secondary Me / Relate To You - (What's Next mEP)

12. Secondary Me / Relate To You

By Arcassin Burnham

Less strength,
That was me and all that,
Swear I don't know the length,
Of the life I possess and lived for 17 years,
Dying alone is now my newfound fear,


A fear that burns me ,
Stains me,
Rearranges my soul inside of me,
Trying to master my chi,
Loyalty is dead,
But I wish I could be just like you,
Give us lord our daily bread,
Assuming to be just like you,
I could have a secondary me,
But I could relate more to you.

11. Crash & Burn - (What's Next mEP)

11. Crash & Burn

By Arcassin Burnham

Little purple specs make a hole in my mind,
Leaking out memories,
Exporting good ones,
And manufacturing bad ones,
Do I ever go insane enough?
Do I ever play the blame game for drama that I can't combust,
So while I rig it to explode,
My suicide won't be in vain,
If I crash and burn it will not be the same,

To much pain to bare,
The pressure lies in her eyes,
Sorrows caving in,
Stress almost took my head off,
And without looking....
Depression crushed me,
Into a gore of shame,
I emerge from my broken bones,
Which means now a broken spirit,
Don't know if my soul still sits,
I sit still only to notice that my dreams could be fulfilled,
As long as I  don't......
Crash & Burn.

10. ~isolation~ - (What's Next mEP)

10. ~isolation~

By Arcassin Burnham

fighting what I can't contain inside,
Stretching my generosity further,
Curious to know when they'll ever arrive,
still in my shell,
Carrying out every plan of defense under my belt,
I'm no champion,
No protector,
No provider,
No savior,
Cause my savior,
Our Savior,
Doesn't save anyone,
Throwing us into the field of evil in many ways,
And then isolated me,
From seeing better days.

09. To Tell You - (What's Next mEP)

09. To Tell You

By Arcassin Burnham

Like trying to the get the blessing of a Korean family,
Like trying to catch a cab with only two dollars,
To tell you that I told you so,
Weeeelll I told you so,
Like putting You college fund into a new car,
Like entering American idol as a failing star,
To tell you that I told you so,
Weeeelll I told you so,

I was looking at a fair trade,
I was looking,
I was looking,
I would never have a maid,
But a cold glass of minute made,
Wait just a second,
I was looking for some better days,
Get it!