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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

"Keep Killing Blacks"

By Arcassin Burnham

Picking us off one by one....

Treyvon never got to have a son,
The federals laughing in our face,
They Think they won,
Two Arizona's but I only need one,
And ya had they life taken by just a gun,
For my fellow black people,
And for the hateful people painting the world with blood,
This wouldn't be a sequel,
Like fuck!?!
We still no longer equal,
Why y'all gotta be so evil,
Can't you just leave us in shambles,
But y'all just wanna know what's real,
So instead of protect and serve,
Y'all wanna just wanna judge and kill,
Should I take a stand?
I will,
Are they plotting?,
Get folkes like us to squeal,
I mist of what's to come,
It maybe trouble our futures,
No young black kid should die like that,
Or be on the run,
Like their framing middle schoolers,
Ferguson was no exception,
Now the fed will learn they lesson,
We tired of loosing the ones we love,
Because of their descriptions,
We just wanna live,
To the fullest on fleek,
But if this bullshit keep happening,
We will no longer be free,
And thats real.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

"Pure" (ft. Elizabeth Squires)

"Pure" (Ft.Elizabeth Squires)
By Arcassin and Elizabeth


Flowers blossom,
And sky is bluer than the ocean,
And although it reflects,
We can never witness the motion,
Swimming in the sea of forgotten dreams,
To let go bad memories,
Holy treasons the enemy,
Over lapping actuality,


Take the beauty of purity,
God's pristine waters, 
And cleanse the betrayals trace,
A new beginning for our world,
The dreams of past days again recalled,,
In this our florid wonderland,
Indigo streams bringing,
Divinity unto man,


Desires to be rulers of the land,
But not enough cargo on the ship,
Tracing footsteps back to endeavors,
Gods creations like wool and leather,
There will be a forever,
Sweat pouring from your head,
And little red slippers,
theres No place like home,


Come together all of planet, 
Let one design be in mind, 
Share and share alike, 
Make of God's realm on Earth,
A perfect reside of care,
Toil for the hearth's fold, 
Put to bed the weighty anchor, 
Of man's disloyal fife,


And when it all has reached its peak,
A set to sight on fleek,
If anything , I'd give away my only soul,
Just to save these families,
From the heavens down to the trees,
Everything has means,
Saving purity for one,
Exactly acquired two things,


To breach the storms,
For good to prevail, 
All begin of oneness to other, 
Nature's orb configured with man,
Co-existences yielding a field, 
Of God's pureness,
The flower's dream retraced, 
For our world clan.

"Bang Bang Pt.2"

By Arcassin Burnham

Ooooooooh Reality,
Couldn't just keep up with me,
Love and pain mostly,
Im giving you the best that I got,
Like all of me,

Eyes rolled to the Back,
I thought that you were special,
I don't wanna see you find attention to lack,
And for that,
Left me mental,

Hearts colored purple,
Say forever,

Tattoos and purple hearts,
Their there for life,
But you can have it all,
In the seeds of paradise,
Tattoos and purple hearts,
Their there for life,
But you can have it all,
In the seeds of paradise,

Who are we growing into,
Give anything to not see you in rearview to,
I don't wanna leave you behind,
Those gas prices are so out of line,
And you'd think a better president would be fine,
They ranned over for not stopping at road signs,
People kill over without any reason why,

/////In the seeds of paradise,
Who are we growing into,/////
You get it!!
Secret virtues that nobody mentions,
Admit it,
Its Your turn to roll the dice,

Tattoos and purple hearts,
Their there for life,
But you can have it all,
In the seeds of paradise,
Tattoos and purple hearts,
Their there for life,
But you can have it all,
In the seeds of paradise.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

"Tara Pt. 6"

By Arcassin Burnham

Salted coffins,
Often pulling me back,
The more your skin softens,
After changing the channels of taking you back,
Honey suckles on your back,
Taste so sweet , that's a fact,
Purs like the famous black cat,
Didn't even occur to you,
That I wanted you,
Just holding you,
In gold and silver plated virtues,
Just so you wont die alone,
I'm always empty without you,
Didn't want long distance,
But with you , have to get it when its due,
And even though I paid some,
You make my heart go numb,
Everybody gotta have their cake spilling crumbs,
But I loved you,
You knew I was good with that,
And for the sixth time,
I had to make you realize that,
Slit my wrist,
When you don't reply,
Can't stand this shit,
I wanna die,
But then I won't see your face,
So your love keeps me alive.

Friday, November 21, 2014

"Here Comes The Sun (Remix)"

By Arcassin Burnham

Here comes the sun,
Dhoom dhoo dhoo
Here comes the sun,
And I say,
Its alright,

Little darling,
I see the warmth right through your smile now,
Little darling,
If feels like years and your still here,

Here comes the sun,
Dhoom dhoo dhoo,
Here comes the sun,
And I say,
Its alright,

Little darling,
Beams off your eyes , with no regret,
Little darling,
The rays of bliss are blazing near

Here comes the sun,
Here comes the sun,
And I say,
Its alright,

Sun , sun , sun
Here it comes,
Sun , sun , sun,
Here it comes,
Sun , sun , sun,
Here it comes.

"Chaka Khan Lustin"

By Arcassin Burnham

I use to love your hair,
I use to love your shirt,
I use to love your walk,
I use to love your eyes,
Your eyes,
I love your eyes,
I swear those eyes got mind control,
But my heart you can not hold,
If you searching for your soul,
Enough with those soulless eyes.

Monday, November 17, 2014

"A Sad Song / Sorrow's Collective"

By Arcassin Burnham

Made me laugh when you were alive,
Maybe I just need a piece of mind,
When you went away I wasn't there,
You said you love me I didn't even care,
.pile of my clothes and some gasoline,
You said if I didn't love you this the last you'll see,
So I gave you all my time and a couple trogens,
Even got us engaged when I brought you some roses,
I thought we've grown love each other , everything was set,
Until one day.......

......I found her with another guy in my bed tonight,
Biting pillows,
Making noises under head light,
Never been so hurt , destroyed and replaceable,
Your highly incapable,
Of seeing you as forgivable,
Shredded the tears of betrayal,
With the red skies pouring down,
Set myself on fire and slipped and fell in hell,
Now I see those skies here,
I couldn't be more proud,
I told the devil make me an agent,
To ruin relationships,
But of course always,
Its just a punishment..