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Monday, July 27, 2015



By Arcassin Burnham

Squint your teeth and hold on,
Hold on,
High tides got the best of me and my 
outer states Of consciousness,
Looking forward to a bigger view than
Out of my element,

I broke my jaw,
Trying to get to you,
I don't know much but
I could vouch for you,

Pulling at my existence bringing me
Closer to what I fear the most,
Chain reaction in a frame painted with
Lust and fuses,
Can't express to those,
Loss of potential,
Explaining mentals,
Mapping out the recent choice you chose,
Calling it making a very profitable decision,
Quote on quote,

I broke my jaw,
Trying to get to you,
I don't know much but
I could vouch for you,

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

10. End Of 17 / Down Below - (18 Part 3 mEP)

10.  End Of 17 / Down Below - (18 PART 3 mEP)

By Arcassin Burnham

Was a snapping turtle now I'm just brick wall,
Earned what i souly deserve , you just ruin it all,
My life's is in ruins,
But getting better with every single strand,
And the effort that you put in,
Say you promise that you'll do it if you really can,
But people break them all the time,
Can believe in that all the time,
Hope I don't have to live with this for time,
If you believe me,
Its Time to stop being 17.
 Nowadays its hard to gain success,
Never was the successful type I guess,
But once I knew myself enough to own it,
Ain't no secret to the things that I can do
To cure inside of my stress,
Speaking of stress , I been to hell with a green cap,
While I wobble like a pest,
When I got all big and tough to barely grasp it,
I was sure that my trials and tribulations 
Didn't really get the best,
Static t.V's,
And tiny broken cassettes,
Bad financial fees,
And alot of stupid regrets,
Giant sap trees,
And the buzzing of the bees,
I could sure use a glass of ice tea inside my chest,
People you saw,
And all the people you know,
Watch the dogs gnaw,
And lick everyone's toes,
I could have a life better than this,
With dark inside my heart,
And fire down below,

*I'm burning alive*
*I don't know why*
*With the fire in my heart*

*let my ignorance die*
*why don't you die*
*die down with the fire in my heart.*

9. Beautiful Music To A Sad Ending - (18 Part 3 mEP)

09. Beautiful Music To A Sad Ending - (18 Part 3 mEP)

By Arcassin Burnham

Its sad how a young man like me got involved with bad things,
But Engorged with a good heart,
The life he's living came off to a bad start,
Present , past , and future sucked loads,
Didn't get killed or caged yet so at least thats not a go,
Around town by these dumb ass kids I was a laughing stalk and everything I told my mother,
She believed me not,
Good parenting right,
My step dads cough is more important than her kids and we know he ain't doing right,
So where the fuck is my real dad,
If he was in front of my face I swear I'd punch his ass,
Its bad enough I have to lose everything that I had,
So until I'm 18 I'll be thinking of the pathetic times I lived,
When people thought that they could walk over my life,
Thought in a couple of years maybe a kid and a wife,
But god doesn't want me have that,
I'm a mistake in his eyes.

8. Black Mist & Crows - (18 Part 3 mEP)

08. Black Mist & Crows - (18 Part 3 mEP)

By Arcassin Burnham

Devil and God on my shoulders,
Causing so much ruckus,
In giving up,
Man that's the end of my discussion,
Everyone wants to know your flaws,
I wouldn't dream of it,
Adele sings you could have had it all,
But most of us have nothing,
Your a number,
Just like every human being,
It would be a desirable choice to not become a public enemy,
I mean I feel where your coming from,
But at what cost,
Lost the only father figure,
Now your hearts frost,
Like the frozen tundra,
When its said and done,
Make it to a lot commas,
Whenever will the money come,
So when I say I walk through the valley in the the shadow of death,
In my terms , I'm saying what is there to come in my future,
Who's gonna ever have your back when you have nothing left,
Its just all black mist and flying crows hoping your soul won't lecture.

7. Trouble Coping - (18 Part 3 mEP)

07. Trouble Coping - (18 Part 3 mEP)

By Arcassin Burnham

Competing with another human being
It's not me,
It's really personal
With all the hearts on my sleeves,
I am not a god or anything
You don't believe,
But I get senses of beauty
When I go to the beach,
(**I swear I have trouble Coping**)

My glorious days will always
Be my defeats,
Trying to relive and laugh with pride
No empathy,
You could try to push buttons but
I never will redeem,
To have a better life I swear
Is faded in a dream,
(**I swear I have trouble Coping**).