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Friday, September 19, 2014


by Arcassin Burnham

sarcastic black-hearted queen,
why you gotta be so mean,
you were once seen in a dream,
heaven sent,
with high self-esteem,
i could see the steam,
coming out of your ears,
anger between despair and memories,
and the crazy shit you say,
carried away for guitery,
and familiar with adultery,
why mary?


by Arcassin Burnham

follow my feelings down the road,
and get decapitated,
he wants to have a smirk on his face,
and he became infatuated,
divined and refined,
i don't want to have this irritation,
zero tolerance aligned,
it creates frustration,
follow me,
follow me,
follow me,
follow me,
follow me,
into my words,
follow me.

"Don't Even Notice"

"Don't Even Notice"
By Arcassin Burnham

i need a repent,
to erase all my sins,
i just can't get over you,
i just can not shake this feeling,
if you feel its over due,
i don't need anybody's help,
to conquer all my demons,
i could scream and yell,
it won't do anything for a reason,
did you even notice?
doesn't mean you cut your loses
and get out of dodge,
these problems are bitter sweet,
of course,
what about that thing you made on the blog,
somewhere theres a limited amount of time,
to fight a good rebellion,
if your seldom,
then your lying,
or the automobile you want to drive,
but you can't have,
in the sea of selfishness,
you dive,
but you had,
so much on your plate,
and many people in your life,
maybe this is the wrong place,
up and away,
you feel like you can fly,
did you even notice?
green screens,
and the darkest abyss,
alter the fabric of reality,
by the power of one fist,
like an anniversary,
of carrying out evil plans,
i fight with all your memories,
we've been through a lot of rules,
and demands,
again with the fabric of reality thing,
don't let your illusions get the best of you,
but in the mist of actuality,
will lead you to perfect virtue,
misery loves company very much,
been married for thousands of years,
you could have been super dynamo,
leave you unorthodox,
or you can escape your fears,
did you even notice?
using a bunch of of words with prefixes,
i know i' blowing your minds,
i'm finding sense in progress,
from a quarter to a nickel to a dime,
far away from here,
trying to do work in a school full of fakes,
i should have stayed home,
for as long as it takes,
ready for the feelings to ignite,
and turn to flames,
ignore all situations,
but i need something to blame,
did you even notice?

"We Should / Comfort"

"We Should"
by Arcassin Burnham

we should,
everything and more,
i got you lit,
like a candle,
can you handle,
the love that you'll never miss,
rearranging all the arguments,
with a kiss.

by Arcassin Burnham

relaxation is the best in the world,
wishing i had some,
if i wasn't cooped up in a class,
that i barely even learn from,
there will be consequences,
if i don't get my sleep,
do whatever i have to do,
then again get back to my sleep,

see this comfort as a sense of sacrifice,
to cure my nerves,
lord knows the comfort i deserve.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

"The Red Book"

"The Red Book"
by Arcassin Burnham

passion for blood sucking,
love the taste of red,
take a rose from its color,
you can not see me in the mirror,
darkest corners of the earth,
i've been to all,
visited mt.everest,
then had a great fall,
but i didn't crack,
i just kept walking,
as if nothing happened,
nothing ever does,
need me a juicy neck to suck on,
a pen as blood for ink,
and a little red book,
that i write when i collect a life on my killing spree,
no one can fly like me,
if dracula was here i'd give him a run for his money


By Arcassin Burnham

something told me to run back to you,
never doubted the person that was inside of you,
you ruined my whole sight of virtue,
but the kisses made it clear,
even past your curfew
you would always consume,
instead of assume,
at the time losing you made it terrible,
my life is terrible,
my reputations ruined,
but in your eyes we were both in the same boat too,
even wanted to be engaged to you,
told you that i will be true,
but you took it in consideration,
as me one day leaving you,
same situation i would not dare put you through,
from every detail to your shoes,
i'd never do that to you,
wanted it to be me and you,
and when life hands you lemons,
damn it make lemon juice.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

"Outside Your House"

"Outside Your House"
By Arcassin Burnham

for a moment i believed you {loved} me,
but the {devol} had a part in you avoiding me,
too much of a good thing,
but not good enough,
i would try to make it right,
still impressing you is tough,
she had a passion for money,,
and i was the target,
putting my stacks in head locks,
when she wanted something that was marvelous,
she take the back off all her earrings,
and throws them on the couch,
runs out in the rain,
and see my standing out her house.