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Sunday, February 1, 2015

"Thirst For Trust"

By Arcassin Burnham

Skies were grey when you left,
And they'll be grey when you come back,
Wondering why did you have to leave me like that,
Know how to be quiet,
But your silence Is saying a lot,
Had the revolver to my head,
Cupid gave me a shot,
A thirst for trust,
Promise I won't backlash,
Thinking you were a good person,
To forget sabotage.


By Arcassin Burnham

I swear I burned too many times before,
Just to hear your name,
We knew what was in store,
~Inside me up in flames I'll be blazing~
~Inside me up in flames I'll be blazing~
~Inside me up in flames I'll be blazing~
The gasoline rose to my head,
Then a perfect rose sprouted knowing I'll be dead,
And laid me out like butter spread,
~Inside me up in flames I'll be blazing~
~Inside me up in flames I'll be blazing~
~Inside me up in flames I'll be blazing~
Size me up and guarantee you'll fall,
In too hot for you , including you all,
I could end the world in fire,
Just to Burn you all,
~Inside me up in flames I'll be blazing~
~Inside me up in flames I'll be blazing~
~Inside me up in flames I'll be blazing~
I'll be blazing.

Thursday, January 29, 2015

"Chasing After A High"

By Arcassin Burnham

Purple smoke swisp the air in shambles,
Grasping the cause of the situation but no longer tangible,
Chasing after a high that I will never get back,
I see the outcome of your words,
On full attack,
But I will never sink,
Harsh words can be erased,
I will never sink,
Give you a knuckle sandwich to the face,
Just dreaming of the unicorns,
Running through the grass,
If I brought 3 home,
Wondering how my moms will react.

"Fifth Season" (ft. Adam Kobosky & Arcassin B)

By Adam & Arcassin

What is technically the first season?

The cold drives you insane,
but you swear that is not it.
So what is it?
Do you ever feel safe
as each unique snowflake falls?
Will you accept Spring is just around the corner,
because life is filled with hope.
Never be scared,
you can try again.

Everything is made new,
all old things feel worn out.
Flowers bloom,
and the wind has a simple tune.
Birds chirp,
and the guy who loves a girl flirts.
Never be scared,
you can try again.

What is technically the fifth season?

A bunch of remedies of what the weather could be,
Is it rain , sleek , snow or feeling dusty,
In the people purple postures feeling fluffy,

Ah !! I hate school , its a crying shame,
But you gotta be shameless,
Penny penchant wear a costume with some silver stains,
And the kind of feel in the holiday is pretty wasteless,
Need another moment for life to feel the pain,

Leaves fall for purposes don't push it,
The leaves will leave you in shambles,
Nice condensation when you think about it,
Trying not to get your rocks off buying out of staples,
But who goes to staples anymore forget about it.

Monday, January 26, 2015

05.Easier To Hate You - (Apart Of Me mini ep)

By Arcassin Burnham

Soul lurks without any sense of direction,
Electric frequencies coursing through your emotions,
Loyal tested subjects vast in your love,
And still not finding the way of direction,
Pay no never mind,
Or pay homage to what love has to offer,
Or are you strong enough to take the open gate to where sorrow lies,
In some ways its easier to hate you ,
Knowing that hatred could bring the possible action or what they like to call "moving on"
Its so much easier to leave you but some how you were apart of me, not caring about my emotional health,
I bid you a farewell.

04.Loved Status - (Apart Of Me mini ep)

By Arcassin Burnham

Frequent with your words,
At least you're honest,

Word to the medicine birds,
Emojis fly off the chest of a mistress,

You've got lots of commas,
Don't care what they think , whatever's on your mind,

Even when you don't wanna,
Seen your status, gonna have love it sometime.

03.So Bad - (Apart Of Me mini ep)

By Arcassin Burnham

Girl I want you so bad,
Eventhough you're not cool with that,
I could be your creep,
More like Your psychopath,
Like the purge,
You'll emerge,
But you wish you had,
No time soon,
On planning the attack,
Knowing you,
You'd play it on a silent fact,
Splinter cell,
Ill just stealth and snatch,
No need to abolish that,
I want you so bad.