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Sunday, March 23, 2014

06. Bikinis - (SPRINGBREAK 14 EP)

06. Bikinis
by Arcassin B

lustful eyes,
when people tell you lies,
step in between the lines,
and be good as well as fine,
your body is divine,
im thinking you could be mine,
as soon as my ego goes be feeling assinine,
in my eyes your one of a kind,
waves rolling off your body,
inspiration of a good time,
Bikinis everywhere,
im frozen in time.

Friday, March 21, 2014

05. Smile She Makes In The Sun - (SPRING BREAK 14 EP)

05. Smile She Makes In The Sun
by Arcassin B

She never knew,
that i use to like all her pictures on facebook,
She never knew,
that she was about take the greatest chance that she ever took,
she never knew,
her smile makes the sun give up being out shined,

i love the way,
the spring break way,
that smile she makes in the sun,
in one spot she stays,
dont stare too long,
to see the fire in your eyes,
dont wanna see you angry,
just the love in your eyes.

04. At Night - (SPRING BREAK 14 EP)

04. At Night
by Arcassin B

i wonder what it looks like,
with moon glaring off of it,
the ocean,
couldnt forgive us tonight,
with the glowing waves it sends,

whales sing in the moonlight song,
til the break of dawn,
and when it opens it cracks,
then we have something to stand apond,
swindling your heart,
with one of my poems,
til its dawn,
the glowing waves,
will never be apart,
and if apart,
will be the start,
of something bad,
like a natural disaster,
happening over and over again,
like the same beat of a drum,
more like sizzle part,
its not for fate of heart,
from the stories you told,
i figure its time to touch the waves that glow.

03. Waves That Glow - (SPRING BREAK 14 EP)

04. Waves that Glow
by Arcassin B

Somebody once told me,
that you cant take anything for granted,
and some even said i had a old soul to keep old men old,
dont you ever mark on the picture that was painted,
from the waves that glow,

somebody once told me,
that you gotta work hard , in order to earn,
and some even said i was the center pieces of gold,
dont ever stur a pot thats been sturn,
on the wave that glows.

02. Fires - (SPRING BREAK 14 EP)

02. fires
by Arcassin B

well did i ever have a choice,
losing a phone call,
on a wave,
like just to hear your voice,
nobodys hopeless,
while were standing at end of its peak,
looking for a way out,
keep calm,
be cool,
this is the only break out,
and its time for a break,
watch the flame burn brighter,
every step that you take,
learning all your ways,
not mistake,
almost the summer time,
maybe you'll stay awake,
volley ball,
my favorite shape,
time to go another round,
hoping we can alittle bit longer,
with the fun we found.

01. The Beach - (SPRING BREAK 14 EP)

01. The bEACH

By Arcassin B

Watching the waves crash over,
like their swimming themselves,
and while they go over,
aint nobody gonna catch them,
because in reality,
they in need of some help,
point then out,
with every strand,
everything is made of matter,
even water,
does it matter,
what you thinkin
are you having the fun that you've always dreamed of,
or do your insecurities,
remind of that thing call love,
and even the heavens above,
wouldnt allow it,
as long as were on this sand ,
in spring,
were gonna find it.