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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

"Complete Me" (📷by Emptybitxh)

"Complete Me"
By Arcassin Burnham 

*give me all of your love and tender moments*,

*save me from the peril that is myself*,

*give me the passion more than I ever know*,

*show me what it's like to kiss an angels lips*,

*let the stars fill your eyes*,

*teach me the ways of your affection*,

*complete me with all your love and enlightenment*,


I'd be with you for a thousand years,
I'll carry you under my wing with two tears,
I'll mold you into my favorite subject, 
As long as my wishes don't redirect, 
But I digress,
I come direct, 
I might have messed up a lot of things but
Your heart I will collect,
You complete me.

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"Find that special someone that will pop your heart right out of your chest".

-Arcassin B.

Monday, September 26, 2016


By Arcassin Burnham

I lack empathy in the roses, 
Keep the lilies jealous, 
Would be like this if you would just stop
Being portentous,
looking at me like would you rather take me 
Up on that offer,
I would not feel lucky to have an apprentice,
Or marry your daughter, 
Your begging for your soul but your soul left,
Praying to the lord with your last breath,
I'm glad to say I'll leave this building unannounced 
And full of sin with a capers end and see all of my truths
Start to Begin bringing attention to myself but I'm sorrowly slept on,
Nobody cares about my words where poetry landed On,
When it came to dawn and these perfect places all my enemies shouldn't
Forgive and never forget , you places in my memories, should have
Murdered me,
I'm glad you think it's funny,
Glad that I'm a poet,
Glad I met the people I met,
It showed me to never be thirsty,
Glad I'm more of a human than you,
Glad I seek peace and love and virtue,
Glad that I could see the era of my ways.

"Thanks For making me into this person you didn't break down"

- Arcassin B.

Saturday, September 24, 2016

"Give Me Another Dose #1"

"Give Me Another Dose #1"
By Arcassin Burnham 

The sober thought of feeling something again
In circling around your mind like the sand in an 
Hour glass,
Watching the seasons pass and not maintaining 
The erge to even count the days when you were 
Normal facing the end of a flask
Give me another dose,
A dose of what is real and what vacant,
Looking for a soul thats been lost for decade and still comes from
A broke family with no type of investment plan to better futures,
Be careful what banks you trust,
It was simple enough to me that things I have been taught were always
Inconsistent lingering the real facts and leaving me in a state of confusion,
Not to say I'm dumb, but I question it sometimes,
Mom's not giving a damn and you think that will reflect on my kids?!
You're sadly mistaken, taking everything that my family does to me
And never punish my own with it,
Never choosing favorites while multitasking it,
There won't ever be a dull moment, not for a second....

"Realize that you don't have to take up what people do to you in life. Be better!"

- Arcassin B.

Friday, September 23, 2016

"Silly Girl Pt.2"

"Silly Girl Pt.2"
By Arcassin Burnham

Silly girl,
Silly girl,
Silly girl,

Oh silly girl,
Could you,
Spare me the details,
Been wanting to see you,
See to that we prevail,

Oh silly girl,
There was,
Something about you,
I can admit that and,
We could see all this through to the end of the road of
Existing and living through these situations like we've
Never wanted paradise to fall right out of the sky and
Carry us up  there seeing us as human beings that make
Mistakes and was intended to die like it was written,

Silly girl,
Silly girl,
Silly girl,

Oh silly girl,
I'm use to,
Loving in many ways and,
Giving my heart away for,
People that try again so,

Oh silly girl,
I see you,
All that you are, I support,
You and all the decisions you've made,
Covered in sin for in a blood sport babe.

"It's easy to love someone with the same imperfections as you".

- Arcassin B

Thursday, September 22, 2016

"Say What's On Your Mind" (📷by Emptybitxh)

"Say What's On Your Mind"
By Arcassin Burnham

Never shy from the drama but I'd rather take the new pacifist
Guts and glory , not sorry for all the things that you've lost
When you deal without,
I'm so stuck up with changing people's point of views , it's a waste
Even in itself,
I got no room for people in the past that brought me hatred , you
Get no help,

             So tell me what's on your mind right now,
             Do you wanna run from home,
             You wanna be on your own,
             Escaping through warzones,
             Your dad left you alone,
             Is your pedestal so high for life to move on,
             So your thinking now that you're really fit for the throne,
             If anything....
I've recollected the bad memories and learned from everything I've 
Been through,
There's no freedom , no courtesy and no light , every man wanna be
The best dude,
Saying what's on mind cause the fight will begin like the preparation 
Of life,
I was lost but God found me in a sea of sins , time to make it right.

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"Freedom is a must".

- Arcassin B

Wednesday, September 21, 2016


By Arcassin Burnham

Mercy Me,
Perfect cemetery,
To overthrow what you see in me,
Throw me to the Wolves out on the street,
They'll never change, that's why I'm good to people that I meet,
My energy,
Freezing stress to your toes and knees,
You thought you saw what you didn't see,
Like disguising teeth,
From my mouth I speak from the land of the living like revolutionaries
While legends die and leave they're marks on earth for peace,
You follow me?
Mercy Me,
Perfect cemetery,
To overthrow what you see in me,
Throw me to the Wolves out on the street,
They'll never change, that's why I'm good to people that I meet,
From my head to my feet,
You're so cheap, so is talk,
Also all your flock of bees,
Buzzing round me like care , I can not see,
Brushed my cheek,
I got too much on my mind and I got memories o' plenty,
I'm am not your special entertainment in here to appease,
Mercy Me.

"Being nobody's bitch is priority number one Everytime".

- Arcassin B.

Monday, September 19, 2016

"Cupid's Voice Pt.3"

"Cupid's Voice Pt.3"
By Arcassin Burnham

....So the next morning comes and he's slumped halfway off
The bed with drool spewing out from his mouth,
Must of had a good dream inside a kerosene filled with doubts
Thinking about his future spouse,
Gets up , does everything that he didn't think he would do
To get ready for school,
Saw his friend walking to the bus stop and decided to join him,
He said "Man those shoes are cool, are they new?" He bragged
"Yes my friend it's called shop lifting", looking in astonishment,
He said "are you telling the truth?" He sarcastically admitted, "haha
No I got them from a yard sale", he replied "you asshole" and then they
Got on the bus, knowing that his friend on the bus , is really the only
Guy he could trust,
Which brings us,
To first period , fixing his hair in the bathroom and talking to
Himself in the mirror saying , "the day is only as bad as you make it",
Aligning his collar and pants to at least in the slightest look presentable
But his hands started to shake, oh what a day! You couldn't possibly
Say that if you've made it to the end he thought,
He walks out of the bathroom and into the hall looking into first
Period and then ducks so he wouldn't get caught,
Sitting by the door , he looks down and sees that one of his shoes isn't
Tied and then looks to his right only to see Felicia walking down the hall coming towards him, thinking to himself , what I am I gonna do
If she wonders how stupid I look sitting outside of this door I need help,
He stands up quick and she walks right in front of him as graceful as a 
Million swans and a thousand beautiful smiles put together and says ,"Hey",
Brushing her hair passed her face shylike,
With sweat on his face he replies nervously , "ahh ...he...hey", 
They stare at each other for like 4 minutes almost like syncing into each other's minds using eyes and raging emotions, she looks down and looks back up and says ,"so umm , you gonna let me through or should I be worried?" As 
She giggled, he replies ,"no not at all ... I'm um ... Actually in this class too",
Blushing a little...........To Be Continued.

"Stories compared to some of my actual moments , check!".

- Arcassin B.