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Friday, October 21, 2016

"~so in luv~"

"~so in luv~"
By Arcassin Burnham

I'd jump in front of a train with battery acid in my
Heart and nitroglycerin in my system just to show
You that I love you for the sake of meeting you and
being in Your line of sight,
I know I won't get any sleep tonight,
*cause without you my death would flutter into*
*a million butterflies with lies that could not tell the*
Your my only hope for maintaining my youth,
And possibly my future,
I won't hurt you,
And I don't give a damn what your parents say,
I belong to you,
From the acne on my face and the sweat
Of my brow,
I'd give all my soul to you and then walk
Out into the crowd of the people that have
a second chances at love,
The only thing I'm dreaming of,
The only one that I could trust,
I'm not an attention grabbing glory seeker
Muching off the souls of my peers,
I miss the days when there would be just
You and me and these tears,
I cherish days when I'd be kissing you
Above in treetops,
My heart only beats for you in fact you know
It won't stop,
I'm so in love with you.

"I've never wanted anything more but love".

- Arcassin B.

Thursday, October 20, 2016

"Locked Pt.1"

"Locked Pt.1"
By Arcassin Burnham

Separate the pollen from the bees and,
Trouble on your mind for the long run,
The intensity is growing don't know if
You could stand,
Looking for your troubles ? Well here
They come,
I hope you know I'm planning just to
Take a stand,
Getting your pride smashed isn't a lot of
Better be greatful you weren't born in a
If the flying bastards wanna talk,
Get the bread crumbs,
Practically a woman's world just remain
Being a man,
Most people nowadays solve problems with
And most days I don't really understand,


I said it's good  ......
To be locked......
In your love.....
I wish you well.....
On your travels...
Cry like a dove....
There's no way..
I could say...
All I want...
Yes they fly...
All away...
From a single stomp....

"I feel like I'm locked out of a lot things ... Including Heaven".

- Arcassin B.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

"Make Me Happy"

"Make Me Happy"
By Arcassin Burnham

Like the little things in life that you the person need
To figure out,
Walking on a dream in tiny specs of recollects of
Buying cookies from these girls scouts,
I was like a red Corvette coupe ready to be smashed
Along with words,
Imagining the day I get away and fly high like these
Little aero birds,
Just make me happy like you do in any situation that
Like corrupted files , your mind is in a loop of being in
A cathedral Church,
The world's in ruins but you're worried all about the price of
Half off t-shirts,
Romance Couldn't get anymore stupider in every seasons
I would like to think I'm starting not to care and worry about
Some ass,
You could write a lot to these 1 minute and something something
Second songs,
People love manipulating me and getting off by telling me I'm
Make me happy......Make me happy......make me happy.

"Happiness is very hard to come by".

- Arcassin B.

Monday, October 17, 2016


By Arcassin Burnham

Plastic end of the stick in hopes to never see the inside
Of what your anger stands from,
I put in all the work to love to have you in my arms , it's
Not enough in a continuum,
Constant calling , leaving voice messages in every hour 
on the Hour just to gain some hope,
Looking for your soul crossing through dimensions even
In a paranormal state you just looking for a reason to
Just make it so,
So make it so,
Had to pick it up and get off the road,
Revised Woodstock , you don't need no clothes,
Running away is the choice that I chose,
*And Lucy's In The Sky With Diamonds With her eyes closed*.......

Being graceful with the savage toes,
There's nothing left upon the old railroad,
And if you didn't know , now ya ........

- Arcassin B.



Saturday, October 15, 2016

"Running From"

"Running From"
By Arcassin Burnham

Sitting in sin, 
Would you think it's a lie if I said I was fine?
I result to nothing and nowhere, 
Young and scared of the world and living in
the same boring environment, 
Swear that it's not fair, 
Wishing I had it better than this,
That stern feeling in my stomach makes me hurl
a bit,
Chasing different cosmos in the sky with the flick of
my wrist I can make them turn red, 
Seeing what the future holds in the midst of it all
Swear my feeling will be fed,
I am nothing , i am condensation,  a cloud, 
Floating above your head,
Swear I gotta look out for my day ones looking for an
Ordinary life without crossing the guns.....
Like what ya' runnin' from?
Wise enough to know that I don't even gotta stomp,
When I get mad , use to be a phase even in itself when I've chased
Long enough for relaxation and a chance to be a sensation to this
Writing thing that I display in every way fighting for days,
My folks don't care about what I do,
And when I sit through every highlight I wish I was in Hawaii by now,
19 years of the same old things in my life I could really do without,
You're claiming that you're struggling but you laughing at me is not
Gonna get you a way out,
It's not....

"Never Run From Your Opponent ... Life".

- Arcassin B.

Friday, October 14, 2016

"Chloroform & Novacaine / Pass Due / Lead Me Through A Dream"

"Chloroform & Novacaine /Pass Due/Lead Me Through A Dream"
 By Arcassin Burnham

Seeing things in my past behind me, Know you couldn't
Find me,
haven't slept good for many days due to finding timing,
It's never perfect , it's never worth it just to get in trouble,
I stay inside and I humble myself in the matrix struggle,
Until I see , external life then I'll remain distant,
Inside a game , I know I'm not playing to feel his presence,
It's not okay , the eagles will fly but the vultures listen,
I spoke too soon , the flowers still bloom in this perfect sentence,
Numb my Body Lord , numb my Body.


Beauty in so many words......
To say,
Life that can be expressed without meaning, 
But Has to pay,
Cant stay up for the rest your life wondering when something will come ,
You gotta get even with life,
it can't be any more unusual that life treats you
So unfair when there are 5 thousand other people 
with the same problem,
See! You never get any sleep when 
You talk to yourself, 
Drying out the wounds of a broken past,
And killing yourself ,
Look what you've become......
Your years of being unforsaken has been passed, 
Please leave me as a boy and let me die a man.


A child's laughter spreading love 
And joy,
This wicked world likes to play us
Like used toys,
All the little girls and boys see the new days of this 
Don't like institutions, 
What was your resolution? 
Everybody wants to have the jewels and the
Money but not stable to put in work,
When times get rough and you feel you have to
End it, you gotta know your worth,

Your heart lays sick in the birth of a flower blooming
Life into all of the people that feel weary in the mist Of 
Being born into a wicked twisted world run by people
That don't really give a care about the less fortunate 
That struggle for the simple things,
What will this bring?
Lead me through a dream filled with roses and chaos.

"Expressing Feelings In 3 Different Ways".

- Arcassin B.

Thursday, October 13, 2016

"Pretty One"

"Pretty One"
By Arcassin Burnham

I was looking for a dime like you,
Not a nickel , not a quarter , not a penny, pretty one.........
Pretty one,

I want the kind of girl like you to have plenty like your
Smile in the sun, pretty one ..........
Pretty one,

The smart remarks they make me laugh like 
I was nothing to you , only just a figment of some old past,
I'm leaving , pretty one...........pretty one,

Swear you're worth more than a date or just any old movie
Scrolling through your childhood , your attitude is gapping,
Pretty one........ pretty one,

I was looking for a dime like you,
Not a nickel , not a quarter , not a penny, pretty one.........
Pretty one,

I want the kind of girl like you to have plenty like your
Smile in the sun, pretty one ..........
Pretty one.

"I Love You Dearly , And I Mean it even when you or my family sterilize Me".

- Arcassin B.