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Thursday, January 18, 2018

"To The Stars" (Weak & Strong Saga)

"To The Stars"
By Arcassin Burnham

I would believe in the moon if wasn't so see through,
been alone in my life , I don't need you,
big heavy weight lifted off of my origins, the fact that it is
what it was , a damn shame,
Have a knack for what it is if you know pain,
channeling some fire like Lui Kang,
all the grudges in the world can make reign,
thats better than being victim of being slain,
cease and desist,
they take your right away when you ain't suppose know the right shit,
the corruption,
while all satanists bash the world with these tragedies , we can't just sit,
open mind,
forbidden knowledge is what they don't want you to know , but you need to know in
order to survive,
You can't mistake it , only you could make it , in a world run by satan,
try to stay alive.

Sunday, January 14, 2018

"Sustain" (Weak & Strong Saga)

By Arcassin Burnham

Wrong place,  wrong time, two nickels make a dime, but I just don't wanna fail. 

Too many heartbreaks plus hardships,  set sail for through fiery hell. 

Life is hard,  we all know,  the same scenario, 

It's not hard than you portray. 

Good things,  good days,  come and go, 

Melting away. 

Do you see the shame?  That you threw on me , laughing and scheming afflicting the

Meaning of pain, 
No respect given in this life will leave you in suspense , making it harder to sustain.

Thursday, January 11, 2018

"Word You Say"

" Word You Say "
By Arcassin Burnham

Do you know all that peace brings in May?
Love you give is strange , gives much malaise,
If every word you say is true , mark the words you say,
other than that I do not have time to waste,
My life never goes anywhere but in flames,
could your douse my fire , I don't wanna escape,
Or we could lust til the sun comes up in this open space,
then after you hate my guts and then delete my page,
And you know,
we only got one and one is not enough in a system
and country corrupted with minimum wage and a half
decent plate of food that could be poison,
how can you maintain?
only with the words you say and you know.

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

"Eternity Of Diamond Valley" (Weak & Strong Saga)

"Eternity Of Diamond Valley"
By Arcassin Burnham

Followed Illusion , Persuade A conclusion,
You don't know what I've Been through.
Juvenile Institutions , Unnecessary Retributions,
Should have had a better virtue.
People stepping over, while ignorance will linger,
trust me I've been through worse.
Heaven shines the most in summer, Collects souls in the winter,
I hope that yours get up there first.
To live for eternity is easy if your born with a good heart
and to the beyonder everytime you fall in rock bottom like a
lets hope you skipped the ripples,
don't be the man in the middle.

To have somebody waiting for you is joyous even when you fall so short
in a life unexpected thinking how it could have been if he came down from
his throne to talk to you,
Live life to the fullest man cause you've only got one in such a short amount of time
looking at the past you had,
don't be so sure that time for you is running low,
people are poisonous like Salmonella,
but you just say whatever , look what you've done done done done.

Friday, January 5, 2018

"Pass Port" (Weak & Strong Saga)

"Pass Port"
By Arcassin Burnham

My Eyelids can't hide , from the light , it gives,
instincts don't dry in order , to , survive to live,

babies born while being bathe, all , in sin,
relationships torn to pieces , daddy's gone again,

And i wish I had a pass port to drop from the world in
a space suit guarding my life , just trying to hold on.
Every moment in these tragedies we spend wondering
why the good lord won't come down , you just gotta be strong.

the mistakes we make will always be there , don't you know,
the world can't extinguish , we need , these kids , to grow,

Give them a chance , give them a spotlight to thrive ,on and shine,
with love anything is possible , but with , hate to defend your life,

And i wish I had a pass port to drop from the world in
a space suit guarding my life , just trying to hold on.
Every moment in these tragedies we spend wondering

why the good lord won't come down , you just gotta be strong.

Tuesday, January 2, 2018


By Arcassin Burnham

Crystals covering my heart like the chocolate around
A peanut in my simple request to find out who I am or
Where I am for I am nothing but a talking pile of shiny
Rocks filled with so much purpose in my state of mind
Or maybe perhaps in God's beautiful eyes I am just as
Perfect as his loyal companions in the clouds but
Simply let the flower sprout and I am in the
Kingdom serving from what I can gather is the queen of
All of us embracing her facial features like a lost puppy
Looking for its master entertaining each and every piece
Of loyalty til I'm tired making decisions for my life that
Is endured quickly,
No time to sit and cry little soldier and your mother's got 
List of chores for you to confront in your life,
Don't ignore it for even a second,
Such a buzz kill..

Sunday, December 31, 2017


By Arcassin Burnham

Heart and pride that remains strong in a human while
facing other matters knowing you could get between,
The legs of female that creates life, your faith in
women are isolated , you cant do right,
Don't let enemies avoid your pride , cause you to do suicide,
blame all your family members that didn't reside,
Mad at the world cause you simply can't provide,
keep fighting,
everybody knows the government will keep trolling,
they tell us keep looking for a light but nothings brightening,
especially for a black man ,
a good man,
that let the system and the drugs take hand,
forgiveness is something the law enforcers don't understand,
We came up off of poverty, don't tell a man that he can't,
its a sticky situation that'll never end.

"Take action before its too late".

_ Arcassin Burnham

Wednesday, December 27, 2017


By Arcassin Burnham

*You'll never see the light of day again in shambles*,
*Breaking my legs and my feet bleeding walking miles to you*,
*there is so wonders in these trees that can heal us*,
*I know that I could be the one to love and serenade you*.

*We might have had these growing pains for a little while*,
*The smile on your face is powerful enough in this room*,
*to hold and kiss you like a movie scene more like a sequence*,
*Oh my love*,*will you get here soon*?

No more constructs to this flesh, I wanna love you.
I would say that I'm blessed , your heavenly too.
you put your heart in my hands when the flower bloomed,
There is no way I can replace you , its impossible,
*To spoil you rotten* , *less forsaken quite like some  days in June*.

"Give LOve Whenever".

- Arcassin B.

Thursday, December 21, 2017


By Arcassin Burnham


Tisk , tisk, what a hit and miss,
Are ya'll buying this?
Controlling masses for you to think this,
my words are not a diss,
some just might offend you,
Rub you the wrong way and teach you,
holidays like this ain't safe since they put cloned meat on the
Not fair being on the suface, I rather live in the clouds,
love to disarray your purpose , my pride knows no bounds,
the only thing I could believe in is my own joy and the enlightenment
of what reality is,
Not jolly fat white in red suits that wait on the parents to tell their kids
that's what he is, 
And unawake people like you would just read words and be
like what is this kid talking about,
I'm not a professor or part-time teacher but I can provoke truth
and people jusst doubt,
Holidays where we worship satan in a different way and we never knew,
Don't give a damn about santa and Jesus wasn't born on the 25th too.
sorry but not sorry.

02. Star On Top

I love it,
i just so love it how this bullshit will fall into our belief system
like who is above it?
 Worshiping holidays to decorate for a country that satan controls,
conspiracies or not I rather let my family celebrate it.
brainwashed over time to give our hard earned bills to the wrath of
black friday,
Most can't make out of the store so just put it on layaway,
I bet some foreigners can't even make it to the us for their families
because of what trump gave away.

We're the real ones that believe,
we don't put stars on fake trees,
lower class in poverty,
why can't we ever be free.

03. Santa / Satan

Who do you think that fooling?
You've always been a hoax,
A known common joke.
not a word spoke,
Is this why you poison the kids?
you poisoned their minds with all the lies,
man look what you did.
I see , its vivid.
brainwashed for all of these years.
believing holidays bring joy , heal the poor,
but all these holidays have a dark meaning and past
no one wants to explore.
And people still saying what is this kid talking about,
I'm talking about the history behind Christmas you don't
want to learn about, is it fine to just talk it out?

See every adult knows its a lie when they
indoctrinate the kids to believe this,
But this whole holiday centers around pagan gods
and total atheist,
And both of those things don't believe in jesus,
but ya'll swear he was born on the 25th,
Lord I don't know  whats wrong wih us,
If we be smart , we can stop this rift.

04. When He Was Born

When infinite beings are born there are no release dates.
A country that swears that you will be free but freedom
they will take.
Thats why you have kids believe santa is real , but really is too
but this holiday goes perfectly with the people when the news is fake.

overtime you believe that the man that died for our sins was
born on a day that was false,
i'm not going crazy with rage that the country we know is marinate in
broken states,
can you relate?
stories you hear is just a phase,
they like to take,is 
If you can live in country ran satanists then Christmas is no exception
better stay awake.

05. Guns In The Chimney

I was just another toy on the shelf for amusement,
I was like your pony boy when you had no excuses
Watching over me like you had all the answers,
Should have never trusted you , there's no room for
No backstabbers,
I don't want your cancers,
I'm a cancer ,so I'm hostile, you just made me blow the lid off,
You're too stupid to notice real love, my lovely ripoff,
I was good on my own until you came along , it's like a 
Parting gift , 
Never trust an attractive devil with red eyes and red lips,

If you loved me...
I could only imagine if you did.....
You affect everything...
Like the sanctum of how I live,

If you loved me...
I could only imagine if you did.....
You affect everything...
Like the sanctum of how I live.

No mistletoe's , only guns. 

06. Lines In The Snow

Wasn't there when I was Sleeping On the floor.
problem stack on top of problems even more.
now 20 years old , holidays ain't cheap no more.
lifting weights on days like this I feel are sore.

False flags run a mock in this country.
black friday and violence is just like Hennessy.
It'll leave you beat up and numb til you can't see.
another catastrophe for your memories.

Are those bloodlines painted in the snow?
this holiday containing secrets you should know.
Please don't take my simple words as a joke.
Christmas ain't what you think it is , most will know.
most will know.

07. Black Friday

We as a whole people do not come together,
do not fight,
do not work against the force that consume us everyday,
we are mentally and emotionally divided apart,
coming from the same bloodlines especially with our race and
indians and Mexicans,
and those types of people look at it as a joke or an unbelievable 
observation to the common goal of being human race instead of a tore planet,
black friday is like a darkness that the evil brings,
makes the people do shit they don't wanna do to other people,
just to get the more expensive gifts to only put them on layaway,
its not worth having your life getting took away,
better watch out for these holidays.