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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

"Hallucinating Toy Trains" (ft. Sonja Benskin Mesher)

By Arcassin B & Sonja B.M

left the ring in procession, 
silently walked the track.
dust rose, the distance grew. 
out of sight , 
talked in code and rhythms.
the train passed,
gulls flew the heat haze. 
on return, no one spoke.
Flowing streams,
Except very hard and rugged,
I remember the days of ceiling leaks into buckets,
I see,
Crazy shit when I'm on my meds,
Why dont you believe me,
When I say I see the tracks with a dark red.

30. The Right Way - [The Right Way]

By Arcassin Burnham

We only got one life,
Live it right,
You better live it the right way

I live in a neighborhood,
Where everyone knows everyone,
Sometimes you wanna lose touch,
You won't have to get along with everyone,
Angels and demons,
Fight over my soul everyday,
And when its due,
We all gotta get ready for judgment day,
That way,
Nobody else will be able to,
Learned all your sins with a ruler and acrylic tooth,
But no need to get all religious,
Was born and on a mission,
To teach you everything I know,
Through poetry and decisions,
Sometimes I think I have no purpose,
My brains and memories are slaughtered,
But the only thing in my life that I think is worth it,
Is that I always wanted a cute little baby daughter,
My life.

We only got one life,
Live it right,
You better live it the right way

29. 5 Months Sober - [The Right Way]

By Arcassin Burnham

Sedated with the only piece of mind I have,
The success is what I gotta grab,
I don't worry about my appearance when it's said and done,
So when they call me ugly, I just chuckle in fun,
Five months sober , ain't have a once of alcohol,
Drink away the pain for the death of adveral,
As a result,
A lot people use to think all I use to write about was love,
But its just so much deeper than what I found,
I'm just mostly on that topic just to find a keeper,
That I obviously still haven't found,
But I'm still sober.

28. DarkChild - [The Right Way]

By Arcassin Burnham

Messages I get from you,
Avoidable by some degree,
You need tell your brother to stop playing,
Its ashame to me,
I might not be here when you get back,
But I'll have your back,
When I get back,
I'll scratch you back,
Also scratch mine,
For the things I do for you from time to time,
Affordable for you being mine,
My dark child ,
There's no need to be blind,
My dark child there's no need to be blind,
My dark child there's no need to be blind,
You know your destiny,
Now let me find mine.

27. Losing Touch (With Everybody) - [The Right Way]

By Arcassin Burnham

I'm losing touch with everybody,

I'm losing touch and you can't stop me,

Suffering for far too long,

I'm facing all the trials and writing diaries,

I don't wanna see nobody,

As long as write words in poetry,

I won't be losing touch with all my sanity,

Losing touch with everybody.

26. Can't Go On - [The Right Way]

By Arcassin Burnham

Devil's chokehold,
Grueling at you feelings,
Weighing you down,
I mean unless you soul is sold,
Unless your soul is sold,
Unless your soul is sold,
Unless your soul is sold,
Thats what the demons repeat,
Over and over just to get yourself some new sheets,
Cause the blood splatter won't help you livleyhood,
And the your parents want nothing else to do with you,
Being good,
You just can't go on thinking what if,
And then blowing all your parents hard earned money for your college fund,
I'm just you the real,
This is not for fun.

25. Red Insides - [The Right Way]

By Arcassin Burnham

Your suspicious vital signs,
Can work with me anytime,
I will be your servant,

Telling me that I'm outta line,
Shivers running down my spine,
I want you cause your perfect,

Rainbows strikes iconic pose,
Basing off the lies you told,
Searching for majora's mask,

Might as well keep that chapter closed,
This dusty book is really old,
Did you really have to ask,

We all have red insides,
No one takes the time to look,
Beauty isn't everything,
On the outside,
But that's why your overlooked,
Better read a book.