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Sunday, November 24, 2013

"Tara 2"

"Tara pt.2"
By Arcassin Burnham

the heart i came back to,
was the land of the lost lonely,
but in the land of virtue,
she would be my one and only,
hanging with the guilt,
that i'll never find anyone,
but she on my mind,
guess im not good with anyone,
she could watch the sunrise,
but its night now,
so watch the stars come out,
hope you you got me figured out,

if pt.2 is what your getting,
please just let me be the first,
under a spell , bewitching,
being in love is not a curse,
if you ever had another,
dont know how sad i would be,
did we have to save the trouble,
did it have to empathy,
smile on your face,
the only reason i wake up,
i hope you dont think i wierd,
oh i adore you tara,

Friday, November 22, 2013

"386" (Snippet)

By Arcassin B

........falling down,
she was so divine,
caught up where she live,
and then i picked a time,
to come over and chill,
sweet rhythms in her presents,
get it off your brain,

"Astro Luv" (Snippet)

"Astro Love"
by Arcassin Burnham

.........the stars couldnt keep me away from embrace,
i love your face,
i love your face,
so when they tried to throw shade,
i hit escape,
i hit escape,

"In This Place With You"

"In This Place With You"
by Arcassin Burnham

being strong, is the only thing,
keeping you from rejection,

being loved , is the only thing,
you feel in this frustration,

baby your just angry,
hes dancing with the other girl,

being holy , is the only thing,
keeping you in faith,

being hopeless , is the only thing,
that wont save the human race,

baby girl ,
its not the end of the world,

in this place with you tonight.

"To Her Ears"

"To HeR Ears"
by arcassin burnham

she made the sounds of trees whistle,
and made shade of heart giggle,
i put the feeling to be real gental,
or good at that , but this love we have is not mental,
for her i was real humble,
music to her ears,
crowd in the face of her fears,
with ignorance of her peers,
on this route you gotta steer,
on the road to love,
is it anyone we know here,
wrote this down,
then threw it on the ground,
music to her ears,
but how you think it sounds,
sorry if i was a little bit profound,
king and queen
finally gets to wear the crown.

"Don't Worry" (Snippet) (Photo By Morley)

"Dont Worry"
by Arcassin B

...... Your troubles behind,
there was once a fair share,
full of your heart and mine,
it was silver divine,
a fire ball in my eyes,
glad i met you ,
in disguise,
too proud to beg,
dry your eyes......

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

"Love Birds"

"L o v e B i r d s"
by Arcassin Burnham

hold me tight,
like its your last breath,

be one with the night sky,
with my love you taking every step,

it was puppy love,
but we were known as birds,

feathers from above,
taking flight to my words,

so when you say i love you,
ill be by your side,

or your favorite reasturant menu,
your hearts in my hands tonight,

kissing in the rain,
help me feel the dawn,

but we will stay the same,
by god our love was drawn.

Monday, November 18, 2013

"Kissin By The Blossom Tree"

"Kissin By The Blossom Tree"
by Arcassin Burnham

excited by her features,
she could make a grown man turn young again,
such a beautiful Creature,
baby we could tie the knot til the end,

long silk hair,
looks like butterflies flying above,
but wouldnt care,
because they know your only girl that i love,

put your arms around my shoulders,
baby let ya hair down,
hold your waist like this,
bringing you close to me ,
and i look into your eyes,
perfect Chemestry,

then our lips lock,
by the blossoms.


by ARcassin BUrnham

fishing in the pond ,
at dawn,
your eyes are drawn,
to its endeavours,
singin different songs,
turning sunlight on,
when every silence spun,
like whatever,
encore , encore,
your face i adore,
toward the river floor,
being sure of wanting more,
your memories will record,
got some room for love to store,
in an area
call tara.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

07.Stay The Night -"All I Wanted Was You EP"

07.Stay The Night
by Arcassin Burnham

too many faults,
guess i dont mind,
were all adults
 it'll be fine,
trying ,
your only one,
please dont go,
ill die,

love you for you,
how can it be,
i thought that you'd,
be kissing me,
lets take our selves,
to different
why dont you stay the night.

06. She Made - "All I Wanted Was You EP"

06. She Made
by Arcassin Burnham

she said , its time to meet your maker,
yeah , your heart is gonna die,
stop your sin creating mother,
yeah , she dosent have to lie,


take in every little burden,
breathe in every little breath,
i ain't got to steal your moments,
but you have to stop the stress,

you adore
you adore

i can be your worse enemy,
or i could be your friend,
hope that your destiny,
will be devoured by the ENd

Sunday, November 10, 2013

05.Utopia Of Love Chapals - "All I Wanted Was You EP"

05.Utopia Of Love Chapals
by Arcassin B

in a place where heavens exist,
little angel would you give us a kiss,
adults drinking out the bottle of chris,
better repent,
or the ruler will be pissed,
talking very fast , if you get the jist,
all purple angels fly through the mist,
noone has been in love like this,

so very (U)nusual
so very (T)ipical
so very (O)ptional
so very (P)ictural
so very (I)nitial
so very (A)rcassonal.

04.All I Wanted (Was You) - "All I Wanted Was You EP"

04. All I Wanted (Was You)

By Arcassin Burnham

pacing your room,a few times,
two words only came out of your mouth,
somebody wont getting hitched up for tonight,
trying to get through to you,
but all my words went south,

think of me , when your out there,
making sure they treat you fair,
but even though you dont even care,
guess we'll just have to take it there,

trying to get though to you,
remembering to slow down,
and when i told you,
all troubles will be shut down,
i meant it,
cry, full of tears,
when im not around,
the only one musketeer,
that will save you,
when your down,
cause All i wanted was you

03.Part - "All I Wanted Was You EP"

03. Part

by Arcassin Burnham

The part where i told i loved you,
then the rejection came in comense,
up late at night,
but it was only 10,
trying to get the fuzz out my eyes,
so i could sleep again,
chatting should have been my only sin.

The part where i gave you my heart,
but you ran away from it,
shooting through the sky,
like space filled with commets,
have the planets look at the amish,
everything will be alight,
least it willbe,
soon as the moon hit.

02.Relive The Start - "All I Wanted Was You EP"

02. Relive The Start

by Arcassin Burnham

i have more and more to give,
open your eyes,
i have more and more to give,
no more lies,
i have more and more to give,
what could he offer you,
i have more and more to give,
i was so good to you,

R-elive the start,
E-ase your mind,
L-ive for the moment,
I-ntense your life,
V-ibe to the music,
E-volve to be alive.

01. Collect - "All I Wanted Was You EP"

   01. Collect

by Arcassin Burnham

the only place id rather be,
is right here in your arms,
broke your own heart,
reasemble it with your charms,
i was coming up,
from the bottom,
young boy love struck,
hangin by a highschool collumn,
so your memories i collect,
putting flowers in your hair,
see you as the only emo,
with blushes in your heart as you stare,
i can be the only one you love,
i can be the only one you trust,
heaven and the stars above,
and the man that looks down at us,

very neat , neat , neat,

putting all your hopes aside,
your love is very patient,
want to travel to the other side,
with a scent very radient,
that brings a butterfly ,
back to life,
or did your mother cry,
when you lied ,
putting all you hopes aside,
never let go,
of what love has to offer,
i use to always hate that word,
but when you say it, it only sounds softer,
and ive always lived like this,
swimming when i dont know how,
something that you wouldnt miss,
i really think i love you now,

very , neat , neat , neat

"ALL I WANTED was you EP " New Ep For November


02.Relive The Start
04.All I Wanted (Was You)
05.Utopia Of Love Chapals
06.She Made
07.Stay The Night
08.i Dont Mind
09. Cue The Lights,
10.Wanted Bound

November EP



Saturday, November 9, 2013

"World According To Her"

"The wORLD aCCORDING to Her"
by ARCassin B

use to see her alot in school,
her hair looked really cool,
blue streaks like the sky,
i could barely move,
to many of the doubts i had to face with you,
learn about your backgrounds,
or not make myself look a fool,
but she was like girl at bar and the golden stool,
please god,
i hope im not a tool.
from trying to persue you,
make you my boo,

those words that teens say ,
when they feel a special way,
facebook chatting,
so i add you anyway,
you and your beautiful face,
heart pounding , filled with embrace,
i could tell,
but the world according to her,
was like a bat out of hell,
or maybe just not that simple,
if you could read it in pen,
easier than popping pimples,
maybe you'd be the one i'd win.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

"Crystal Wedding" (Snippet)

"Crystal Wedding"
By ARcassin Burnham

.........White dresses,
red flowers,
almost ready for a bout an hour,
the love shares with me,
i wont devour,
dont want this day to become sour..........

"Midwest LoveR"

By Arcassin Burnham

i knew this girl JOY from the midwest,
she came outside wearing a yellow dress,
and all her guilty pleasures took away the stress,
no matter how bad it was , she rose above the rest,
beautiful and elegant she was , she was the best,
kept a positive thought,
she never second guessed,
she was old fashion,
like two old men,
playing a game of chess,
but being in love,
was her only request,
she would rise above the rest,
midwest lover you aced the perfect test.

"Arcassin Never Evaporates"


i will never evaporate,

"A Miss On The Call" (Snippet)

"A Miss On The Call"
by Arcassin B

there was a miss on the call she had an emergency,
she said she needed your help,
she needs to be free,
if anybody could hear me,
if anybody is near me ,
then i need some help this please,

Saturday, November 2, 2013

"Brain Damage (Ft. Destiny Lynn)" (Full Version) - B-R-E-A-K UP / L-O-N-L-E-Y EP may 2014

"Brain DAMAGE" (FT. Destiny Lynn) (full version)

by arcassin b and destiny L

tough as a badger,
heart like a cannibal,
heart stab with a dagger,
but they treat me like an animal,
but for you love,
i cant remember,
thats why im hurling brain damage,
in my memories keeper,
if u want a kiss, your speeaking my language,

Your love was like a song, And I can't believe its gone, I thought we had something, But you said we had nothing, My love for you was bullet proof, But your the one who shot me, And now I'm left with this, Brain damage.***

get you popping like your pores,
or are you just deaf,
it rains while the old man snores,
letting my tears fall down when you left,
i disagree,
i missed you with a broken passion,
if only i could remember,
i have brain damage.