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Saturday, May 31, 2014

"Keep Calling" (Long Mastered Version)

"Keep Calling"
By Arcassin B

i thought you were the one,
but instead you were a freight,
i was buried from the sun,
hiding everyday and every night,
but you and your voicemails,
are really annoying,
you use to paint your nails,
with vanity and suffering,
like jellybeans and m & m's,
they really just dont mix,
its like every direct hit,
is an every direct miss,
you keep calling,
i hate it,
you keep calling,
i hate it,
to the core,
do you know for sure,
how much i hate you,
when you do that,
he must of did something that lead you right back,
to me,
i dont see , any future with you,
or any sympathy,
to many,
of your ex's hate me,
and we could go on and on,
about the things that you see,
or i see,
the candles,
the flowers,
or your obsession, with avon,
or that you think mustaches are a turn on,
Conversate about stupid things,
theres nothing more i can say hun.



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Monday, May 26, 2014

"The - Cut Of Dawn" (Full Version)

  "The - Cut Of Dawn"

waitin for the  mornin to open its eyes,
Shes waitin for me,
but dosent know that dawn has found me,
she mocks the sun,
your ignorance is a bliss,
one step from a kiss,
i guess i should have known better,
so beautiful as love itsself,
But inside,
evil as sin,
when will the morning come,
love aint going anywhere,
im always here.

"Is It Me or Him" (Full Mastered Version)

 "Is It Me or HIM"
  by arcassin burnham

to hate me,
you say you love me,
then go back to him,
this is really personal,
but it could physical,
im starting not to care nomore,
but that was the murder you wrote,
choked on the words that you spoke,
but it was all just a hoax,
you didnt love me,
you never did,
he was your main concern,
all these feelings that ive learned,
from you.

"Lessons & Learnings" (Full Version)

  "Lessons & Learnings"
    by Arcassin Burnham

the world has reached its peak,
the ruins maybe old,
but existing life with no meaning,
and an heaven made of gold,
he has a hand full of hope,
and some rooms made of your desires,
of everything that you can possibly crave,
guess the rain drops become dryer,
but blood is thicker than water,
or dead in a grave,
you can not devote yourself,
to a higher purpose,
cause the price at the very end,
is very hurtful,
you can not devote yourself,
to a higher purpose,
cause the price at the very end,
is very hurtful,
i'm Saying.

"Shes A Queen To Me" (Full Version)

 "Shes A Queen To Me"
by Arcassin Burnham

do you ever find it alittle bit hard,
to treat you like a queen,
when your so far away,

when im just facing the scars,
they say your really mean,
but if anything your just into a phase,

you tend to talk to yourself,
when you get down some,
im hoping you'd let me in,

attack your mind with stealth,
letting the rain come,
dont think your life will end,

shes a queen to me,
all in my eyes,
but i cant see,

she rules me in an anatomy,
piercing my life with cries,
you were made for me.

"Tattoo Butterfly Girl" (Full Mastered Version)



when i fount out that the attitude wouldnt ware off,
just to show you off,
and i can make you smile without a compromise,
like wanting marijanna to be legalized,
to get high off your love,
is what im saying,
loving you enough to tell the lord,
i was praying,
so me and you could see forever,
i know you wouldnt trust another,
she wants me for the better,
its sunday,
time to chill and cuddle,
make you see a new day,
dont need an under cover lover,
tattoos all down your back,
i swear your an angel  or some sort,
you got a hold on me,
do i sound like a dork?
for being this romantic,
love your butterfly tat,
your laughs are so symbolic,
thats what i love about you,
thats what i love about you.

"Don't Worry" (Photo By Morley) (Full Version)

"Dont Worry"
by Arcassin B

Leave Your troubles behind,
there was once a fair share,
full of your heart and mine,
it was silver divine,
a fire ball in my eyes,
glad i met you ,
in disguise,
too proud to beg,
dry your eyes,
dont make me seem surprised,
while im in disguise,

she puts the L,
in love,
cuts just like a knife,
but see she makes it feel alright,
make you bleed without cutting ya,
thats a final strike,
has it even occurred to me,
that your friends were dikes,
has it even bothered,
that your dad fights with you at night,
about me,
hoping that you see this quite,
bad at your expense,
maybe it will come back,
just like suspense.
dont worry about me.

"Astro Luv" (Full Version)

"Astro Love"
by Arcassin Burnham

the stars couldnt keep me away from embrace,
i love your face,
i love your face,
so when they tried to throw shade,
i hit escape,
i hit escape,
And if you share the same feeling of desperation,
i ignore you,
i ignore you,
trying to find my light years in location,
i confront you,
i confront you,
i may have made mistakes in my life,
this ones the worst,
this ones the worst,
Not trying to avoid you i just had to set it right,
but you did it first,
but you did it first,

i dont wanna fall in love,
not now,
not ever,
put your insecurities behind,
and try to see it clearer,
make your feelings roll over,
do a summer sult,
then backflip,
take your problems out on somebody else,
go take a galactic cruise ship,
astro girl you are delusional,
your begging for forgiveness,
did you forget the golden rule,
there should be no sign of weakness,
i dont wanna fall in love,
just like you dont see a dentist,
that galaxy breath is melting my face,
i can not take it.

"386" (Full Version)

"386" By Arcassin B

nothing like a female,
to get your fluids going,
put me in the mood,
and your feelings will be speaking,
i will tell you how i like it,
fast on route 386,
hopefully in psychic,
cause your mind set wont adapt to this, 
you changed my mind,
when you were around,
sometimes i dont have the time,
im falling down,
she was so divine,
caught up where she lived,
and then i picked a rhyme,
to come over and chill,
sweet rhythms in her presents,
get it off your brain,
if your tired of the relevent,
then get rid of that pain.

Sunday, May 25, 2014

"In This Place With You 2" (Full Version)

"In This Place With You 2"
by Arcassin B

when you were my girlfriend,
we avoided all the rebels,
said we'd live til the end,
and perished all your troubles,
making you sure you never slip,
and fall in Anothers arms,
it doesn't matter what they say,
with you there is no harm,
at the jump,
we stood the test of time,
if we wondered,
will he give a sign,
roses flutter
as the sound appears frequent,
the ambient in your beauty,
make it just another completion,
if you want to have a child,
we could wait a few,
for the death of style,
In this place with you

"Well" (Full Version)

By Arcassin Burnham

everybody left me for dead,
instead you filled my head up with sand,
oh well,

markers and crayons,
by the bible that i keep,
never tending to care,
like the shirt say,
loading all my progress there,
i feel so lazy today,
i dont care,
why you gotta stare,
make you wanna jump down a flight of stairs,
crazy as i come ,
crazy as i go,
i could be as crazy as i wanna be,
but im im gonna be a nice guy,
and go with the flow,
oh well.