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Friday, February 28, 2014

"LikeWise Pt.1"

"LIKEwISE pt.1"
BY Arcassin Burnham

why come back and make it work,
when there was nothing to work out,
from i hate you to your a jerk,
like wise baby girl im out,

And to make matters worse,
looking at pictures of the horus,
loving you was an absolute curse,
i just knew when the weather was storming.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

"Sorry Babe (I Wanna Be)"

"SorrY Babe (I wANNA BE)"

remember we were talking,
and you said you couldn't love another like me,
stuttering and slurring butterflies to find a simple empathy,
sorry babe,
im not as nervous as you silly,

crowding all the emotions to see it through to the end,
i want to see the dawn with you ,
the little games we play to pretend,
like you were the nurse and i was the patient,
sorry babe,
to kiss you , i was impatient,

let it,
letting the seasons pass us by in a state of confusion,
you cant be too lost ,
not knowing what you want and trapped like a poison,
sorry babe,
i wanna be the state of your illusions.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

"Breathe For You" (photo by P0RG) (Snippet)

"Breath For You"
by Arcassin B
Photo by P0rg

... ever let you down,
putting all my feelings aside making a frown,
staring at life,
wonder how the world will be upside down,
ocean of the last breath , i drown,
i wonder how your life was coming up,
turning it around instead of feeling stuck,
just you luck , huh,
doing everything you can to make a buck,
like you said , just your luck........

"Fully Understand Me"

"Fully Understand Me"
by Arcassin B

i wanna be where you are,
and still till this day,
want my name tattooed on you like the virgin,
sitting on the everglades,
i love you like the sadness i endure in my heart,
i wear my heart on my sleeve,
only once we fell apart,
when you love someone ,
you just dont treat them bad,
give me time until the sun,
so i could never hurt u back,
and if i call you right back,
you wont pick unless i wait,
waiting for you til eternity,
is why i break my back,
just to see you smile,
ill walk for miles,
but you dont fully understand me,
hoping you could have my child,
to plan our future,
swear i wanna be where you are,
plans to make life better,
as in better and life,
i mean forever,
dont you ever,
give your love away,
give me some time,
and ill make it right,
to keep as you are,
i plan to be where you are,
but you dont fully understand me.

"Catty Love (No Dogs Allowed)"

"Catty Love (No Dogs Allowed)"
By Arcassin Burnham

lick my paws,
to find that i'm insecure,
no utter sign of flaw,
left to be occured,
for that i am cursed,
no way of feeling diverse,
all i know is i love you,
and our kittens,
i wouldnt trade ya'll for the world,
but to the world,
im just a cat,
you'll be my cat girl,
feelings that should be sat,
or put to rest just for that,
reason why i cant produce as quickly as any regular cat,
that sat back,
thinking and swinging his tail forth and back,
i meant back and forth,
sometimes i fall off track,
slurring my words and meanings,
i such a cool cat,
but walk in my fir,
and see the world in twenty different ways,
rolling around in the dirt,
im a dirty cat what more can i say.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

"Emily Rose"

"Emily Rose"
by arcassin b

she is sweet like rose's,
she dresses like a women 
when she is only a little kid
she is herself when i am not
she likes me for who i am but as a friend
she is like no one i have ever met 
and i love her

Saturday, February 15, 2014

"This Dawn"

"This DAWN"
by Arcassin B

but this dawn,
i will never let you slip away,
OWNING up to my mistakes,
old enough to semi-CREAT,

but this dawn,
i you will get your REVENGE,
Striking to AVENGE,
THe death of your heart,
MARKED By sins,

but this dawn,
SHE wont finish the war,
For that im TORN,
and my HEART is REBORN.

Friday, February 14, 2014

"Full Of Notes" (SECOND SINGLE)

"Full OF Notes"
by Arcassin B

Fire that use to burn for you,
dont make me waste my time,
I Swear to god,
you're kisses are so divine,
I use to send you shoeboxes full of notes,
and what did he do?
Got another girl pregnaut,
made you choke,
made you think,
it was ok to send you that in text,
let your heart sink,
letting his life end in teenage sex,
so whats it gonna be?
so whats it gonna be?
I send you shoeboxes full of notes,
never lie,
and keeps your legs closed,
you will be exposed,
i was in love , you know ! the love at first sight thing,
Hoping i was the one you chose,
you made my playlist,
my poems,



Tuesday, February 11, 2014

"I Was Wrong"

" I WAS WroNG "
BY Arcassin Burnham

she never loved me,
thought she was the one i trusted,
i was wrong.
looking for some empathy,
knowing my luck was rusted,
this magic keeps me alive,
i was cursed,
i was wrong,
if i dont remember you in discussion.
even though i should die,
to replace that was worse,
i was wrong,
you werent the one.

Saturday, February 8, 2014

"Forget About It"

"Forget About IT"
By ARcassin B

hoping you would just forget about it,
all the pictures of you,
still fresh,
in months , havent talked to you,
it was for the best,
i hold a piece from each,
trying to throw away,
all the lessons you teach,
throwing it away ill hate,
hoping you would just forget about it,
dont think i will just forget about it.

"Tara Pt.4 (pt.1)"

"Tara Pt.4 (pt.1)"
By Arcassin Burnham

At times she speaks the truth about your guilts,
wants to know just because,
she the remain of ghost in the veils,
without  even knowing what it was,
wishing i could love you the same way,
but i see your not the same,
i know there will be a price to pay,
still its nothing i can't contain,

"Shooting Stars (Your Good Deeds)" (Full Version)

"Shooting Stars (Your Good Deeds)"
(Full Version)
By Arcassin Burnham

your glossy eyes,
and my eye lashes,
like what more can i say,
lead to good moments,
some moments i cant look back on,
the shooting star wont let me anyway,
so i mite as well just stay home,
and fall astray,
waking up in the middle of the day,
then comes night,
i was the center of her left thigh,
telling my love when she use to cry,
being locked away for good,
in the crazy house that wasnt good,
all the emotions,
they had to die,
the light just fly over,
looking at us like a pile of ants,
like the miracles of lucky stoner,
that does his happy dance,
like the necklace on your neck,
and the style in your grace,
you deserve a emmy,
for that lovely face,
if you ever get lost , just follow,
the light,
for your good deeds and your time,
im glad we had this night.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

"Beauty Wonders"

"Beauty WonderS"

By Arcassin Burnham

your're everything i want and more,
beauty wonders at the sight of it all,
with what we could store,
put me at the bottom,
make sure i dont move,
sit me by the third collumn
i dont wanna mistrude,

beauty wonders at the sight of it all,
laying down barriers ,
pointed to my soul,
knowing ill make it for sure,
is it me or are your theories getting old,
exploited by your past,
scared of you're peers,
beauty wonders,
so the beginning is near.