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Saturday, August 31, 2013

"They Give Me Reason"

                                                       "They Give Me Reason"
        by Arcassin Burnham

make the joy come out me,
make me sprout like a precious flower,
happiness was on my side at the time being,
went away from awhile , called to check on me,
then came back when i met you guys,
you would see why its a miracle,
thats why im so glad i didnt have to put away all my materials,
i love you guys.
they give me reason to ,
not be afraid,
be myself,
and never stress.

"Lies Of A Cheater (Digi)"

                                   "Lies Of A Cheater (Digi)"
                         by ARcassin BUrnham

making sure you safely get her home and,
treat her right with a single smile shes shown and,
make her feel like shes the only one you've ever known ,that,
can keep her guessing what else the distant future mite hold and,
get her thinkin every guy is not the same and,
like she hasnt already guessed and,
lift her spirits up like the crane that,
picked the pieces of twin towers fell to rest and,

she doesnt know,
she doesnt know,
and she doesnt know,

meanwhile you got another girl at home and,
and shes been waiting hours of the night for you to come and,
feel guilty knowing in the end you'll be alone and,
and the moment that she finds out will apperently come,\

Friday, August 30, 2013

"Maybe (I Should Take This Down)"

                                "Maybe (I Should Take This Down)"
                             by Arcassin Burnham

silence always saids athousand words,
you just gotta be ready for them to come,
and all that bull is for the birds,
if they knew how to fly,
the universe is strong,
gods gonna love you today,
if not today then for the rest of your life,
feeling a contact like the purple haze,
i wrote some things i would dare rewrite,
maybe - you should tell them other wise
a guiding force when your not around,
reflection gleaming in your eyes-
i should take this down.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

"Light OF Love" (Snippet)

    "LIGHT OF LOVE" (snippet) by ArcassinBurnham

.....sadly i knew you hurt,
just an extra amount of time ,to make your night,
with a kiss,
feeling bloomed worked,
i aint grieving ,
maybe thats the reason,
to only let the sensitive out,
for the moon lite,
lit like the curse of the mummy,
trying to get out of the tomb..................

Monday, August 26, 2013

"EVOL (LOVE)" (Snippet)


she had too many blessings,
she knew just how i felt,
caught up in the moment,
now shes dealing what she dealt,
i can feel the beat of your heart,
leaving me alone,
now we right back to the start,
falling off the top , she moans,
caught her in the act tonight,
cant believe i trusted her,
she just lost a good guy,
and good love all in one night..................

"Blue Flowers" (Photo By Ashley Tisdale)

                                " Blue Flowers" by arcassin burnham
                             photo by Ashley Tisdale                            

Nobody likes a negative person,
but i was watching t.v thinking about what my girl is doing,
but instead she up and call me ,
wasnt in her intentions just to stall me,
fake smiles , and fake friends,
too beautiful to hang out with such pesants,
you are the key to my blessings,,
i wanted to send you that message,
but we were talking on the phone,
and i only have sweet things to say,
we were up late at night,
i dont care what the cost , for your love i will fight,
i dont need nobody else,
except you and your blue flowers,
always loved the way you smiled,
girl the sun is falling , please just stay for awhile,

i need ya blue flowers.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

"Her Heart In Locks Pt.1"

                              "Her Heart In Locks Pt.1" by Arcassin B

dreadlock girl,
whats your name,
can i call you,

dreadlock girl,
dont want to creep you out,
but i just want be with you,

dreadlock girl,
filled with excitement,
the reason why you smile,

dreadlock girl ,
because with my humor, and love will fit,
the envolope ,
you havent laughed like that in a while.

dreadlock girl.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

"Another Pretty Face (But An Evil Past) (Full Version)

                         "Another Pretty Face (But An Evil Past)"
                                    (full Version)
                              by Arcassin Burnham

use to be the one,
with a life lesson,
facebook texting , kinda happy,
with your dimples, or the fessions,
you told me lastnight before,
now hoping you didnt go away,
is there room for my love to store,
because my love was here to stay,
doing wrong in the school that you went to,
lessons gone , but still in life will occur with you,
but no matter how many lies you told in the past,
youll still be the same girl,
i met back in 8th grade class,
black make-up , there were no limits to you,
for others the would shake up , and wouldnt talk to you,
i was only one that cared besides your mom,
i started to love you , like you were my own,
but you recented me from your life,
so getting you back was my mission,
of one day making you my wife,
lighting candles with the matches , glass extinction,
and til this day i still love you,
dont know where you,
i hope your not in the land of virtue,
in fact , i would be very sad,
if death already got to you.

"SHE WAS" (Starring Kira Alexander)



                                          "SHE WAS" by arcassin burnham

this night for us, will never change at all
to fall in love , there will be no install,
i say with reason , i have no choise,
she was the reason , i couldnt find my voice,

i took the paint off the walls, and laided it all down,
she gave me call, but without thinkin twice , guess i wasnt around,
she gives me goosebumps and chills , everytime she speaks,
die in order to live , forever in my heart , she weaps,

she was everything that i expected, i had no doubts at all,
i better be chill and corrected, to survive through it all,
kisses on cheek , another change of heart,
the way you talk to me , avoid you , is the tree i wont bark,

she was,
she was,
she was,
everything a brother wanted,
and more...........

she was,
putting in the better hours , to spend time with me,
and not her brothers,
she was,
my heart soul, i poured for the others,
some other times she dances in the grass,
no way , she would be undercover,
she was,
she was,
she was.  SHE WAS


Saturday, August 17, 2013

01. "All Night" - All Night EP

                                                                     01. All Night
                                                              by Arcassin Burnham

Strawberita looking at the pale glass,
in the back of my eyes,
let the children be the first to crash,
glass on floor ,
step on it,
but no blood leaks,
but the way you talk to me,
is divine,
so let the lord speak,
if i die tonight,
dont let my death in vain,
for the same reason why i dont wanna live,
we mite party all time 
but nobody grips the grains.
the night is young ,
bandanas ,
and alot of making-out,
wanna get out and see the world and its treasures,
but i dont know how to,
so i run the fact i dont want you,
and i party cause im trying to forget you,
All night.

"All Night Ep" coming today :)

                                                                      yep today lol

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

"The Night For Us"

                                                "The Night For US"
                              by Arcassin Burnham

laying on your car,
staring at the stars,
so intereted,
she wonders where we are,

come with me,
and vast in space,
with you my memories,
will never be erased,

come enjoy the night,
between us is the moon,
ur face i see the sight,
its telling me , "kiss me boo",

the night for us,
is like nights i spend,
time is above the essents,
lovin you for all weekends.

"His Love Is Gone" (Snippet)

                                             "His Love Is Gone" (Snippet)
                                      by Arcassin burnham

..... when you needed the power,
was not long before you were born,
already going against his wishes,
i guess he makes no mistakes,
but the making of you,
would have turned out so great,
if you didnt lose your mind,
and you didnt waste his gift,
that was you,
but instead you had a different choise from behind,

Sunday, August 11, 2013

"An Angel Let Me Down"

                            " An Angel Let Me Down " by Arcassin Burnham

heaven ,
and all its glory,
it would make it seem kinda foreign,

carrys us all,
sit back and have a drink,
and watch the world fall,

was suspose , to be with me,
in the state of good company,
or my memories,

sent from above,
god would have betters plans,
but instead he gave me love,

An angel let me down,
she stole my heart,
now she not around,
loved me from the start,
An angel let me down,
dont get lost in lust,
swear she made a frown,
when my heart combust.

Friday, August 9, 2013

"Smoke Of You"

                                                 " SMoke OF You"
                             by arcassin b ________

mood swings,
the devil laughs,
the weathers forecast , in your brain,
would only allow you to know so much,
but you puff, in a sense it starts to get tough,
biting your upper lip,
to control the intensity,
flowers dont bloom unless , you learn to love your enemies,
and work with aliens from outer space,
if only they knew
too many games to play , the night was young,
in the backseat of a toyoda,
in the parking llot of ametures,
and the alcohol in your cup,
you would have though you had an adventure,
he aint worth it, he aint worth it , she saids,
but let-alone she still cares , cause she knew he was a good guy,
twinkle in her eyes,
and a blunt , filled with pain-killers,
smokes to clear her head , of the man she lost,
another puff for you,
another high to you,
another smoke of you,
to change what i have been though.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

"Is'nt Over / Waiting"

                                              "IS'NT Over" by Arcassin B

is it,
is it over,
is it over yet,
is it,
is it over,
is it over yet,
did it end yet,
cause im troubled,
i cant see your pretty face,
my love is set,
beneath rubble,
i feel bad for the human race,

is it,
is it over,
is it over yet,
is it,
is it over,
is it over yet,
i need you,
more than x's and o's,
i miss the touches that you give,
and talk about our ex's,

i dont want it to be over.

                                   by arcassin b

she sits,
and she wonders,
the things we do,
the love we make,
think of noone else,
but you,

her smile,
when she blushes,
the things we say,
\the one i love and live,
noone will come between,
all the rules we break,

hard life,
made rotten flowers,
the way we touch,\
the lips i kissed,
i will always cure the pain,
i love you so much,     

wanna be the one,
i love when we be playing,
your love , baby girl,
and until i return,
i know you will be WAITING. 

"Understand Plz"

                                                  "Understand Plz"
                                                        BY ARCASSIN BURNHAM

Remember when i said , ill be all you need,
and to be the one to give you that lovely seed,
too many mistakes , 16 years made,
she was the only one that stuck by like mayonaise,
i see you got my letter in return you write me back,
maybe if show me love alittle more , i wouldnt be so attached,
headphones rockin to the beat,
musin for my soul , of my heart's defeat,
even though i cant admit it to ya,
promised everyone and god , that id be there for ya,
too manys hucci's and players in our lives to be dealt with,
you try to shake em , off you but we do is just quit,,
cause every other day , i wanna be with your pretty self,
it kills me , from the feelins that i bare,
and even for the decisions , i dont need no help,
im really starting not to care.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

"LONG Way Down" (Full Version)

     "LONG Way Down" by Arcassin Burnham

hell is not the place to go,
elevate to your common goals,
she told them all , i guess we'll never know,
colorful , you know your eyes will show,
its been that way since the beginning,
no outcome of the way you handle things,
i guess he always told the perfect ending,
let the world know he didnt exist , was a good killing,
she had the son of the man up stairs,
his glory , some people dont care,
feelings in the mirror , when you stare,
i wanted to know if you were still there.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

"Yours Hands"

                                                              " Your Hands" 
                              By Arcassin Burnham

i can feel your touch ,
going down my chest,

F - eelins that you feel,
E - gotistic to your smile,
E- levation gets you high,
L - ove like none of the rest,
S - tress

can i touch your hair,
and rub your delicate skin,

G - ood to see you happy,
o- asis in your body,
O- verly excited bout you,
D- ieing for your touch and your love , like the world ends,

feel good , your hands,
they can art or beautiful music,

B - eautiful voice
A - nother wouldnt replace,
B - ye to the lonliness,
Y - our hands , you how to use them.


"8 0' Clock" (Snippet)



                                                    "8 0' Clock" 
                                             BY Arcassin Burnahm

....or if i came home , the same nite that he did,
it was an hour later til i called my girl,
speak with the softest tones,
as discouraged as she was,
i feel like a skull and bones ....................

"Think Bout Lexi (Honest Me)"

                                "Think Bout Lexi (HonEST Me)"
             BY Arcassin Burnham

in circles,
how my thoughts taste,
but think her kisses,
every single thursday.
but every single monday,
i thought about making love,
every tuesday,
was cuddleing up,
every wendsday,
was a walk in the hood,
every thursday,
well i said it , remember if you could,
and every friday,
late night calling,
and every saturday,
we kept on stuntin,
and every sunday,
well you get the delema,
and i thought spending my life , with her,

for you Lexi

"Shes A Queen To Me" (Snippet 1)


                                            "Shes A Queen To Me"
                         by Arcassin Burnham

do you ever find it alittle bit hard,
to treat you like a queen,
when your so far away,

when im just facing the scars,
they say your really mean,
but if anything your just into a phase


"CASE & Lexii"

                                                     "Case & Lexii"
                      by Arcassin Burnham

just two,
induvidual teens,
that want the same thing,
they got love , maybe the only thing they hang on to,
crazy families , pain suffering from many others,
we came this far, im so in to you,
and when im into , you'll feel me,
thrusting at the sight of what i should eat,
we been thru things that were real,
or unexected , i want your kisses to be sloppy and sweet,
doing crazy things , like we do when were under pressure,
and the people that piss us off,
real talk , for the record,
every Ex we had done flew off, we delete them,
call it microsoft 
you baby , and i want you forever,
wont give you no bullshit, like the end of a drum roll,
no matter what the weather,
those other boys are pathetic, while we remain together,
city of gold,

i love you.

Monday, August 5, 2013

"Be Quiet"

                                                               "Be Quiet"
                           by Arcassin Burnham

your silence , saids athousand words,
thoughts about my skin, but they were kind slurs,
put me in your head , so i'll know what your thinking,
on the other side of the phone , while you constantly drinking lol,
listening to pandit , while i drink myself to sleep,
hopin that she call me back granted , i would not even speak,
talk to me more , and letting my sorrows just drift away,
now shes on speaking terms , but shes only 8 hours away,
i love her dearly , like the other side of my bed,
and not they can see clearly , imagination filled with dredd,
Be Quiet , i dont my grandmother to hear us,
naw im lying , its my sister , and its just us <3

Saturday, August 3, 2013

"I Found Another You" (Facebook Edit)

                                             "I Found Another You"
                             by Arcassin Burnham

why confront my life,
when theres no evident,
of why you think i cheated,
your beauty was so heaven sent,
you change my life in so many ways,
i never thought of you once,
i havent seen you in days,
like a bunble of rolled up blunts,
i hated how you threw dirt at my name bae,
all the times you cryed,
and tried to put me down in eternal shame bae,
if it wasnt for you i would have died,
i forgot you but until this day i recon,
i just hope u get the big picture soon,
lookin up for months,
And i found Another You.

Friday, August 2, 2013

"I'll Be" / "Being Mine"

                                                                  "I'll BE"
                         BY arcassin B

ill be,
like the guiding force in your life,
ill be,
the dreams that you never had , its seems different this time,
ill be,
the creator of our child,
ill be,
the provider , the protecter, make you smile,
ill be,
your husband , and your only one,
ill be,
the moring that wakes up our son,
ill be ,
the one.

                                      "Being Mine" BY ARCASSIN BURNHAM

im so glad to call,
you mine,
kissin and touchin,
we do,
im so glad i fall,
a short time,
for somebody,
like you,

Being Mine,
Being Mine,
Being Mine,

Repeats in my head from the sounds of your screams,
i need a pain killer,
for i am uprehended in your needs,
i love you.

"Issues With Love" (Photo BY Griffin Haras)

                                                         "Issues With Love"
                              photo by Griffin Haras
                           poem by Arcassin BUrnham

i have trust issues on love,
since that day i was accused of cheating,
and for that now , i trust no girl,
instead of healing my soul , you gave me the meaning,
and sometimes i tried to be the best boyfriend for girls,
but what i feel is tested in the end,
i dont trust anything you do , in this world,
thats why sometimes i wish the world did end,
now-a-days any girl would be lucky to have me,
because what i say is true , and just want your love,
most would end up and leave , like why you hurt me?
but departure was the only thing i was thinking of,
and i dont like how certain things in life keeps us apart,
and you up and run away , because you have doubts,
but when you chew me up and spit me out,
be on your guard , you betta watch out,
no more drama , drama you cant have me,
tired of giving up my heart to these females,
i just some sense of common empathy,
and later soon know my life , explained in details.

"Another Pretty Face (But AN Evil Past)" (Snippet)

"Another Pretty Face (But An Evil Past)" (Snippet)
                        By Arcassin burnham matter how many lies you, told in the past,
you'll still be the same old girl,
that i met back in 8th grade class,
black make-up , there was no limits to you,
for others they would shake up, and wouldnt talk to you,
i was the only one that cared besides your mom,
i started to love you like you were my own,

"Lay Me Down"

                              "Lay Me Down" by Arcassin Burnham

tell me you love then you kiss me on my lips,
take off my shirt,
for your skin i take a couple sips,
searching for a love like this for awhile,
things we do so intimate , fall in love while you lay me down,

Lay me down,

pinks bras and purple panties, 
dosen't match , i dont care to me its sexy,
do you what you want with me tonite,
because tonite it is,
the night where we drown in love and love itsself,
starting with a kiss,
Lay me down,

kiss your neck , so softly ,
like the frantic loveseat,
loving you is heavenly or godly,
maybe he will lets us proceed,
put all your love in me tonite,
take you on a ride,
then we could up and fly away,
in this bed tonight.

Lay me down.

"Never Could Understand" (Snippet)


                                    "Never Could Understand" (Snippet)

i just cant understand why you love material things,
thought it was about my heart, not my money,
but i cant leave you alone,
to the point where i have these dreams of you honey,
house on the hill,
is what i dream of,
we can chill,
and not..........................

"I Need You (Lexii)"


                                              "I Need You (Lexii)" By Arcassin Burnham

In case ,
you were wondering if i miss you,
well i do,

and instead of,
being lonley, im thinkin about callin you,

im one of,
the good ones,
not like those other guys,

and if you,
gave me a chance,
ill be the light of your life,

you're not,
that far away from me,
only time will tell,

if voodoo,
aint real,
then on me i have a spell,

i reamember,
you use to be,
my homie,

i fell in love with an angel,
so now i call you baby
you my baby,

i need you.