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Thursday, January 30, 2014

"Full Of Notes" (Second Single) coming soon

"Full OF NOtes"
(second Single)

coming soon and is featured on 3rd poetry project Title "B-R-E-A-K UP/L-O-N-L-E-Y EP"

Saturday, January 18, 2014


06. Smoke

bY Arcassin Burnham

mirrors on the wall,
guess your martians came to get you,
which make a down fall,
my hands are icing down , somebody come and get the virtue,

high on the sea drug,
when you slipped me the tounge
stains on the rug,
Alien blood leaking out of your lungs,
so you light you another,
just to get beside the fact,
that your leaving this planet,
without planning an attack,
will you ever come back,
im feeling empty,
the'll never know your real,
in fact they will find it imaginary.
i miss you,

05. "Forreal" (FIRST ENCOUNTER EP)

05. Forreal

by Arcassin Burnham

Cause i just wanna know what its like,
Cause i just wanna know what its like,
those perfect lips,
i use to kiss aint working on me,
when your spaceship lifts,
hope find it better before me,
Cause i just wanna know what its like,
Cause i just wanna know what its like,
better than any human,
your fragrance was superb,
lovers watch you bloom,
instead of tasting spicy herbs
i just wanna know what its like/

Friday, January 17, 2014


04. FaNs

by Arcassin Burnham

i will never let her,
 ruin my happiness between us,
yall were there 
when i met her,
yall was there when ,
she touched down,
she owned that runway,
it was her last were not complaining
but at the same time,
it was whiplash,
from her feet to her eye lash,
i had to make the love last.


03. oNLY One You

by Arcassin Burnham

1 + 1
equals 2
but for each of us,
we could only be ourselves,
minus me and you,
it was fun while it lasted,
it was fun while it lasted,
it was fun while it lasted,

but in a since,
you thought you big and bad to take on an army
but theres only one you,
from my love to yours,
i have no regrets,
so it was fun while it lasted.

02. "Hell Hole" (FIRST ENCOUNTER EP)

02. Hell Hole

by Arcassin Burnham

in a taundra
more like a ice box,
i was chosen,
just to find ya,
cant even put on my socks,
leave it all to me,
you wont suspect a thing,
i would give luxury,
but not a wedding ring,
and i miss you like the day is done,
and my beautiful creature,
is a fallen angel,
and for you ill never run,
kiss you while your flaming ,
thats a perfect tangle,
got get out this hell hole,
with you,
does anybody else know,
what we'll do ?


01. aLIEN

by Arcassin Burnham

i wish you were something better,
instead of a creature,
you beautiful creature,
i need you my creature,
loving your features,
like kissing in movie theaters,
behind the scenes,
we skip lush,
it turns to lust,
i feel a rush,
you're so cosmic,
my Alien girl,
wheres your ufo
i bet you run from your EX no more,
so unreal from the tales you told,
please just make it so.

"FIRST ENCOUNTER EP" Tonight/Morning (JAN 2014)

(JAN 2014)

ARCASSIN B - "First Encounter"

01. Alien
02. Hell Hole
03. Only One You
04. Fans
05. Forreal
06. Smoke

Wednesday, January 8, 2014


bY arcassin Burnham

early in the morning,
get up to miss the bus,
just to hear my stuck-up grandmother,
make a fuss,
it gets on my nerves,

wish i could have went today,
hoping that id make it,
but im glad i didnt go today,
i really can not take it,
it gets on my nerves,
my nerves,

and i cant even get a breather of fresh air,
knowing that it repeated,
i hate being in this house,
im no longer pleased,
my nerves,
and if i would id take it out on you,
but your in my head,
it gets on my nerves.

"Tara 3"

"TARA Pt.3"
by Arcassin Burnham

i wish we could have handled things alittle differently,
preferently for you to be friends,
but it was kosher how we met,
but i didnt think it would end,
be glad if i said i love you,
as i slightly pretend,
separated distant virtue,
trying to tie up loose ends,
but i do,
i do,
i do love you,
you had feelings for another,
hard to get over,
making all your sacrifices
clash together,
its a turn-over,
hoping we could get through,
the hardships that come along,
i really do,
i really do love,
i really do love you,
even if i think of her,
i think of you,
just like water , earth , stars,
the moon,
i wish that we could see it through.
i really do,
love you,
i'll keep this up all day,
if i have to,
i really do love you,
No obsession,
i just really wanting to be with you,
i really do,

Saturday, January 4, 2014

"My Dreams" (Snippet)

"My DREAMs" (Snippet)
by Arcassin Burnham

imagination never felt so good,
bow down,
but what you never really understood,
i will always be around,
until im in the ground,
i wont make a sound,
stay love bound,
i wont be around
i was light on the come up,
even though the bullies wouldnt run up,
i still took a stand up,
and now i let my dreams reveal

adults and their champagne,
really sickins me,
i took a dose following your pain,

Friday, January 3, 2014

"Feel This Feel"

"Feel This Feel"
By Arcassin B

Do Take One Look At yourself,
dont be jealous , you need help,
to the skies i use to yell,
i know you can smell the smell of it,
This Feeling,
that i use to feel with you,
You were hoping i was willing,
And i was hoping too,

Come And Feel this feel With me,
Sit and watch the sky burn,
real hateful to my memories,
Baby now its your turn,
This Feeling,
that i use to love with you,
For your heart , i did some healing,
dont judge me too,

This Feeling.

"Spoon Fed / Im On To You"

BY Arcassin B

i use to dream of being famous,
i use to dream of having a car,
i use to dream of having,
that would build a better me,
people workin 9 to 5,
searching to be free,
but all you fear is yourself,
not me,
you thought you could put me down,

but i got right back up,
and said im stronger than your demons,
speaking in tounges , feeling stuck up,
preferably speaking,
but you know you cant ignore it,
all the people on the planet.

"Im On To You"
By Arcassin Burnham

blood drippin from your mouth,
i can smell ,
dangerous without a doubt,
hot as the fire , in hell,

im on to you,
if people say im foolish , idc,
im on to you,
its not just me its you and me,
im on to you

can i be the bee,
getting the nector out,
or can i be the misery,

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

"The Zone (Touch)"

"The Zone (Touch)"
by Arcassin Burnham

Different Girls,
Love Letters,
and Gold Feathers,
I'm in my zone,
shes all alone,
sitting on the throne,
My queen to be.
you won't believe,
Dances like the lights in the sky,
that means so much to me,
shes not a memory,
sways like the leave,
That falls from the trees,
When we touch,
Felt really good,
to know when you kiss me,
just like you should,
Letting me touch ,
my hands are deceased,
trying to concentrate,
Kissing on me,
in this reality,
you read me like a book,
and even me my summary.

"Hailey (INFINITY)"

"Hailey (INFINITY)"

The most amazing girl in the world,
without conpromise,
and when it comes to her heart,
ill look into her eyes,
and say the sweetest things,
and until the moon drops,
and the angels sing,
and our picture crops,
ill her til my heart stops,
Is how i plan to love her,
the most amazing girl in the world.