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Thursday, January 29, 2015

"Chasing After A High"

By Arcassin Burnham

Purple smoke swisp the air in shambles,
Grasping the cause of the situation but no longer tangible,
Chasing after a high that I will never get back,
I see the outcome of your words,
On full attack,
But I will never sink,
Harsh words can be erased,
I will never sink,
Give you a knuckle sandwich to the face,
Just dreaming of the unicorns,
Running through the grass,
If I brought 3 home,
Wondering how my moms will react.

"Fifth Season" (ft. Adam Kobosky & Arcassin B)

By Adam & Arcassin

What is technically the first season?

The cold drives you insane,
but you swear that is not it.
So what is it?
Do you ever feel safe
as each unique snowflake falls?
Will you accept Spring is just around the corner,
because life is filled with hope.
Never be scared,
you can try again.

Everything is made new,
all old things feel worn out.
Flowers bloom,
and the wind has a simple tune.
Birds chirp,
and the guy who loves a girl flirts.
Never be scared,
you can try again.

What is technically the fifth season?

A bunch of remedies of what the weather could be,
Is it rain , sleek , snow or feeling dusty,
In the people purple postures feeling fluffy,

Ah !! I hate school , its a crying shame,
But you gotta be shameless,
Penny penchant wear a costume with some silver stains,
And the kind of feel in the holiday is pretty wasteless,
Need another moment for life to feel the pain,

Leaves fall for purposes don't push it,
The leaves will leave you in shambles,
Nice condensation when you think about it,
Trying not to get your rocks off buying out of staples,
But who goes to staples anymore forget about it.

Monday, January 26, 2015

05.Easier To Hate You - (Apart Of Me mini ep)

By Arcassin Burnham

Soul lurks without any sense of direction,
Electric frequencies coursing through your emotions,
Loyal tested subjects vast in your love,
And still not finding the way of direction,
Pay no never mind,
Or pay homage to what love has to offer,
Or are you strong enough to take the open gate to where sorrow lies,
In some ways its easier to hate you ,
Knowing that hatred could bring the possible action or what they like to call "moving on"
Its so much easier to leave you but some how you were apart of me, not caring about my emotional health,
I bid you a farewell.

04.Loved Status - (Apart Of Me mini ep)

By Arcassin Burnham

Frequent with your words,
At least you're honest,

Word to the medicine birds,
Emojis fly off the chest of a mistress,

You've got lots of commas,
Don't care what they think , whatever's on your mind,

Even when you don't wanna,
Seen your status, gonna have love it sometime.

03.So Bad - (Apart Of Me mini ep)

By Arcassin Burnham

Girl I want you so bad,
Eventhough you're not cool with that,
I could be your creep,
More like Your psychopath,
Like the purge,
You'll emerge,
But you wish you had,
No time soon,
On planning the attack,
Knowing you,
You'd play it on a silent fact,
Splinter cell,
Ill just stealth and snatch,
No need to abolish that,
I want you so bad.

02.Find A Place For Me - (Apart Of Me mini ep)

By Arcassin Burnham

She had,
Time for me,
And we,
Had chemistry,
The way she treated me,
Baby its blasphemy,
She kicked me out,
Now you just find a place for me,
One for the journal,
One for the books,
One for the heartbreak,
And one for your beautiful looks,
She could  have destroyed  me,
But just seeing what it took,
To get you to understand,
That my mistakes you overlooked,
I'm glad to say,
You stole my love book,
Read through my diary,
As if I haven't wrote a thing,
She could see all of my thoughts,
And future of wedding rings,
Happy that I'm a good artist too,
I drew the ring I'd give to you,
Its safe to say!
You'll see the day,
Your dad walks down the aisle with you.

01.Crushing Souls - (Apart Of Me mini ep)

By Arcassin Burnham

I'm in the fire laying next to you tonight,
Watching you while you sleep,
I was a creeper, he's just crushing souls,
But you're,
just all that i need,
I'm in the fire laying next to you tonight,
Silent , but I hear your weeps,
Was your protector , his speech was so old,
But you just,
Make me feel complete,

If you were careful,
You would have chose me in a way,
I can not receive,
Would you stay,
If I told you to leave,
Its okay,
I doesn't have to be,
Don't worry I'll wait,
No reason to contemplate,
But my feelings I can't shake,
Why does it have to be this way,
I listening to half of what you say,
Because I........

I'm in the fire laying next to you tonight,
Watching you while you sleep,
I was a creeper, he's just crushing souls,
But you're,
just all that i need,
I'm in the fire laying next to you tonight,
Silent , but I hear your weeps,
Was your protector , his speech was so old,
But you just,
Make me feel complete.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

"Times When I Find"

By Arcassin Burnham

Way to doubt,
I fall short and astray,
Positive motivating force,
Just Like Aaliyah say,
Then if you are,
Just let me know,
So I won't have to fall astray,
You wouldn't see my point of view anyway,
Times when I find people like you,
Times when I find people like you.

Friday, January 23, 2015

"On What I'm Saying"

By Arcassin Burnham

Manifest on what I'm saying,
This is real life,
The saddest thing to me is losing a mother,
I can't lose mine,
Truth and lies,
lies within deep secrets,
Or deep souls,
Maybe you'll lose it,
Just Make it intertwined,
Marinate on what I'm saying,
This is real life,
Save a good emblem,
Just before others control your life,
Not the same burdens that you had,
Even when you were alive,
Bloody ink on your pad,
Now its time to fly.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

"I Don't Deal"

"I Don't Deal"

By Arcassin Burnham

Unloyal Friends,
but its not true colors,
Its a just gray background with a lower contrast,
Like the dirt that they throw at you,
When they show them,
For Pete sake save the arguing for the upper class,
Or at least that's what they claim to be,
But emotionally,
Their afraid,
Of what the world and society has to offer,
New order in here,
That Entered the room,
With a little bit a vodka,
Celebrating how the world is ruined,
So drink up,
And let the devils nectar fill your stomach,
And have zues,
Tie a noose,
Around his neck,
To escape the dying truth,
Cause I don't deal.

04.Love Her More - (18 mini ep)

By Arcassin Burnham

Being 18,
Would be,
So hard,
Without you,
I don't know what to do,
Skies were gray but you turned them blue,
Like the ocean Tasting cashews,
Hoping I could get a car,
So I could ask you,
Do you wanna go on a date?
She's hella faint,
Long enough to feel the restraint,
Get it, gotta love her more,
Stuck to me like yellow and blue paint,
Hoping mom gets the house by then,
Suppose to be moving in palm coast city,
I will be summer so I won't put on an ugly sweater then,
Being 18,
Would Change,
My life,
A whole new way,
This is my year that I come back,
So i must say,
July 1st will be end of all poverty babe.

03.Forgot Ignorant Contact - (18 mini ep)

By Arcassin Burnham

Nobody's perfect,
But your perfect for me,
Your not the only one that has enemies,
Your not the only one that suffers from bullying,
Remember me,
You're not the only one that forgot ignorant contact,
Aye but your perfect for me.

02.Substantial Distance - (18 mini ep)

By Arcassin Burnham

I need no negativity in my life,
Life is too damn short,
I've been put down all my life,
And I'm hell bent on ending yours,

I need no negativity in my life,
Life is too damn short,
I've been put down all my life,
And I'm hell bent on ending yours,

Tell yourself that over and over,
Turning into some kind of mature adult,
Just getting older,
Life is too short,
To throw hate threats,
See the things people don't get,
Their time to walk away was short,
So they get punched in the face for it,
This what you make of it,
You brought yourself to it,
Now you're gonna pay for it,
Karma can you feel ashamed,
To earn some pain for it,
In the mean time,
Keep your distance substantial,
You don't wanna waste time,
Getting your body dismantled.

01.Tell You So - (18 mini ep)

By Arcassin Burnham

Still 17,
Hair got longer since last time we spoke,
You were a queen,
Of decadence,
Laying me to rest,
And pray to god I didn't drown when I awoke,
It was dream,
But you could never understand,
You see lately,
Ive been thinking about holding someone's hand,
Or maybe even getting back all my friends,
But in the end,
It didn't last,
Betrayal came quick,
Forming an offspring of gastric bypass,
And a dirty old broken down back road,
That everybody like to talk about,
In the bushes where they keep their stash,
Of hatred,
The true power of Satan,
Planning the hype of making deals,
That you will never get pay back in advance,
But take every advantage you have,
Cause people are just gonna come and knock you down,
Like it really fucking matters,
Until artillery season ends,
We'll all be facing the consciences,
Rumors get pend,
No one cares about the circumstances,
Its time to grow up everybody , kindergarten been over,
A sight to say I tell you so,
I will not be put down no longer.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

"Love Marks" (ft. Alexis Walker & Arcassin B)

By Alexis & Arcassin

When the arch of my back doesnt fall lower then London bridge 
The tip of your fist meets my skin, breaking the bridge, breaking my skin breaking my heart and
Leaving broken pavement under my skin you call 
love marks
Hickeys even
Bragging saying you "sucked the life out of me"
Yes Indeed you did the moment that bridge collapsed with our love
Leaving two hearts in a Comanche,
Centipedes crawling on their way to salvation, I hope you reach the top,
For which you came,
Spirits grabbing and pulling,
I see you found the love huh?,
Don't want your feelings to be caught being futile,
Wind through your sorrows and not through your hair,
I swear I got to steal a moment when you only,
Dancing in the Moonlight,
The churches bright lights,
Not knowing that devil dances with you,
A spirit gripping and pulling,
Did you reach the top yet?
Almost selling souls,
Like it was a cockpit

Apart Of Me mini ep listing

01.Crushing Souls
02.Find A Place For Me
03.So Bad
04.Loved Status
05.Easier To Hate You

18 mini ep poetry list

01.Tell You So
02.Substantial Distance
03.Forgot Ignorant Contact
04.Love Her More

"Cry Collective"

By Arcassin Burnham

With your hair through the air,
when your soul is to spare,
I cry,
Honest ways through the trees,
When you just wanna be free,
I cry,
My initials flow through your head,
Don't want to let you know that I'm dead,
I cry,
Sadness sucks a lot even in high contrast,
You can not overcome or surpass,
You cry.

Monday, January 19, 2015

"~if only you knew~"

By Arcassin Burnham

Traced without some deep depression,
Somehow some way you learned your lesson,
But somehow lost with a further testament,
You don't know how much I miss you did you mention it,
Flying towards heaven,
Seven hundred and seventy-seven,
Only 7 minutes in heaven,
somehow some way you learned your lesson,
If only you knew how much I cared about you without the discretions.

"The Red Pill"

By Arcassin Burnham

Like the tiniest insect,
He looks down on us all,
Bottles , cloths and gasoline,
Lets make it work til fall,
Inevitably taken by beautiful music,
The next morning waking up,
With deep cuts and bruises,
Will leave you feeling stuck,
We're honored by the life we choose,
Stuck in a house of murders,
That you never want to relive,
I can't get through to you,
If you pop this pill,
Gotta get out of what you going through.

Sunday, January 18, 2015

The Prisms - "Cleansed"

By Arcassin , Lexi , Tara and rach

:::AB:::: Conversations with out any words,
:::AW::: Creates a blissful peace between two souls,
::::RH:::: A bond without voices to cause constraints,
:::TO::: Listening closely, Without any of they're ears.,
:::AB:::: Rivers never get too mellow or narrow,
:::AW::: More narrow then the thoughts that cause simple minds,
:::RH:::: Simple minds that quake in the presence of such a holy river,
;:::TO::: colliding together  only be ruined by the waves of salt,
::::AB:::: And as I realize , and look inside that my soul burns for a higher judgment,
:::AW:::: A Judgement that quickens ones heartbeat,
::::RH::: Pumping my blood, reiterating judgement awaits once this fragile body tires,
:::TO:::  So far apart yet so close, never finding the key too his heartbeat.
:::AB::: While I'm waiting til she finds it, I'm still fading and bleeding,
:::AW::: The key awaits in the depths of the river,  cleansed of all unholiness.

10.Queen Minnie - m-i-n-n-i-e ep 2015

By Arcassin Burnham

Your my idol,
My escape,
My voice to guide me,
At love and the whole world,
Inside my love,
And forever in all our hearts,
You speak to not just me,
But all of us,
And even the last of us,
All hail queen Minnie.

09.Your Memory Is Alive - m-i-n-n-i-e ep 2015

By Arcassin Burnham

More than you think,
Didn't have time enough to sink,
Before we caught it,
And brought it in the boat of,
Your music ,
Your legacy,
Your voice,
Your beauty,
Your passion,
For making us endure what in the world was happening.

08.Amazing Cause You're Beautiful - m-i-n-n-i-e ep 2015

By Arcassin Burnham

Here goes those tweeting birds,
Do you think we'll live forever,
Well depends,
So much doubt of life I had to spend,
You pick an easy way to pretend,
It was tragic how your life ended,
Left beautiful sounds for us to cope with this planet,
It was only one song,
And then My demons got stranded.

07.Your Glance When Minnie's Song Played - m-i-n-n-i-e ep 2015

By Arcassin Burnham

La la la la la ,
As the song played,
She use to make it hard to stare at the test that was displayed,
Played tricks on my mind,
No one could make me feel the colors you were so divine,
La la la la la,
Pretty green eyes to make you have a seizure,
She knew how to take control of her facial features,
Model type like Michelle Pfeiffer,
She's a cat hear her roar,
Smoking hot like cigarettes and lighters,

Loving you is more than just a dream come true.

06.The Melody In Lovin You - m-i-n-n-i-e ep 2015

By Arcassin Burnham

Nothing in life or even existence,
Could compare to excellent beautifully well put-together sound that still today roams the radios and still in record form, so ahead of its time, that's the main song they would mostly remember her by, which in my case isn't true, shedding tears for this song is inexplicably the most joist feeling I've ever had since 2004 which was the best year of my life, I will always and forever remember this song, as it is still my favorite song.

05.Sexual Prow Was Cold - m-i-n-n-i-e ep 2015

By Arcassin Burnham

Sex is not only a lustful thing,
But its something secret and beautiful,
Not as the way she described it,
Showing that love could be expressed in many forms,
Not only teaching us that sex is good for us,
But  saying it can't be tooken for granted,
Share it with someone you actually enjoy being with and loves you the same way.

04.Tweeting Birds - m-i-n-n-i-e ep 2015

By Arcassin Burnham

Her husband was on the guitar,
And there were tweeting birds,
The quality in sound,
Filled life and fused with the words,
Lovin you,
Such a sweet sound,
The melody and her voice moved me,
Even now I'm afraid to listen to her other albums,
Because of that one song off perfect angel was pure beauty,
And slowly,
I listen carefully,
To every word she says,
About love and the Peace,
We should all share,
Can't believe the human race was almost nearly there.

03.Beams Off The Stage - m-i-n-n-i-e ep 2015

By Arcassin Burnham

Noone could idealize you,
You took beauty to a whole other level,
Vh1 performance of you was  like my whole life,
Crambed in a box full of broken dreams I didn't realize,
One of the people that inspired me to write,
Every lyric that you mentioned about the Sun,
You can feel the joy in the Lord's eyes.

02.Legacy - m-i-n-n-i-e ep 2015

By Arcassin Burnham

Cancer may have took you away,
But your memory,
Will take us on a ride every step of the way,
You mite have left but your music stayed,
Gave us an actor,
That would spread love any day,
Inside your love,
Was in your voice you gave to the world,
Confidence you have,
Gave confidence to a young girl,
Bringing love , freedom , dreams into a Nobel swirl,
Engraved in peace,
But we adore what you gave to the world,
We will always remember your legacy.

01.Minnie's Lovin - m-i-n-n-i-e ep 2015

By Arcassin Burnham

Roses are my favorite flowers,
I don't need to pluck them just to think of your face,
We can talk and sit for hours,
With the moon and stars hanging around late,

Baby she could be the one,
But it's you that I can never replace,
Getting baked under the sun,
And i ain't talking about heat rays,

Hold my hands , sit in my arms,
Your the only queen here today,
And with you I do no harm,
And I won't ever put you in harms way,

79 on the coast to Woodstock,
Couldn't ask for a better place,
Sometimes your always over the top,
Is there ever more for me to say.

M-I-N-N-I-E mini ep Relisted!!

Poetry Listing

01.Minnie's Lovin
03.Beams Off The Stage
04.Tweeting Birds
05.Sexual Prow Was Cold
06.TheMelody In Lovin You
07.Your Glance When Minnie's Song Played
08.Amazing Cause You're Beautiful
09.Your Memory Is Alive
10.Queen Minnie

Saturday, January 17, 2015

"Down, Down, Down,"

By Arcassin Burnham

Long journey full of worries,
But don't know where they are,
Frozen in time acoustic remedies,
See you from afar,
She had the style,
He had the grace,
They were the perfect combination,
Life will blow up your face,
If you ain't careful,
Jeez!!! Play it safe!
Just for once in your life,
Try to make it pass those obstacles,
And when you reach the top,
Receive my phone call from the hospital,
I'm going down , down , down,
And when you reach the bottom,
Gravity never wanted you around.

Friday, January 16, 2015

"Unusual" (ft. Lexi)

By Arcassin B & Lexi

Pretty colors,
making no sense at all,
wind flowing through your hair,
Its already bad enough to even fall,

it disappoints me how such ugly words, can taint the beauty standing before me, 
such gorgeousness caused butterflies to flutter at the bellows of my stomach... 
but to my surprise,w poison butterflies fall from your lips as gold stares into my eyes 
why does your tongue allow such ugly words to fall from it.. 
your beauty tends to blind other people from processing what you just said, but i hear everything,

Pretty colors,
making no sense at all,
wind flowing through your hair,
Its already bad enough to even fall,

Just be sure you don't take anything,
Before you go,
Although parting is such sweet sorrow,
It can't be enough i its bitter,
Worms through the apples,
Your sinister look,
And falling clouds,
Have no effect on me,
I've written enough just know,
You'd mind control me,
Or at least try to,
Crumby attitudes,
O I hate to see a smile turn evil,
Like Connors boot,
Mud filled,
I underestimated you,

Pretty colors,
making no sense at all,
wind flowing through your hair,
Its already bad enough to even fall,

Underestimated how your lips could give a heart such warmth, yet your words always seem to send a chill through my bones  
The way you'd wipe discrete tears from my face and make me laugh 
Sometimes made me forget
You're the one that caused them, 
How dare you part your lips and thrust such spiteful words against my heart with such pressure? 
Youd always seem to manipulate my thoughts, rearrange my mindset or tilt my perspective, and with such tainted I love yous and eyes so full of gold,

So unusual.....

"Repay You"

By Arcassin Burnham

You've been there from the beginning,
I will for sure remember this,
If there's anything I could do,
Well yeah , you get the gist ....

"Welcome To The RAVE Pt.1"

By Arcassin Burnham

All in gold,
So the whole room is pee,
So many couples,
Just look at the chemistry,
DJs played songs that you'll never even think of,
So when you feel a little tipsy,
Then just stand right next to me,
Not the one that usually sins,
Then wins,
After a few counter parts,
Are up and missin',
From the lights that are beamin',
Down on us,
I figured you would wanna smile on us,
Appreciate the good in life,
And maybe frown on us,
But your sadness is obsolete,
Even if you tried,
You can't compete,
With how crazy this rave is,
I fell asleep,
On the pave,
I hope someone will save,
The rest for me,
So welcome to the rave.