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Thursday, March 30, 2017

"All Day Long"

"All Day Long"
by Arcassin Burnham

Sitting in the room with a blank stare,
you have your whole life ahead of you and people
Making sacrifices for friends that won't do the same,
they were never with you all along,
they don't know your name 
Thinking about what your brothers and your sisters
All day long trying to penny pinch,
Looking for a decent job is minus percent,
And you can't love a boy round here cause non of them are men,

Soul Searching is so fucking hard to do baby,
when you've got the devil running after you baby,
could you find the light and let it redeem? maybe,
can't i try to make you feel like a queen baby?
But the trust issues ran so deep lately,
you can't trust anyone , not even family,
The past has ruined your life in many ways basically,
that doesn't mean anyone can be the enemy.

"Trust yourself to trust many",

- Arcassin B.

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

"Drank (J*Davey Phase)"


"Drank (J*Davey Phase)"
By Arcassin Burnham

*Please tell me what you think*,
*from the boat we sink*, *We don't even gotta*
*float love*,

*We could get drunk on a mountain if we*
*want too*,

*Praying to the lord that has too much on his*
*theres no reason to look above*,

*contemplating* , *he just wants me to worry*
*about you*,

*your touch*,
*our bed*,
*Like what we gon' do*?

*The things**,
*we drank*,
*make us*,
*Where we gon' fly to*?

*Please tell me what you think*,
*from the boat we sink*, *We don't even gotta*
*float love*,

*We could get drunk on a mountain if we*
*want too*.

"if love is possible , so is anything"

- Arcassin B.

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

"The Feels Of A Brighter Path"

"The Feels Of A Brighter Path"
By Arcassin Burnham

I could learn a million things in the world leaning
towards my demise in the long run,

I'll Never hear another time my mom would say
"i'm pound son",

Troublesome in a world where trouble will follow

Keep a piggy bank for how many times they insult you,

Life can't be all for nothing so play your part until
the end,
stay away from bullshit man stay away from the sin,

This isn't reality , its more to life than you know,
No one will hand out pity anymore , i don't need it so,

I'm not trying to be a teacher,
But i could show you how to live,

You talking to the wrong preacher,
People are behind your back with a shiv,

This the world that they portray,
And we all just living in hell,

watch you feelings all decay,
And nobody can't even tell.

"Learn all there is to learn in a world so dark".

- Arcassin B.

Saturday, March 25, 2017

"In The Same Boat / Me Me Me"

"In The Same Boat / Me Me Me"
By Arcassin Burnham

On days when you wouldn't speak then
Reply later in the afternoon would be the
Absolute greatest just reviving your presense as 
later company than usual,
Telling me all your hardships and me explaining
How to conquer them all in order to keep it
Making things easier for you to allow yourself to
Cope with,
Learning about you all the time
With all the time we put in,
Just two troubled teens in shitty situations thats
Almost impossible to get out of but it takes time,
I'd give up so much of my life here and all my
Family just to be with you in this time to be civilized,
Living life like the people who escaped society to be
Actually free in maintaining themselves and their
In a time where there would always be time for us 
Putting our relationship to the test to face this
Weird world while stricken,
I enjoy that were in the same boat.


Me , me , me will always be loving you , you , you,
No matter the cost of anything that we do,
Because what we do...
Resolutes in peace,
Not in pieces,
Your flattered by the overly obsessive compliments,
That's what I do,
To make a queen out of you,
Nothing is long overdue,
For us,
We may fuss,
But most times we act silly,
I'm glad your loving me,

"The feeling of meeting someone who shares the same things you do".

- Arcassin B.

Thursday, March 23, 2017


"Through The Trees Mix Part 2"
By Arcassin Burnham

"Life's Venture"

Pretty flowers...
They bloom when disasters take place in a matter of hours,
Do you run and hide when the shit hits the fan,
Or do you fall to mind control wearing pair of vans,
Kick back with a can of Miller watching your lady nag your face off,
Was this the life you were planning ahead for in the future when
Everything was so simple and now you got flaws,

Ah ah not me ! My future is solidified like the back of my two front teeth,
Talk is cheap , I don't really care about your criticism , don't bother me,
I'm still on my feet, I'm not six feet deep yet so thats a plus especially,
I'll do what's right for me, I'll find a new resistance out of life though
These trees,
There's nothing to say, who cares if I get too personal any other day,
You're all in the way, I have no place here in this dump , I don't wanna
The sweat on my face , brings so much Shame in this existence , I can't even fly
To the place I belong , I wanna go home.

"I Was Never"

They say get a grip on life son and I'm already two steps ahead,
About to turn into the big two-o this year , glad I'm not dead,
Lead the strong into new beginnings where the promise will be as
Promised as tomorrow,
Lived your whole life being scrutinized in societies eyes bring so
Much sorrow,
Hi I'm a citizen,
That's wonders where we'll all be in ten years,
Do we get more than a mention?
Lying to you on the news , looking at a bunch of words like it's scripted,
Yeah the devils clever too , fighting this off like a muse,
They'll erase you like you never existed,
I was never the type to be weak,
I've been mostly living around women,
It's okay cause I stayed on my feet,
Now I'm more of a man than many men.


Feel The agonizing pain of being in the midst of
I was always someone that would go right to the hatred,
When it came down to it , no one would bust a grape and,
when it came down to it i was always yours and,

No folding of the hands while praying to a God That would
be busy anyway.


Friday, March 17, 2017

"Country Filled Streets"

"Country Filled Streets"
by Arcassin Burnham

Would you stay or would you flee?
Would you go as far as burying the love you've always seeked?
Gravitating towards the things that make you sane is the key,
so why do you speak to me?

Would you fall or be on your lonesome in a world full
of demons that'll see you lose some,
of your sanity and dignity, hell is not fun,
Seen some carnations of that'll make you scream and run then call
on the chosen one immediately after seeing the sun,
praising unfair guidelines instead of the man that made
us all,
Breaking laws is why the world ain't free that's why we fall,
Looking for a sanctuary that won't disappoint us,
He warned us.

"Hey World. Listen."

- Arcassin B

Thursday, March 16, 2017

"Spiraled Memories"

"Spiraled Memories"
by Arcassin Burnham

Going through a life filled with pain,
Thought Being born in this life was a shame,
In the making it was love I always wanted from my family
and friends and a girl to call my name,
cut a human being off like a speeding limit,
Only to be pulled over with a speeding ticket,
learning to do right in an economy that doesn't care
about your well-being, or your soul and spirit,
You were in it,
honorable mention,
linked up all your limits,
and the feelings, well,
they just left and did some feral shifting,
Stuck in a dark fantasy or maybe a death stranding,
i was here from the beginning and when you took your last standing,
you were,
misunderstood in a world full of impurity,
lived for the love of another in this monstrosity,
serve a near purpose for people you'd die for in eternity.

"You Might Have Them.. Doesn't They Can't Go Away".

- Arcassin B.

Friday, March 3, 2017

"Connection / Just As Playful / Mysterious Girl"

"Connection / Just As Playful / Mysterious Girl"
by Arcassin Burnham

*I feel like*..*i feel like*,
*i feel like being close to you is not gonna hurt*...
*if i run*..*if i run*,
*if i run out of time*,*this won't be good to you*...
*bet you noticed*..*bet you noticed*,
*bet you noticed all the times i was there for you*...
*i was saddened*..*i was saddened*,
*I was saddened by how you would react*..
The miles of love we've ran for days has never came to pass and,
And each time we sacrifice something that never caved in,
Too many feelings we embark,
I've only loved you from the start , then it faded away in the dark.


Swearing this piece of cloth on this floor would remind me of all the playful times,
there is no secret that i use to love you more than you assumed i did when i was out of line,

And saying things i didn't mean,
it did not seem like it was a dream,
from kissing you in all the various forms in your possession when i bleed,
new blood,
of forgotten love making we created ,
i was thinking maybe it would be something more authenticated,
you mistake it,
for an open relation,
that wasn't so,
but you moved on like a central station,
and i..
Started from the bottom,
just add some rocks in..
Dealing with my problems,
containing my sins..


Mysterious Girl,
you don't have to owe the world a proven doubt at all,
when the only thing you do is fall,

like the leaves that posses gravity like we all do,
its not your fault but we all deserve to have a helping when
we have no way out of this hell we call a world in its weakened state as 
when they relate to a common goal and a familiar phase,

Mysterious Girl,
Don't cry,
please dry those eyes cause the man himself will join us shortly.

"Rapture Us... Please!"

- Arcassin B.