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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

"When You Were Younger Pt.4"

By Arcassin Burnham

The world is gone to hell up in thunder,
What's beyond this earth , we've always wondered,
I needed someone to fulfil me,
and you did only that when you were younger,
stayed by my side when we were youngsters,
carried out our guns and roses,
that's a cozy way of hearing voices,
I never doubted the young lady you were,
in our world we have a say-so in every amazing thing to occur,
we are not long for this earth,
touching her skin,
admire her birth,
Both had it hard in school,
but who hasn't?,
suppose to know your worth,
those kids gave you hard time aside from your bad habits,
walking to your house every other weekend just to explore a dream that we made,
Higher than angel dust and 12 packs of cherry koolaid,
cool as the other end of the bed you made,
with several pizza stains,
the icebox could not be as chill as what you displayed,
I'd be your slave madam,
ill be the one to throw the shade madam,
if were right here , kiss all over your face madam,
so for what we've built they can't take away madam,
I couldn't be anymore proud madam,
known you when you were a child madam,
I love you more than God's crown madam,
forever in my heart you'll be young and wild,
I'll always remember your younger days.

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