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Monday, June 22, 2015

"What Are You Doin"

"What Are You Doin"

by Arcassin Burnham

Shoot down all my high points,
And start with me,
start with me,
start with me,

Theres A rope,
Theres a ceiling,
do you need help in containing it?,
seriously what are you doin!!!!!
is it too much for your little hands to grasp in utter Agony,
towards greater things to gravitate to,
and make everything clueless in the process of thinking out load,
and thinking what else did you have to do,
Thats awful,
make it worth your own while,
collect rent when its due,
being so picky,
we're not simple minded,
we know the sky is sometimes blue,
and when they call it the blues,
we must write a sad song full of sorrow and communist bullshit,
but flowers keep growing,
and others set the trend,
Not physically able,
don't look back on forever,
couldn't stop her from eating the apple,
but you cocked back and unloaded the revolver,
so shoot down all my high points and start with me.

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