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Sunday, June 14, 2015

"Us (Bad World)"

"Us (Bad World)"

By Arcassin Burnham 

I can only imagine what the future will be like, 
It's too late for your sorrows,
Your wife and your kids will be back by tomorrow,
Marinate on that,

Bury your face in the water of depression but not anxious,
To know this is the end of a generation known to be commonly phaseless,
I will not stand thinking you'll  be the man to come and punch me in the face,
Enough of the poverty, money and greed disgusted by the human race,
I could give a damn if they take my home,
I'm just afraid of fighting this off alone,
You know where I am tonight, 
Teens Can't enjoy love on the right path,
And toddlers don't know wrong from right, 
So while we all go right,
Your the one to go left,
Destroyed reputation,  you have Nothing left,
The family's devastated by death,
But while it's the last of us,
You crushed the promise you kept, 
In reality,  there are wars everywhere keep in mind,
This is the final of the finest,
Trust issues so asinine,
 Don't even know is she was faking or resented,
I know things will probably be alright, 
Confessing your sins,
Lord he repented, 
He gave up his soul just be respected,
Nobody pays attention to the  neglected, 
Who invented this way of doing things, 
Your sitting at home,
While the rich kids get clothes and diamond rings,


**BAD WORLD**.......

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