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Monday, June 29, 2015

04. Safe Now - (Roses mEP)

04. Safe Now - (Roses mEP)

By Arcassin Burnham

Swear I can't prove,
That you weren't my prey,
What can I do,
To make you stay,
I know its a little too late,
Don't read the lyrics of Jojo please,
No open cut wounds please,
Don't hurt me back soon please,
Now that I finally caught up to you,
I wanna protect you,
Emojis can't save you,
Stop putting those and talk to me,
Your silence and emotions can't hold me,
We've both lived rugged lives,
With jagged edges,
If the hickies couldn't keep us together,
Then what can , I pledge,
Get away from your love,
No matter how I ignore,
Teenagers don't know how to make up their minds I'm sure,
Please don't hurt me,
Like I did to you,
I know its an offspring of revenge,
But what does it mean to you,
Telling all your friends that I hang around,
I'm a piece of shit to you,
But still i would keep you safe now.

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