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Monday, June 29, 2015

13. Be Gental Okay - (Roses mEP)

13. Be Gental Okay - (Roses mEP)

By Arcassin Burnham

With the shaking and silence,
Cold swear freezes up,
Like helium in balloons,
Passing through skies when they've been let go,
An author would like that concept,
Tensions are very high in the room of pleasure,
Not a pot to piss in,
But she doesn't care about my wealth or measures,
Get it,
Basic people get a basic foot in their ass,
Kissing of breast and stomachs,
Feelings like breaking glass,
I know she feels the same to say I haven't lost my touch,
But with this extra amount of affection, I would love her so much,
Twice as more as what I do when she gets back,
Rubbing my brow,
Please concieve me a child,
Her elemental style,
Generated transmission,
Love when we go for miles,
She loves my craft,
She says be gental okay child.

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