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Sunday, June 28, 2015

"Even The Score" (ft. Jesse Poem!)

"Even The Score" (ft. Jesse Poem!)

By \Arcassin B\ & ~Jesse Poem!~

\Good Vibrations make for better days,\
~that's something that she always says,~
\I'll give you praise if you names Perez\
~right lights big city you come in waves,~

\If happiness is a warm gun then why do people die?\
~could you do it if you were here looking in my Eyes,~
\I know it well not to ever forget the lies,\
~your a stone cold killer your profression's goodbyes,~

\I spent a life savings just to save yours,\
~and you come to clean up, simple as a household chore~
\Sweeping all your problems away you become a bore,\
~who said I had to go just to even the score.~

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