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Saturday, June 20, 2015

06. 17 Years Of Living - (18 Part 2 mEP)

06. 17 Years Of Living - (18 Part 2'mEP)
By Arcassin Burnham

Life has never been easy,
Thinking I'm queasy,
Sitting in the drug test Line,
In my society,
Depression dancing on my brain,
With dark wavelengths,
Call me the cheapest fucking names,
No one believes in me,
Not even my mom,
But its ignorance taken,
Don't know where my real dad is from,
Wouldn't care if her little heart was aching,
So while in class shaking,
If could feel everybody around me,
Trying to stare through my soul,
I think they'll probably hate me,
As i prove my toughness to these generic assholes that never have sex,
Save the rich kids for later,
Improving all their success,
To soon later live a miserable fate in a place with mammals , snakes and gators,
There is no god if he allows the evils to roam free,
And what fucks the deal with being born sinners,
Either way we're considered mistakes in gods irony,
The Christians failed him anyways but they feel like winners,
Cause they can't go to hell,
I swear you'd surprised,
How hard my life is,
I need a different price,
After 17 years of livin' that's how many fucks I give.

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