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Saturday, June 13, 2015

"Assassin / Paid Off"

By Arcassin Burnham


Heavy artillery to make the flowers grow,
But the gardens full of snakes so I had to show,
Feeling so anticipated , but on the contrary,
Noticed unloyal displeasure before you even talk to me,
Best one in town,
I'm good with guns,
Had a couple of calls come in,
Says he's on the run,
The whole primus is that I have unloyal friends,
Their not who they say they are,
And if they are,
Then Face an end,
Like no other to betray,
And what ever they portray,
Isn't exactly what they say.

"Paid off"

I push and I pull its not doing enough,
My blood of deception from my wrist , I cut,
I'm just talking so figuratively , I'm not dumb,
They laugh at religion , please get the nuns,
Evil Chaotic schemes to block out the sun.

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