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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

"Beautiful Eyes II" (Photo By Tiffany Jewel Horne)

By Arcassin Burnham

When love showers over me,
I could feel and touch your rain and your thunder,
Pealing at my skin while pacing down a diamond crusted gold sidewalk,
Being stuck between beautiful pupils and a hard place ,
my mouth is silent but anxiety talks,
Conversations will be chocolate covered peices of heaven staring back into you,
Looking through my flesh and see my soul,
Being indepted to feasting my eyes on you,
Apart from the smile your mother gave you,
You are,
You talk,
Those eyes,
I just can't,
So beautiful..... I.....
.....I can not look away,
Unlikely the feelings you bring,
You make me forget everything,
Awhole other side of me,
Those eyes,
Bring out the best in me,
The good in me,
Not another distant memory,
Remember those beautiful eyes as clear as day,
Look forward to tonight and say,
That my sorrows have gone on very long vacation,
To be extinguished,
To perish by love and good vibrations,
Your eyes did that for me.

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