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Monday, June 15, 2015

"Trans / Wild & Free"

By Arcassin Burnham

TRAI only feel that your complete,
Too good be true or believe,
Seeing milkyways from twenty steams,
To feel the love all over me,
I only feel that you find peace,
Tribal dance , come dance with me,
Mind and soul to feel alive,
Only if you feel alive with me,

W&F;started with a whisper,
Now a blank tease,
Living life to the fullest,
Comes surely,
But very slow,
As a snail,
We play with it til it's frail,
Summer sun on our skin,
Beaches can fulfill,
And if we'd run out of process,
To think,
The sun refills,
Regenerative and generous,
They lay besides us in dark times,
But you need the help of your friends to take up all your time,
Real ones will do the most for you if they got the time,
Time is on our side,
Let's live it right.

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