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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

"Trippy Love" (Full Version)

                                   "TriPPy LoVe" by arcassin burnham
                                      (full Version)

suddenly her love made a mockery,
fake smiles and overalls,
in a since , she had alittle stalkery,
going crazy , stubbleing through the halls,
seeing unicorns,
i think this is about to be the end,
or about the you warned,
then the friends im with, wont have to pretend,
she was my heart and soul,
and my style and grace,
coughing up a storm,
and the sweat running down my face,
trying to maintain,
but for the others they still remain,
or maybe statuses,
cause all i see is china flame,
excuse me if my life is about to end in shame,
smoke out my mouth,\
was the devil in side,
out of the water like a trout,
this whole nite was a rollercoaster ride,

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