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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

"Tilia (Inspiration)"

                                   " T A L I A (iNSPIRATION <3)"  BY ARcassin BUrnham

with cancer,
she lived her life long,
but with death,
longing for eternity , shes be reborn,
to alot of young girls,
beyound the finest worlds,
she knew alot,

with love,
came from her mother,
with happiness,
was also from others,
as the shaded grass,
like the orchestras brass,
couldnt let hate in , with the key , it was locked,

with life,
it was the beginning and then the end,
with god,
the love is here for you , and washed our future sins,
keep her safe,
protected under their wings,
even though your gone today,
for you , we will all sing,
me and the whole world was shocked :'(

we love you Talia R.I.p <3

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