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Monday, July 22, 2013

"Boots She Wore" - 1 of 5 - CowGirl Origins Ep

                                                 "Boots She Wore"
             by arcassin burnham

red dress and your chill ambitions,
horse riding when you feel like getting fresh air,
more love and ammunition,
detertermined to get out and wear the boots you wear,
cowgirl is what we call ya,
with your southern accent and laid down shades,
maybe for awhile i wouldve held ya,
if those old dirt roads wasnt layered like cards of spades,

red bandana and that noisey suspense,
take it to the farm to see all the animals,
wouldnt ever make it a furter residense,
or hoping you dont live by any cannibals,
brave heart is what we know you by,
even though sometimes the darkness will take you,
you were beautiful , you know i wouldnt lie,
i wont let it break you.

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