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Monday, July 22, 2013

"Miley Cyrus" - 4of 5 - CowGirl Origins EP

                                                              "Miley Cyrus"
                                                     by arcassin burnham

just a small town girl,
but sudeued to the fame,
long brown hair,
with butterflies in the frame,
what happen to you since you moved on from hannah,
then after that people was like i dont understand her,
some people lost that respect from miley,
she went through a dramatic change , blow up the earth,
but no its not that serious ,
we couldnt complain,
and while she sings in a bad way,
they threw dirt at her name,
i remember when she use to be hannah,
instead of the miley that you see before you,
or when she sung the star spangled banner,
did you remember that too,
miley what happen to you?

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