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Monday, July 22, 2013

"That ole Tree" - 2of 5 - CowGirl Origins EP

                                                   "That Ole Tree"
               by arcassin burnham

that ole Stumped tree,
with sapp and the smell of autumn,
flying at you and me,
you the only boy that i would give my love to,
but you were southern cocky,
like the jocks at school do,
i didnt have no shoulder to lean on in awhile,
but when i found you again, my hair was on your chest,
emotions clouding the wave,
but the thought of loosing you would only put this old southern ,
country girl to rest,
although i wanna have your child,
for now your just not the one,
and for my texas style,
my life has just begon,


i remember the that ole tree,
like it was yesterday,
trying to forget,
but still the thoughts they never fade away,
and the smell of the autumn,
brushing passed us,
i didnt want another,
i just thought i'd keep us,
i know at times i was pretty cocky,
and left home for awhile,
but my reputation wasnt sloppy,
i just wondered if you'd stay down,
but the thought of loosing you would make this old country boy,
torn in disaster,
what happen to us,
i thought it was ever after.

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