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Monday, July 22, 2013

"Guitar" - 3of 5 - CowGirl Origins EP

                                    by arcassin burnham

i wish you were here,
to strum these strings with me,
i wouldnt like to call you dear,
its the way my boots fit,
or the way god stares down at us,
like the ants that we are,
but he loves us,
the kind of love you didnt have from afar,
as i strum my guitar,

i wish you didnt have to leave your roots behind,
you became a city boy,
but with your other wishes you shined,
like gold tooth on uncle elroy,
i remember out country memories,
it reminds us who we are,
camo jackets,
or are really that smart,
as i strum my guitar,

i will play this guitar for you.

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