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Thursday, July 11, 2013

"Burning Rose In Shame"

                                       "Burning Rose In Shame"
                           BY ARCASSIN BURNHAM

i guess we forgot to separate,
looking to stars like im da vinci,
all though the devil laughs to see me irratated,
plotting out every scene as an ending,

so i put up my guard,
looked to the heavens,
although it would seem hard,
that night i went home by 11,

tears in diguise full of meadows,
i saw the rose burn in shame,
i lost my temper , punch the window,
and he dont even know my middle name,

so when all was said and done,
i had all my love for her,
blood on the jacket , its a run
i just hope he doesnt take her,

Burning Roses.

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