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Friday, July 26, 2013

"Every Night" (ft. Elizabeth Rushing)

                                      "Every Night" (Ft. Elizabeth Rushing)
                        by arcassin burnham & elizabeth rushing

- Elizabeth -

the ice i feel has no match,
this burning sense lead to mismatch,
will i ever be happy with the way things are,
it seems that every night,
im at a midnight bar,
i goto bed eveynight,
and every girl doesnt seem right,
so here i am with no grin,
just hope i feel happy once again.

- Arcassin -

So until then i will reside,
as being a night spawn,
drowning in my own sorrow,
yeah the night is really young,
i goto bed with blank expression,
every night ,
you had me at where were you,
did i have to fight,
not anymore,
because i live a drama free life,
in my home,
where the demons wouldnt dare,

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