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Saturday, July 27, 2013

"Art Of Jealousy" (Drawing By David Walker)


                                              "Art Of Jealousy"
                    BY ARCASSIN BURNHAM
              (Drawing By David Walker)

i hope you dont get mad at me,
but i hoped that you been working on the jelousy,

im ok babe do what u want emotionally and mentally,
but its not like i sit in my room everyday constantly,
thinking about the boys you talk on facebook , ignoring me,

boy what are you talkin about,
this is the type of problem that for just once i cant deal without,
see! thats the jealous talk , i thought trust my actions , that came out of your mouth,
but i see you still have doubt,

we had an agreement didnt we work something out,
i miss day when we would talk about going to the south,
my blood is boiling up on every hour,
anyways i gtg i need to take a shower,
call you later,
i love you.

i love you more.


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