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Friday, July 26, 2013

"Forgetting Riddim" (Full Version)


                                      "Forgetting Riddim"
                (Full Version)
                              By Arcassin Burnham

stuck to forgetting,
if i could make it up to you i would
so stuck to remembering,
i didnt wanna loose ya,
may be i have gone crazy,
like god created lucifer,

feel your touch while your here,
or like the actress lisa bonet,
your beautiful that way,
how could i forget,
it will maybe take a while,
to get you out my head,
memories cramping my style,
i see dead-ends up ahead,
have you every wondered why,
you loved that person so much,
like how death and lives,
maybe dont mix too much,
its not an option to be dead,
and be reincarnated,
but to get you out of my head,
is not an option lady.
get it.

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