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Thursday, July 11, 2013

"Down Before"

                                                     "Down Before" by Arcassin Burnham

emotions she endures,
almost the erge of empathy,
when bad things occur,
she searches for something lovely,
you've been hurt before,
you've been down before,
opened up the doors
the air blows out a different shore,
we dont have to go without,
man!!! i hate to see you lonley,
he was a jerk to you,
and at times kinda corny,
but at least you know your friend is here,
to keep u safe from any harm,
but if i said i cared,
would you be alarmed?

like i said we dont have to go without,
being alone is not a good way to go,
with you there is no doubt,
sometimes we wish time could go slow,
or reverse or fast foward, or stop,
at any cost,
if i could change time,
i wouldnt be the one u lost,
your o.k , its alrite, i got ur back,
fighting through your scars,
i wanna write u back ,
to tell you how special you are.

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