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Saturday, July 13, 2013

"Only You" (ft.Makayla Maynard)

                                                          "Only You"
                  By Arcassin Burnham And Makayla Maynard

 only you could make it right,
fights for days,
of a star they say is bright,
but for your love i grow weak,
or we could fly above,
maybe two feet,
scared of heights , she grabs on to me,
i feel the cold sweat,
like the mornings eve,
only you,
could make me cry,
only you,
could be my angel,
only you,
could be as high,
like the birds of a different angle,
only you,

---- MAKAYLA <3-----

the way your eyes sparkle,
in the light,
the feelings i get when your in my sight,
i just love the way you say my name,
im no longer bursting out the seems,
the way you stare into my eyes,
it makes it where everything's alright,
your smile when you stare
into the night,
only you can make everything alright.

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