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Thursday, July 11, 2013

"Romantic UnderWater"

                                       "ROMANTIC UNDERWATER"
                    BY ARCASSIN BURNHAM

Baby as deep as this water is,
i dont wanna drown,
up in the clouds reflect off the water's rim,
you pulled me down,
i have no choise but love you tonite,
my life flash before my eyes,
i fell in love just to see your sight,
please dont act suprised,
she said hold your breath,
and come in slowly,
didnt want to face the cold embrace of death,
i had to be worthy,
so now were both under,
water as soft as the old broken stem,
by thw way i was scared,
because i couldn't swim,
she grab my hand and pulled me close,
and put arms around her stomach,
afraid for the most,
but i didnt know a kiss was coming,
hair, flowing the water like clouds in the sky,
i didnt wanna be foward with her body,
in my mind still the illusion that im gonna die,
ill die with you , dont tell nobody,
french kissing to heal your soul,
i incourage you,
even though were teens were getting old,
as long as i grow old with you,
Under Water <3

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